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Best 21 Blog Post Ideas for Kids Creating their First Blog

Blogging can be a child’s play if we look at it from a totally different perspective. Indeed, there’re countless children that’ve started successful blogs around the world. Furthermore, blogging is a wonderful hobby that helps bring out the creativity of a kid in a field they love, no matter their age.

In this article, I will discuss 20 best blog post ideas for kids that’re interested in creating their first blog.

21 Top Ideas for Kids to Create a Blog

Regardless whether you’re a parent that wishes to encourage your kid to create a blog or the child, you might find these ideas interesting.

Your Experiences

Nothing attracts people than reading your experiences. As a child, you can start a wonderful blog by writing about your own experiences in growing up.

Stamps Collection

Maybe you’re unaware but collecting postage stamps is one of the greatest hobbies worldwide. Start a blog that showcases your collection of postage stamps and speaks about how you got them.

Coins Collection

Numismatics might sound a bit foreign to you. All it means is collecting coins from your own country and abroad. Collecting coins is also a superb way to gain general knowledge. Start a blog about coins collection.

Helping Mom Around

Do you help your Mom around the house? Then surely you can help other kids to learn from your experiences. Write these as a personal experience by creating a wonderful blog.

Dad’s World

All kids have some thoughts about their Dad. Why not write about these. It could prove to be an amazing blog for kids around the world. After all, Dad deserves some appreciation too.

School Experiences

Not all experiences we have at school are happy. Nor are they sad. But that’s exactly how you could help other kids to know the ups and downs of school life while helping them to cope up.


Getting away from toys can prove hard as we grow up. Buzz Lightyear and those Toy Stores, superheroes, all continue to be an integral part of my life till today. Create a blog that speaks about your favorite toys.


Now this is something serious. And I wish and pray you never have been bullied by other kids. Give a voice to injustice you’re facing by writing about bullying. Take some assistance from law enforcement officials in your place to know more about this disease that affects countless kids worldwide.


Encourage other kids of your age to do good for someone else. It could be an elderly in your place or someone you care about. Seniors always love kids. And your blog could possibly help bring a cheer on their faces.

Your Brother or Sister

This might sound funny to you. But if you’re fortunate to have a brother or sister, write interesting articles about them. We love and sometimes hate our brothers and sisters but mean no harm. Write funny things about your brother or sister that would help kids of your age. But remember, never to hurt them.


Having pets is one of the best parts of childhood. Innocent as we are, dogs and cats never stop fascinating us. Write about your pets and how you handle them.


Cooking brings to my mind a Scottish teenager called Fraser Doherty. He began making jams from his grandma’s recipes and eventually became famous as the ‘Jam Boy’ in the UK. If you’ve some ideas about food we all enjoy, write about this.


As a child I would love doing stuff myself. Juts for the thrill of seeing something I create works or doesn’t. I’m no engineer but just these simple things like building a small radio or repairing a blender would thrill me.


All of us kids undergo toothache at some time. And if you’ve ever been through one, you’ll know it knocks our senses out. Going to a dentist is scary. Write about own experiences when you have one. Not when you’re down but your personal experiences with a dentist and toothaches.


We often watch birds around. Some of these birds are seen rarely because they migrate. Should you be the one loving birds, write about the. Also, include some pictures if you can take them.

School Lessons

Good at any subject in your school. Help other students to learn more about subjects they lag. Teach them with you experiences and simple words on how to help learn something the way you cope with.


Music is a universal language everyone can relate to.  What is your favorite type of music?  Who are your favorite singers and bands?  A music blog is a great way to connect with other fans that like the same music as you do.


Kids are often curious about what their parents buy at stores. Write about your funny experiences in trying out new and interesting products that your parents buy and you try out.

Video Games

I’ve rarely come across a kid that doesn’t love video games. Create superb posts about video games you’re playing. You might find a lot of kids who share your hobby and would love learning more from you.


Personal experiences about picnics are almost popular around the world. Other kids also want to have similar experiences and would identity with you. Create a blog with your own experiences or that of your friends.

Make Money as Kid

American labor laws are strict about kids working. Yet, there are some online jobs you could take as a child where possible. Help other children learn this important skill of making money during holidays.

In Conclusion

Before concluding I’ll add that being a kid isn’t any reason why you can’t start your own blog. Try it out and you could definitely create something that helps the world. Personally, I have amazing hobbies that I write about often. Blogging as a kid helps you earn some income. If you’re successful, it’s possible to create a brand image for yourself too. And this can be an asset all your life.

A little extra effort as a kid can help shape your future too. There are great online resources that can help you set up a website, even for a kid.  The younger you start, the higher your chances of success. Never let age define whom you wish to be and what you could become. Remember, successful adults often start small as kids.

Nervous Before an Exam? Here’s How to Feel More Confident

alleviating test anxiety

It is normal to feel nervous before you go for an exam. Exams are important and they weigh heavily on your final grades. Success in life is often directly related to how you learn to handle pressure in a healthy way. It can help you stay focused, improve productivity and enable you to do your best at whatever you set your mind to.

Experiencing anxiety or stress before an exam is completely normal.  However, if it is excessive it can interfere with the performance of any student no matter how much they have studied and prepared. It has also been referred to as test anxiety. So what should you do if you feel nervous before taking exams? Here are some tips to feeling more confident before a test.

1. Take a break from the books

There is such a thing as over-studying. If you spend too much time studying without a break, it will exhaust your mind and bring about fatigue. Fatigue can lead to a loss of concentration and it affects your memory as well. If your memory gets affected it will lead to frustration as you begin to think you haven’t learned anything at all. When you begin to notice this, realize that stress and anxiety has settled in, causing you to become even more nervous about failing your exam. It’s a sign that it’s time to walk away from the books for a while.

 2. Breathing

Stress can result in nervousness and anxiety and it will affect your breathing pattern as well. Test nerves can also lead to this. Concentrate on slow breathing to help manage your nerves and calm your body.  It can also prevent panic attacks for those who struggle with them. Wait for a moment and take a deep breath. Shut your eyes and take ten deep breaths. It only takes a minute but can make a world of difference in calming your mind.

 3. Get light exercise

There is a strong link between a sense of well being and regular exercise. Exercise leads to reduced anxiety and also helps with handling stress. Even while studying, going for a walk or a bike ride can work wonders for your brain and body. Exercise is also responsible for releasing those feel-good endorphins. It takes your mind off nervousness you may feel about upcoming exams. Clinical studies have indicated that regular exercise results in several emotional and psychological advantages that can aid you in gaining more confidence overall. Additional ideas for exercise are jogging, swimming and dancing.

4. Add fuel to the brain

Many times students get caught up in preparation for exams and as a result, they forget about taking care of their bodies. All physiques need food for optimum operation. Even your brain needs energy to work at full capacity.  Nervousness and anxiety can often stem from a lack of proper diet.  Drinking sufficient amounts of water is also important to avoid nervousness and anxiety, along with consuming a well-balanced diet of food that is rich in antioxidants. A light snack and drinking a glass of water while studying can help ease tension.

5. Prepare yourself well

To assist you with your regular studying can also search for online practice tests or study guides to help prepare yourself on the day of an exam.  Online resources can also help you organize your course work and study notes.  It doesn’t matter what level you are at or how old you are, even medical students can get nervous about taking their USMLE step 1 and they need to prepare well before entering the test. Although it might sound obvious, if you are confident about your preparation, you will feel better when walking into any test.  This results in less anxiety which in turn can help you maintain focus.

 6. Sleep

When there is a lot of information floating around in your head it becomes tough to make sense out of it.  Sometimes while studying you may just need to take a break and simply close your eyes. A power nap or even a longer sleep refreshes the brain.  This is why it’s always better for you to spread your studying out over more than one day and not cram it all in at the last minute. Developing good sleep habits on a daily basis is important so that you’re not playing catch up, especially before an exam.  Similar to energy from food your body and brain needs recharging.  A sufficient amount of sleep every night is important. Lack of sleep can lead to much negativity such as lower affability, memory issues, depression, and anxiety.

7. Music

Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety and blood pressure and even improve sleep quality, mental alertness and memory.  Other studies have also shown that it is not just one particular type of music, but music that the listener enjoys.  Therefore, it’s the enjoyment of the music that counts to open up your brain and reduce your stress level.  It probably not a good idea to listen to music constantly while studying, but it can be a healthy way to do it in moderation and definitely a good thing to do give your mind a break.  I can also calm your nerves just before taking a test.

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Children today are not as fascinated by things we older generations once enjoyed so much. Back when we were kids, we loved drawing with color pencils and crayons. Coloring books were common and we would also scribble or color anywhere we could express our imagination. But all is not lost!

Today, free coloring pages for kids make it easy for anyone of any age to find printable drawings of anything imaginable. It’s true children today are not as fascinated by things older generations once enjoyed so much. It’s unfortunate that many kids now don’t find coloring books enjoyable.

There are some good reasons for this—and yes, I am talking about the internet, smartphones, and tablets. These fantastic inventions have robbed today’s kids of some of the simple pleasures in life. They are often more interested in playing video games on a computer or smartphone, instead of drawing or coloring something using markers or crayons.

However, just because kids like their smartphones and tablets doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to draw or color. They simply need to be introduced to how fun it can be. For example, if you likes coloring animals, there are hundreds of animal coloring pages to choose from. It may be on a long car trip or at home when parents want to limit screen time. Instead of just saying “no more time on the computer”, why not provide them a fun activity as an alternative?

Online Coloring Pages

Thanks to the internet, children today have a whole new world to explore that will evoke their passion for coloring and drawing. This is something kids a generation ago were not able to experience. Professional artists are now drawing and coloring cartoons, animals, game characters, animations, and much more using highly-sophisticated computer software.

These artists also are sharing their creations on websites for everyone to enjoy. The tools and formats used by them are only available for adults with full-fledged careers. But, there are ‘kids versions’ for these tools, and children can use them to draw and color objects.

When searching for tech-free fun things to do for kids to reduce screen time, there are plenty of websites for kids to draw online with and easy-to-follow instructions to animate their drawings. Simply Google “online coloring pages” and you’ll find websites that are designed for kids to color digitally on the screen. Still, these interactive coloring pages where kids can create using the site’s tools are not the same as finding an image and printing it to color with real crayons.

Coloring Page Communities

Whether the artwork is online for virtual coloring using software or you access printable drawings, many of these coloring pages are created by the artistic community. It’s a way for them to share their art and provide fun for kids without having to publish a coloring book. The great thing about this is that parents and teachers only need to print the specific drawings that kids want to color. It’s a great way for them to explore their artist skills and decide if they some day want to join the artistic community as they grow older.

Simply introducing all the coloring page ideas of what to color could inspire someone to try coloring. Discover drawings such as Athletes, Birds, Cars, Color by number, Dinosaurs, Disney, Educational, Flags of countries and LEGO. Or try Motorcycles, My Little Pony, Princesses, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Superman, Vegetables and Winnie the Pooh. The sky is the limit for what kids can color.

Coloring as also been known to be very therapeutic for adults to help with anxiety or stress. Or just to have fun doing something they haven’t experienced since childhood. There are printable drawings available that have been created just for adults or teens. These coloring pages require a finer attention to detail. What a great reactivity to do together as a family.

Inspiring Artistic Creativity

While old-school coloring books may be a thing of the past for most children of our generation, they are one of the best ways to inspire kids and reignite their inner passion for drawing and coloring.

Introducing kids to free coloring pages can have a profound effect on children to encourage them in highlighting their creative side. It may inspire them create their own drawings to color.

It will allow them the freedom to make mistakes and improve their motor skills, thanks to the ability to reprint images and color them a second time. And it’s super easy pin their creations on a fridge without having to rip each page out of a coloring book.

Author Bio

Paul B. Wright has over five years of experience in the field of drawing. He specializes in drawing coloring pages that are printable for kids. It’s is Paul’s desire that children of all ages will will discover and grow in their true creative talents.

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The History of Valentine’s Day for Students

The History of Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and friendship and the joy of having other people in your life. It’s a day of flowers, candy and cards decorated with hearts. This special day’s origin, though, is not so rosy.

There are many theories on how Valentine’s Day began, but the most noted one begins in Rome in the year 268. Emperor Claudius II wanted a fierce team of young men to fight in his armies. He found that when young men are in love or sharing their lives with a wife and children, they tended to be more cautious.

To insure large numbers of soldiers for his armies, Claudius outlawed marriage for those young men.

Claudius may have outlawed love, but he could not stop it. Young men and women still fell in love and wanted to become couples in the eyes of the church. A brave—and obviously romantic—priest named Valentine thought the law was horribly unjust.

Putting his life in danger, Valentine continued performing marriage ceremonies, doing so in secret and hidden from the eyes of authorities.

Still, word of Valentine’s secret ceremonies made its way back to Claudius. The priest was found and put to death on, as some versions state, on February 14th. Centuries later, the Catholic Church made that kindly priest a saint, one of three saints named “Valentine.”

No one knows exactly when St. Valentine’s Day was first celebrated, but there is a poem in existence that is considered to be the first ever written Valentine’s Day card.  It was sent from a prisoner in the Tower of London to his wife in the year 1415.

My very gentle Valentine,

Since for me you were born too soon,

And I for you was born too late.

God forgives him who has estranged

Me from you for the whole year.

I am already sick of love,

My very gentle Valentine.

Today, greeting card companies estimate that over a billion cards of love and affection are sent each St. Valentine’s Day.

While Valentine is a Catholic Christian saint, his death and the tradition of love that he created is celebrated world-wide by people of all religions. People send cards, flowers and candy in counties many countries around the world.

Some countries have banned St. Valentine’s Day, but people in love show the courage of the doomed priest by celebrating the occasion. Repressive governments may confiscate all of the red roses available in the country. Still, no one can ever halt the flow of love and affection.

Today’s click-and-post culture is tossing aside many old traditions and rules. Still, the history of Valentine’s Day lives on annually every February 14th in a worldwide celebration of love.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day. Tell everyone in your heart how much they mean to you. And remember when you sign those cards how love and friendship lives on, even in the face of adversity.

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