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24 days of Fun and Cheap Holiday Activities to Keep Kids Busy

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Holidays bring a mix of feelings for almost everyone. Parents are forced to think of fun things to do at home during holidays to prevent kids from boredom. So, if you’ve been wondering, “What are some fun holiday activities, or how do I entertain my kids on a budget?” you’ll get all your answers right here.

To make the most out of off-days or keep your child busy, below are some holiday activities for kids that will not let you fret!

So scroll down and find new activities for each day.

Holiday activities for kids – First week

Go for Volunteering:

Holidays always give you enough time to indulge in extra yet soulful activities. Volunteering is also one of them. Check if any club or organization is looking for volunteers around you, and push your kids for this mindful activity.

Make Sock Toy:

If your kid’s stuffed toy is no longer as pretty as it should be, try making a new one using spare socks available in your home.

Practice Setting Goals and Completing Them:

This is the healthiest activity. By setting goals and practicing their fulfillment can help kids with their mental strength building.

Invent New Games:

Do you want your kids to practice brainstorming more often? That shouldn’t always have to be academic, right? So try making new games of your own as holiday activities.

Start Journaling:

Journaling can help your kid in many ways too. For example, being aware of their good and bad deeds or how much fun they had in a particular, all this when written can turn out good. Also, journaling helps in improving writing skills a lot.

Try to be Close to Nature:

You can utilize holidays in a way that makes your kid closer to nature. For example, going for nature walks.

Host Play Date Outside:

Put your backyard to use by hosting a play date. This is another one of the healthy holiday activities that can help your kids maintain a bond with their buddies.

Plan 2nd week of entertainment for your kids

Attend a Holiday Lightshow:

Christmas might be just around the corner and if you’re not sure what to do exactly, then try exciting and fun-filled Christmas ideas for kids. Attending a holiday light show can be one of them too.

Read Books:

Reading books doesn’t always have to be as boring as it sounds usually. You can use audiobooks, books for kids that come in an interactive form or accompany your kid’s reading session, so he doesn’t feel alone.

Try Verbal Games:

Verbal games come in handy when you’re really busy with important work of your own. With such games, your kid will stay active and practice his vocabulary words while you do your own work.

Bedroom Makeover:

Making changes to your surroundings can be one of the holiday activities too. This will let your kids make changes as they wish as well as stay active.

Visit the Library:

Nothing beats a healthy visit to the library. Push your kids to join book clubs and discuss books after reading them.

Suggest a Science Experiment:

You can discuss with your kid and see what interests him the most in his science subject. Then, you can select an experiment related to it as a holiday activity.

Learn About The World:

Utilize these holidays to increase your kids’ knowledge about the world he lives in. This can also help him develop a positive attitude after knowing the good he has been blessed with.

Keep your child busy in 3rd week also

Create An Idea Box:

It is perfectly normal to run out of creative ideas sometimes. So to deal with this, you can create an idea box and expand the holiday activities you want to do with your kid.

Write Holiday Stories:

Writing holiday stories can help collect memories in a way that your kid can go through again.

Arrange Slumber Party:

Spend a night with the kids at a slumber party arranged at your own place. Kids always love to try fun ways to spend their nights.

Teach them Baking:

Is your kid a sweet tooth? Then try teaching him baking because he’d definitely love trying and tasting baked items.

Play Board Games:

Among sports activities to get your kids active, playing board games can be a perfect option as one of the holiday activities.


You can also encourage your kid to improve his sketching skills during holidays.

Try Music Classes:

Based on the interests of your kids, you can sign up for music classes too. Creativity comes in different shapes, and being good at music is one of them.


Being mindful of your kid’s positive learning can sometimes feel trickier. But not to worry, because we are constantly surrounded by opportunities waiting for us to explore.

So, hopefully, these holiday activities will keep your kids active, busy, and happy throughout the holiday season.

Happy Parenting!

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How to get better aim in Apex Legends

How to get better aim in Apex Legends

Nobody would want to stay stagnant at any activity; the same applies to gamers. In a shooter game like Apex legends, it is important to win. However, a major determinant of your winning chances is the precision and accuracy of your shots.

So in this article, we will be presenting some tips that, if applied, will boost your aiming and shot precision. You will also find some valuable hacks for your Apex Legend games at So do well to get some ready before your next match.

How to get better aiming in Apex Legends

1.    Embrace the firing range

The firing range provides a less threatening environment that allows you to practice with several elements. For example, you can practice with your crosshair to get the best placements for close-range and long-range fights in the range. Also, the range can serve as a good warm-up arena before you go into an actual match.

2.    The 3D aim trainer helps.

The 3D aim trainer is an external platform that you can use to upgrade your aiming. On the website, you get to select any legend, weapons, and scope of your choice. You can then choose to play in either the Zombie survival or the 1v1 mode.

Also, you can sign up if you want to participate in assessments that will help you to track your improvement. This option also teaches you to get better at the game and doesn’t require payment of any sort. Better still, there is a mobile app that can be used on both android and IOS devices.

3.    Practice with your friends

Having some of your friends around makes your practice time more fun. Thankfully, you can practice in the range with your friends. So we recommend friendly matches with some of your friends; make sure you enable the friendly fire option. This allows you guys to engage in friendly 1v1 fights. These fights help you to fine-tune your reaction time and aim better.

4.    Learn different recoil patterns

Different guns in Apex legends have different recoils. Therefore you must have an idea of the recoil pattern of your favorite weapons. Take some time to study the different recoils and practice mouse movements that will keep your crosshair on your enemy for long.

5.    Interchange ADSing and hip firing appropriately.

ADSing and hip firing are two different techniques that have their pros and cons. ADS can be a good boost to your accuracy, but it adversely affects your field of view in a huge way. In addition to that, you have restricted movement, making it a bad move during close-range fights.

So, when you’re caught in close-range fights, use hip-firing instead of ADSing. It makes it easier for you to make controlled movements while tracking your enemies.

6.    Consistently maintain your crosshair at head level

Many players get into the habit of just shooting generally in the direction of the enemy. This is bad since you may only end up alerting the enemy of your position without hitting him. Be deliberate about delivering headshots for maximum damage.

Shooting at the body delivers less damage, with the least damages done with shots to the legs. However, it will end up wasting your ammo and might keep you there till other enemies come to the scene. So make it a habit always to keep your crosshair at head level. This should also apply when you are strafing to make some unanticipated shots.

7.    Customize your settings

The default settings of many games will not always favor all players. This is why you should take some time to customize some of the game settings before going full swing. Therefore, a critical setting you should adjust is your mouse sensitivity.

Making it high makes you make twitchy movements with the least accuracy. Spend some of your time in the practice range to make adjustments to suit your playstyle.


A lot of players still suck at their aiming for the singular that they don’t practice consistently. Now that we’ve shared these tips put them to heart. What’s more important is that you stay consistent in practicing these tips till you have a firm grasp of them. Remember, settings are important to adjust, and recoil is important to master.

Read about how to engage safety with other gamers.

What Is An IP Address?

What Is An IP Address?

An IP address can be described as a unique address used to identify individual internet-enabled devices. The full meaning of IP is “Internet Protocol”. The internet protocol is a series of guidelines regulating how data is exchanged between local networks or internet-based devices.

That is to say, the Internet Protocol address functions as an identifier for each local network or device, that enables the transfer of information between devices over the internet. The IP address usually contains location and allows communication between local networks or devices such as computers, routers, websites, mobile devices, and more.

Definition Of An IP

The Internet Protocol (IP) address for individual internet-based devices is a series of numerals separated from one another by periods. Each IP address is usually a set of four numbers distinguished by periods. An example of an IP address is The numbers in each set can be between 0 to 255. That is, the complete IP addressing format is to

It is important to note that IP addresses are not generated randomly but are produced and distributed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), a subset of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN — a nonprofit body — was founded in The US in 1998. The organization’s objective is to ensure that the internet is well-protected and make it accessible to everyone. Hence, anytime one registers a domain on the internet, the person must contact the ICANN registrar who in turn pays a token to ICANN to get the domain registered.

How IP Addresses Function

Sometimes, an internet-based device may not be properly connecting to the internet the way it is supposed to connect. Other times, you may want to troubleshoot why your network may not be effective. These things can help an individual understand the functions of an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Internet Protocol addresses have a lot of similarities with communication through language. However, these systems use a series of rules or guidelines to communicate with one another. All internet-based devices or networks exchange information with one another using their Internet Protocol addresses. Since they speak the same technical language, computers across different locations can communicate with one another.

The use of Internet Protocol addresses often occurs out of public view. Below is how the process takes place:

  1. The user’s device connects to the internet indirectly but through connecting to a network connected to the internet. This network will now allow your device to be able to access the internet.
  2. At home, the user’s network is often their Internet Service Provider (ISP). When they are in the office, it will be their company network.
  3. The Internet Service Provider receives an individual’s internet activities and routes them back to the user. Since it is the Internet Service Providers that enable users to connect to the internet, it becomes their responsibility to allocate an IP address for the user’s device. Nevertheless, the IP address can change. For instance, the IP address may be changed depending on whether the user’s modem or router is switched on or off. The Internet Service Providers can also change the IP address for users.
  4. When a user is away from home and carries their device along, their home IP address cannot be carried along. This is because such a user may have to use another network to access the internet. At that point, they will have to use a different but temporary Internet Protocol address provided by the Internet Service Providers of their new location.

Types Of IP Addresses

There are different types of Internet Protocol addresses. Some of these IP addresses also have categories, with each containing different types of IP addresses. The main types of Internet Protocol addresses include :

  • Consumer IP Addresses

A business organization or an individual often have two types of Consumer Internet Protocol addresses, which are Private IP address.

  • Public IP address

These two types of IP addresses are named in relation to the network location. Private IP addresses are used within a network while Public IP addresses are used outside a network.

The importance of IP addresses in networks and internet-enabled devices cannot be overemphasized. Without them, internet-based systems cannot communicate with one another. Like home addresses, IP addresses are used to determine the location of individual internet-based devices and enable easy communication with such devices.

Although there are different types of Internet Protocol addresses, they all serve two basic functions :

  • Enabling devices to get connected to the internet via Internet Service Providers.
  • Enabling the ease at which individual devices are located for efficient communication between other networks.

If you are wondering “what is my ip” there are a lot of sites online that can help.

7 Pro PUBG Tips and Tricks for New And Returning Players

Battle Royale gamers

If you’re among the many Battle Royale gamers trying out a new game, or you’re simply new to the genre, be ready for a blast. This is because Player Unknown Battle Ground is somewhat different from what you’re used to playing. Instead of the aggression required in most of its kind, PUBG requires a more subtle and calmer approach toward survival.

So bumping into the game without a few survival tips to keep you alive can be very counterproductive. That’s why you must grab the 7 tips in this article to stay alive and even bag some wins. In the case of further challenges, you should try some PUBG hacks and cheats to wade through.

PUBG Tips and Tricks From Professionals

1.    Understand the battleground

Gaining mastery of the map is one of the safest ways to sail through PUBG. This is because it familiarizes you with the game area, which shrinks steadily, risking players who stay outside it for too long.

Also, remember to keep an eye on the minimap to avoid being blown up in those random danger zones. More so, you may need to zoom in on the minimap towards the end of the match to get a better view.

2.    Be smart with Weapons.

Certain weapons serve best in different situations, and a good knowledge of this is highly beneficial. Also, you should know the kind of weapons to use together. For example, a pistol and a shotgun can be futile, whereas an SMG and an assault rifle make a great combination.

So we recommend that you use pistols and shotguns for short-range shots and leave the SMGs for enclosures. In a situation where you want to spit a long stream of bullets rapidly, go for the assault rifles.

3.    PUBG Requires Stealth

Unlike other Battle Royale games, you may not need to kill any enemy before getting to the game’s final stages. The most important thing is that you stay alive till the final minutes where you have just a handful of enemies to kill. But if you want some gunfire thrills or familiarizing yourself with your weapons, you can go out shooting.

Many pro gamers adopt some really sneaky tactics. For example, some prefer hiding in a boat offshore behind cliffs where they’re most likely to have no one looking. Another way to stay calm is by using silencers on your weapon to avoid giving off your position, risking shots from opponents.

4.    Your entrance matters

Where you land is crucial in determining how long you survive in PUBG. Since we repeatedly emphasize staying alive till the ending minutes of the game, we recommend you land a safe distance from them. Preferably far away from the plane flying path.

Also, try to land in a map area where you have the best loots. However, you need to be careful as your enemies also want the best loots and will head in that direction too. When this happens, you are trapped in a hot spot. So if you haven’t developed the hard shell to withstand such hostilities, steer clear.

5.    Better play with backup

In PUBG, you must be conscious that you’re dead when you die, especially in solo play. So, belonging to a team with teammates to look out for each other is valuable.

Thankfully, you can team up in groups of 2 to 4 in PUBG, so use that to your advantage. But, more importantly, communicate with your team members effectively.  Practice with friends also helps give your better aim no matter what game you are playing.

6.    Don’t lose focus on your health.

If you’re caught in a cross-fire or away from the play zone, it diminishes your health drastically. Generally reducing your chances of making it to the final stages. So we advise that you avoid hot zones and strive to stay within the play area.

Thankfully, you have energy drinks and painkillers, energy drinks, and adrenaline to help buy you some time. In a situation where you land far away from the play zone, you have a long run to make for your life. You will be thankful you had an energy drink handy to boost your speed.

7.    Prepare faster for battle.

Instead of just going about looking for hiding spots when you land, gather useful loots. Gearing up should be the topmost priority in the first minutes of the game. This reduces your risk of being defenseless if you run into an enemy who is only interested in bursting your brains.

The most valuable loots you should gather in the beginning stages include ammo, armor, some good guns, and medical items. You can find more sophisticated loots in certain locations, but ensure you are armed before going for them. This is because you may run into hostiles as other players are also on the hunt for them.


The tips above will keep you alive and even help you win in PUBG. Whether you are a newbie or a gamer interested in doing better in the game, you will find them generally useful. Also, always stick to the basics and never forget: PUBG is a game that needs you to survive. So, prepare a safe entrance, understand the battleground, never play alone, match your weapons smartly and stay healthy.

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