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What are the Friendliest Cat Breeds for Kids?

If you are thinking of getting a cat but you have a kid at home, you might be concerned if the new pet will get along with your child. It is true that there are cat breeds that are not dealing well with little humans, but there are quite a few that can become more than great friends with your kids.

Keep reading to discover which breeds you should consider when choosing a pet for a household with children.

Are cats really that unfriendly?

Cats can be very temperamental, and they are not the easiest pet to train. Some breeds have a really short temper and enjoy their alone time, so if you have a baby at home, this might not actually be problematic. However, don’t panic, some breeds are very friendly and affectionate and will become the best friend of your kid.

You indeed have seen a number of clips out there of cats just jumping in a kid’s bed and protecting them during the night. So, if you would love a cat that will cuddle with your baby or toddler just like that, you will have to look for a breed that has the tendency to be calm and affectionate. Such species form a deep connection with their families and quickly become very attached, even to the youngest members.

How to choose the best cats for kids

There are some considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing a cat for a family with little kids that will help you select the right breed. Let’s check them out:

  • Personality — As you might expect, the personality of the cat breed is the first thing to consider. Many breeds are known to not be very easy to train and not tolerant even towards adults. So, those are, of course, out of the question. Later in the article, you can find the best breeds for kids.
  • Size — You should also keep the cat’s size in mind. If you live in a small apartment, a cat like the Maine Coon might not be the perfect fit, even though they are known to be very gentle and love kids. Check how big the cat might get and think if you will have enough space.
  • Cat schedule — Cats are generally more nocturnal, so you should look for one that is cal even during night hours, so you and your kids can get some needed sleep. Also, consider the schedule you will need to keep to take care of them. You better not go for a breed that can easily get sick or is predisposed to some common health conditions. Of course, you can’t always be prepared but check the family tree of your cat, if possible, for known issues.

What are the friendliest cat breeds for kids?

What are the friendliest cat breeds for kids?

And let’s come to the main point for which you are here — what cat breed you should consider taking if you have a little kid. Below you can see some of the best options.


If you want a calm and gentle pet, then a Ragdoll is perfect for you and your family. Those cats become very attached to their owners and are very loving towards even the smallest members. They will be happy to cuddle with your kid and give them gentle kisses. Ragdolls also have their fun side, and they love some play from time to time. So, even for toddlers that love to run around with their fluffy friends, this can be a great partner in crime.

Snow Bengal Cat

The Snow Bengal Cat Breed is not only stunningly beautiful but very friendly. You will fall in love the moment you see their amazing eyes and feel the silky fur. There are three main types — Snow Seal Lynx Bengal, Snow Seal Mink Bengals, and Snow Seal Sepia Bengal but they are all very friendly and a perfect member for a household with kids. They are more active than other breeds, but this won’t cause you issues when it comes to how they will treat your children.

Maine Coon

There is no way we won’t mention the Maine Coon or, as you might know, them, the Gentle Giants. They are very big, and their hearts are just as big and full of love toward each family member. Those cats will welcome your kid with open paws and will always be their carrying companion. You shouldn’t be surprised if you find out that the Main Coon is sharing the bed with your kid and will not give that up for anything.


Another wonderful breed that is also very affectionate and friendly is the Himalayan. This breed is a mixture of Siamese and Persian and has the best quality of both. It is very calm and might spend hours sleeping on the couch and not bother anyone. But also will appreciate some cuddles with their owner on a regular basis. They are great with kids, and you won’t make a mistake if you get a Himalayan for a pet.

No matter what cat you choose, or any other pet for that matter, read how family pets for good for kids.

Tips To Make School Exciting After Winter Break

Tips To Make School Exciting After Winter Break

Winter break may not seem like a long time, but it’s long enough to make the first days of the new semester feel like a chore. It takes a minute for students to get back into the groove of things, but it is possible to make the transition smooth for everyone. Here are some tips to make school exciting after winter break.

Open the Floor

Remember what it was like when you came back from winter break? You saw your friends and wanted to get caught up on everything. Don’t shut your students down immediately and force them to get back to work.

Give them time to socialize with their friends so they can get it out of their system. Better yet, consider allowing each student to present their favorite part of winter break in front of the class. Sharing gives them time to ask their classmates questions and brag about their exciting vacations.

Set Goals

With the new year comes new goals. It’s out with the old and in with the new. Instruct your students to clean out their desks. You should do the same before starting class. Come in early or stay late to hang up new decorations.

Consider making a poster board and putting all your students’ names on it. Direct them to write one personal and one academic goal they wish to achieve by the end of the school year. Make a learning objective board for the academic goals. Your students can return the next day with their goals.

Plan Something Exciting

Students returning from winter break need something to look forward to, and that’s where you come in. Plan something big academically so they work hard towards it. A class project is always a great idea, but you can take it a step further and ask the other teachers for their time if they also wish to get their students involved.

It can either be a competition or something a group effort. Projects like launching model rockets are always fun with the right amount of education. Follow the proper procedures to avoid common mistakes when launching. This is a great way to kick off the new semester with a bang.

Review Academic Expectations

With all the fun and excitement, you still need to keep your students grounded and get back to the basics. Start class with a quick review of academic expectations. They had a significant amount of time away from school, so they may have forgotten specific routines.

Remind your kids of these procedures and routines that effectively support a positive learning environment. Don’t worry if you spend an entire class on this task. Reteaching these expectations will anchor your students while fostering their need to learn and grow.

School was exciting before your students went on winter break, and you can make it exciting when they come back just by following these tips.

7 Ideas to Decorate Girl Birthday Parties

Ideas to Decorate Girl Birthday Parties

Every little girl waits for her birthday like a miracle. Bright emotions, fulfilled dreams, dear guests, and gifts are what every happy event consists of. As a rule, the parents’ task is to make the most vivid holiday that their child would remember every birthday with a smile even years later.

Let’s look at some ideas on how to make a bright holiday.

Colorful Balloons

Before decorating a child’s room with balloons, find an original option that will surprise and delight the child. Do not skimp on the quality of balloons so that the children do not suffocate from a specific smell. How to use balloons for decor? For example:

  • Fill the entire room with balloons;
  • Tie strings of wishes hanging from helium balloons;
  • Make 3D figures, sculptures, or an arch out of balloons;
  • Fill balloons with confetti or LED lights;
  • Fill balloons with sweets or small surprises;
  • Decorate the center of the table with a hello kitty balloon.

Available Tools

Holiday decorations can be made with your own hands from improvised materials. Use balloons, colored paper, confetti, and garlands. Something should be made in advance:

  • Prepare bright masks and caps;
  • Find beautiful napkins for the plates;
  • Think up decorations for glasses and straws;
  • Decorate pockets for cutlery;
  • Add themed decorations to walls and tables;
  • Make original name cards for guests.


Light decorations and electric garlands will adorn a children’s party. It is better to choose from battery-powered wireless devices. You can also make garlands of paper flags. Or use an electric garland with multicolored lights to lay out the name of the birthday girl. This way, you can decorate the wall in the room where the party will be held.

Sweet Treats

Kids are waiting for a miracle and sweets. Therefore, take note of ideas that will help to solve both problems at once:

  • Miniature candy and gum vending machines;
  • Flasks with sweets;
  • Chocolate fountain;
  • Homemade cotton candy and popcorn machines.

Table Decorations

Who says kids ignore table decor? Quite the opposite! They may be as attracted to the treats as to the holiday table decorations. If the table is beautifully decorated, children may even try a dish they don’t eat in their usual lives. The center of the table can be decorated with flowers, balloons, gifts, fruit arrangements, and candy topiaries.

Colorful Tableware

What should the tableware for a child’s birthday party be? First of all, safe and bright. The ideal option ― ready holiday sets made of plastic or thick paper, designed specifically for children’s parties.


Think out an entertainment program so you don’t have to improvise “on the fly.”

  • Art contest. You can make easels with your own hands and buy canvases on stretchers in an art store. There should be no losers in the competition ― prepare prizes for all;
  • A paper tablecloth instead of a canvas. After a celebratory lunch, children can paint a tablecloth, which then remains to you as a keepsake;
  • Twister will involve your little guests for at least an hour and a half. Colored circles can be made on a sheet or the grass if the party is at the cottage.

Explore creative ideas to make a boys balloon themed birthday.


5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Child

Gaming Chair

In today’s world, where everyone is obsessed with consumerism, it is maybe time to take a step back and curate a few thoughtful gifts for your children. The Australian Toy and Gaming industry is $586 million in 2022 and has grown faster than the country’s economy, reports Ibis Research.

So as a concerned parent, it is time to think about how you can make sure your gifts to your children help in their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Here, we have suggested 5 gift ideas for your kids which take care of them, help them grow their imagination, and also let them enjoy.

1. A Gaming Chair

For our children, video games are an important part of life. As parents, it is natural to feel apprehensive about the long hours they spend on the console.  On the other hand, the gamer in your child will probably want video games or gaming accessories for Christmas. Try gifting them a gaming chair to ensure they are not plagued with back or neck pain from spending long hours games.

Australians have spent nearly AUD 4 billion playing video games in 2021 alone. Mobile games accounted for AUD 1.51 Billion, the rest being on a console or PC.  Like your fellow Aussies, if your child spends close to 90 minutes playing a video game, you should be very careful about the gaming chair you buy.

We suggest you go through online reviews to find the best gaming chair for your child. Choose one based on ergonomics. Check the color and style preferences of your child so that it is used by them.

2.    An Outdoor Experience

Children got tired of staying indoors all the time, especially during the Covid-19 lockdowns. In a study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2021, 22% of Australians felt their mental health was taking a turn for the “worse” during the lockdowns.

If it is possible for you, try to treat your child to a short trip somewhere in Australia. You can opt for a beach stay or choose to take your child camping. You may also choose to spend a couple of days exploring the zoo and other interesting places in your community. What matters to your child is the time you spend with them and the quality of the same.

3.    An Aquarium or Terrarium

Terrariums and aquariums are great gift ideas. They’re beautiful and easy to care for. They will give your child the opportunity to create their little ecosystem without needing too much room.

Terrariums are a great, low-maintenance gift idea for anyone who loves plants. They’re also a great way to get your kids interested in gardening. Because they’re enclosed, they don’t need much maintenance. They’re an ideal gift for your child if they would like to have a slice of nature in their rooms.

You can give your child the gift of seeing their favorite animal in real life. An aquarium lets you do that, and it looks great on any shelf or table. You can spend some time every day with your child feeding the fish and watching them feed. It is a ritual that will engage your child and help you both witness something soothing and magical without spending time in front of a screen.

4.    DIY Craft and Hobby Kits

DIY craft kits are excellent gifts for kids of all ages. They’re fun. Kids love to create things and put their spin on them. They enjoy the process of creating, which is something that they can’t get from just buying something at the store.

They’re educational. DIY craft kits teach children how to work with their hands and enjoyably use their imaginations.

They encourage creativity and problem-solving skills. By giving your child a DIY craft kit as a gift, you’re encouraging them to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions for completing their projects.

Make sure you spend an optimum amount and don’t divert funds from other important activities for your child, like dance or music lessons.

5.    Books

Books are a great gift for kids because they help develop intellectual curiosity and help kids build their vocabularies. Books also provide an opportunity for children to learn about themselves and the world around them, and they can be a source of comfort in times of stress or anxiety.

You can buy board books for babies who haven’t learned to read yet. These books have thick pages that are easy to turn, and they usually feature bright colors and simple pictures that can help entertain your little ones while they’re learning how to use their hands properly.

For older children who are just starting school, you might want to look into chapter books or storybooks that are aimed at their age group. These types of books tend to have more complex storylines than those designed for younger children, which makes them more engaging for older kids who are trying to get used to reading on their own for the first time.

We hope this article helps you choose a thoughtful gift that is both useful and fun for your child and suits your budget. We understand that you may have budget constraints at this point and may not be able to shop for all the presents on your child’s wishlist. What truly matters to your child is that you invested your time and effort in giving them something this festive season.

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