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FamiSafe Parental Controls

FamiSafe Parental Control App

FamiSafe is popular parental control app and is our preferred recommendation for parents and guardian seeking to protect children while online. It is available in the form of an app download for mobile devices and also works on desktop computers and tablets.  It provides parental control for both IOS and Android.

FamiSafe was developed by Wondershare and is part of their large family of software solutions designed for user friendliness.

Much more than a location tracker, the FamiSafe app offers complete parental controls so that parents don’t have to relentlessly monitor their child’s online activity 24/7. It works right away to filter and block access to bad websites, as well as giving parents complete control to customize settings according to each family member’s age from parental control dashboard.

The Need for FamiSafe

Today, parents have a lot of keep track of online.  Kids are active on gaming platforms, social media, multiple search engines, YouTube and chat rooms many parents don’t know about.   On the other side of a child’s online access are potentially secret friends, cyberbullies, viruses, malware, ransomware and child predators.

Thankfully, FamiSafe does the work of parents so that they don’t have to relentlessly monitor their child’s online activity 24/7.  It works right away to filter and block access to bad websites.  Still, within the parental control dashboard parents have complete control to customize settings according to each family member’s age.

The Power of Parental Control Software

Gone of the days of a single computer in the family room where kids go online under the watchful eyes of mom and dad after dinner.  Couples and single parents still needed to be extra invigilate but control was still achievable. Then came mobiles phones that put the world wide web in everyone’s pocket.

These days, the internet is readily available to young finger tips on bedroom computers, lap tops, tablets and smart phones. Within the last decade social media has only multiplied the challenges of what kids see and hear online, including exposure to toxic friendships and the risk of cyberbullying.

Schools can set up internet controls and blocking on their servers but for homes it’s not possible to implement a blanket approach to online safety without a software installations.  For home use, it is relatively simple to install FamiSafe on multiple devices for instant protection against explicit web content.

FamiSafe Features:

From it’s creation, FamiSafe has evolved to handle all of today’s obstacles to safety. It continues to be updated to respond to new technology and trends that kids gravitate to.  Unless automatic monitoring and restrictions are in place, these hot spots expose young children and teens to new and unwanted content before most parents even know about them.

FamiSafe App Download | Software Installation

Once the mobile app or desktop is installed on all of your household’s various devices, you can change settings for each child without having to continually ask for each device. FamiSafe detects your operating system to give you the right installation for each PC or Mac computer, tablet, iPhone or Android phone. Simply type the url into the browser on any device and it will proceed to guide your through the installation process. Or forward this page you are reading to your child’s email address on their device and click the install link below.

Install FamiSafe

FamiSafe enables parents to watch all of these online activities in real time for any family member on any device; including apps being used, internet searches, YouTube, social media platforms being accessed, location updates, and screen time history.  

The Bottom Line:  FamiSafe by Wondershare gives kids of all ages the freedom to explore the internet fully protected  from harm.  Whether it be research for school, connecting with friends, playing a game or watching a video, kids are kept safe no matter where they are using their device. The automation parental control software provides does the heavy lifting for parents, while giving them the tools to monitor and customize the controls they feel are appropriate for each member of the family.  View plans

Here are two important facts about the world wide web.

  1. The internet is a dangerous place filled with material that is harmful to younger kids and teens. This often explicit content is easy to access from any device in multiple locations, in many cases far from parental supervision.
  2. The internet is a vast wonderland of knowledge and information that cannot by replaced by books or the world’s largest library. Or at least it can’t be as easily accessible with a few clicks or taps from the palm of any sized hand.

How can something so bad be so good at the same time? Perhaps it is the nature of anything that wields such great power. Inevitably, it can be use for good and for bad.

What is Parental Control?

Parental control has been around since men and women first walked the earth. It’s the power to control your child’s environment in order to protect them. At best, it’s a loving non democratic system to ensure security for family members. With age, more freedom was given. Boundaries were expanded to give each family member control of their own protection as responsible behavior was acquired.

This model of parenting continues to thrive today without adverse effects, rather, positive outcomes where kids became teens and teens became adults with the ability to protecting themselves from harm.

Parental Controls

As mentioned, the standard of parental control has remained the same. But the term Parental Controls has taken on a new meaning in the new technological world. Never before in man’s history has so much good and bad been combined in a single handheld device for the masses.

At the dawn of the internet, there were only stationary computers in the living room or family office that parents needed to monitor. Then came laptops and eventually the smart phone. It was a mini computer you could fit in your pocket, yet with more speed, storage space and accessible information from the outside world than ever thought possible just 10 years earlier.

Cyberbulling, once a new problem for kids online, is now a primary concern. Bullying has progressed from the playground to social media and it becomes a vicious circle when children are bullied at school and online by the same people.  Of course, cyberbullying expands the access of bullies to harass people they don’t even go to school with. Or, they can be from anywhere in the world and simply troll and comment posts where kids are already being mocked online. It very much becomes a mob mentality to an extreme.

Safe Search Kids recently partnered with FamiSafe to promote bullying prevention.  The topic of cyberbullying is relevant to FamiSafe because their parental control app empowers parents monitor possible cyberbullying attempts before they even happen.  Likewise, parents can receive alerts of suspicious social media activity or on SMS texts.

Parental Control Software | Parental Control Apps

The fundamentals of parents control over their offspring in order to protect has not been replaced by technology. On the contrary, kids and teens still need to be taught how to manage and use the internet responsibility. Just as they need to know to stay off thin ice in the winter or wear a life jacket while boating, they will need to because taught how to control their own use of the internet. After all, kids will someday be on their own with no boundaries except for the laws they choose to abide as decided by society. And one might add the moral and ethical laws in place to protect themselves and their fellow citizens.

Until such a time, parental control software and apps for computers, lap tops, tablets and smart phones are simply a tool. Just like parenting in a non tech world, kids need to learn how to use the power of the internet for their good. Simultaneously the technological restrictions that parental control technology provides assists parents in setting boundaries they cannot see in the real world. It’s a tool that can greatly control and monitor online activity in the beginning. As children grow, these same controls can be loosened as more responsibility is given.

This is the essence of parental controls in the modern age that compliments real world parenting to bring up our children. It keeps them secure from the worst of the internet, yet empowered them too safety grow in knowledge and education throughout their formidable years.

The Features of FamiSafe Parental Controls, recommended by Safe Search Kids

  • Internet filtering and blocking
  • Online monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Screen time management
  • Monitoring of app usage
  • Social media monitoring
  • Keeping an eye on texts and pics
  • Monitor drive habits
  • Activity alerts

Watch this video for a snapshot of how FamiSafe Works.  Create Your Account!

Learn More about Activating Parental Controls on All Your Devices

Cyber Discounts on Parental Controls and Security Software

Online Deals Computer Security

Our safe Google search tools are always free and that is one very important facet of internet safety. Still, we also provide guidance on software solutions that families and schools may be looking for to ensure complete protection online. Cyber discounts are now in effect to get the best prices on to full protection.

This page is your complete resource guide to access and review the various deals available. The first links take you directly to the price options for each software program, followed by links to the related articles.

Software Solutions

Here is a breakdown of the four parts for complete cyber security and computer safety.

Parental Control Software:

Anti-Virus Software:

  • Get the latest pricing on Anti-Virus.
  • To learn more about anti-virus software for email protection, read our article on how anti-virus compares with other security solutions.
  • A secondary article delves into anti-virus for gamers that also increases online game speed. This prevents users from turning anti-virus off.

Malware Protection:

  • Get the latest pricing on Anti-Malware.
  • Learn more about how anti-malware software can remove malware from your computer and provide continued malware protection.
  • A secondary article explains how Ransomware can attack and lock your files.

Free Filtering Tools

If you are buying a new phone, tablet or computer for your child this year, at the very least we recommend using our free safe search app for Android, iPhone and Amazon.

You can also bookmark our website on a computer for strict filtering of Google.  Bookmark our home page for safe searching of Google, images, Wikipedia for kids and videos.

Before you buy a tablet, read about security options for Apple or Android tablets such as Samsung.

A Review of Online Safety Solutions

Here is a rundown of the various filtering and security solutions that can be explore according to your family needs.

1. Anti-Virus Software: This is essential basic software that filters your email to protect your computer from becoming infected with a virus. No computer should be without this standard software. Many operating systems come with enough security to screen your email, such as on a Mac computer or Windows 10.

2. Virtual Private Networks:  Read how a VPN can protect your family at home and while out in public places, such as when using public WiFi.

3. Anti-Malware: Includes the removal and full protection from malware infecting your computer.  It blocks a variety of viruses and subversive malware from infecting your computer due to a cyber attack or in the event you accidentally visit an infected website.

4. Internet Filtering with Parental Controls: This is one of the main reasons parents find themselves on our website. Protecting your kids from harmful online content can only be achieved with internet filtering that also blocks access to the internet according to the age of each child in your home.

5. Safe Search for Kids: The filtering tool on our website is powered by Google to ensure safe search results for all keywords entered. It is a FREE solution when searching Google. While it will block search results for inappropriate search terms entered, it does not block access to other areas of the internet when kids leave our site.

5 Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

5 Tips for Making Smartphones More Safe and Secure

Making Smartphones More Safe and Secure

People don’t often think of their smartphones as being a way that hackers can attack their personal information. This is not really the case, however, as phones become more and more like small computers that live in your pocket. As technology continues to evolve, it’s important to consider every device to be at risk.

Smartphones can do more and more things that computers can do and you will find that you have probably not considered the ways in which your phone might expose you to personal data security safety. Your smartphone has access to the internet, can be connected to public WIFI, and has access to most of your banking and personal data through apps. This makes it a very easy way to gain access to your online data that you would otherwise think was safe.

Even if you have your computers locked down really well, your cellphone might lead to a hacker being able to gain access to your personal information that would have been safe if your phone was locked down in a better way. If you want to learn more about making your smartphone more safe and secure, read on!

5 Tips for Making Smartphone More Safe and Secure

1.       Use a Password

You should always use a password or a lock sequence to lock your phone down. If you drop your phone or forget it somewhere, it is a huge risk to have it open to being used by anyone that picks it up. If you want to be sure that your phone is secure, even if it is lost somewhere, you need to use the lock screen options that keep your phone secure from outsiders unlocking it.

Secure passwords and other kinds of lock combinations that can protect your phone will make sure that people cannot pick up your phone and access your data and other information if they pick up your phone. If you leave your phone at a friend’s house, drop it on public transit, or forget it in airport security, you will be able to be sure that your phone is safe if someone picks it up.

2.       Do Not Use Public Chargers

Public charging hubs can be the source of hacking attempts. Public ports can lead to hackers having access to your phone when it is plugged into the public hub. These hubs can transmit data and mine it, and you want to avoid this possible connection to data theft that you do not want to be exposed to.

Compromised power strips and other kinds of power outlets that are common use in public locations are always risky to use and you should consider if this is the best choice for your needs. You should always be able to find a wall plug-in if you need it, and you do not need to feel pressured to use these charging hubs if there is no obvious choice available. Make sure that you are not lured into using a public charging hub unless it is the direst situation.

3.       Use Two-Factor Authentication

You might originally be annoyed having to do these extra steps, but two-factor authentication can make sure that our phone is very safe from hacking. This process double-checks your access and identity to make sure that it is legitimate before you access your banking app among other things.

Two-factor security is becoming far more common and you should jump on board the security train that is offered by this process. You will just enter a code and your phone will verify that it is you who is accessing your personal information before allowing you to use your phone for access to apps. You can also use biometric information for this two-factor authentication process.

4.       Keep Your Phone Updated

Updates make sure that your phone’s security is up to date. Security patches make sure that your phone does not allow access to your data through common cyber threats and you will be much better protected if you use these updates as soon as they are made available. Skipping updates on your phone can lead to major issues with security as well as issues with performance.

Your phone will usually offer you a security update at least once a month, but you should never assume that you do not need to take advantage of these updates when they are offered. It usually takes a few minutes to download a security patch and you do not have to feel like this is a big burden if you stay on top of these updates as they arrive.

5.       Avoid the Use of Public WIFI

Public WIFI is rife with risks and you should always turn off your public WIFI access when you do not need it for anything. WIFI access can expose your phone to many threats that you can avoid by simply turning off your WIFI when you do not need it. Public WIFI sources are always going to open your phone to risks that are better off avoided.

WIFI use can be necessary, but you should always limit your access to public WIFI sources that are not secured, particularly if you are traveling. There is no need to use a huge WIFI network like an airport or restaurant’s WIFI unless you really need WIFI for some reason. Phones these days have access to a network for your needs, so you should not feel pressured to use public WIFI for any reason.

If you do need to use public WIFI, make sure that you have a VPN that you can use for this access. A VPN will encrypt your connection and make it as safe and secure as if you were not using public WIFI. Forbes has rated and shortlisted VPN providers based on a criteria of options if you’re looking for a trusted VPN service.

Making Your Smartphone Secure is Easy

If you have been worrying about keeping your phone safe when you are using it on a daily basis you should use these tips and tricks to make sure that your phone is secure every day. You should never skip updates, always use good WIFI practices and avoid basic issues that can lead to cyberthreats and other kinds of hacking. If you make sure that your phone safety behaviors are on point, you will have good luck with your overall phone safety practices.

Keeping your phone safe is important to make sure that you do not fall prey to any of the common data theft and cybersecurity issues that can lead to personal identity issues and other problems for people.

3 Tips For Kids to Engage Safely With Fellow Gamers

Tips For Kids to Engage Safely With Fellow Gamers

Online gaming isn’t just for fun anymore. It’s a means to socialize. Gaming can even have some serious benefits when it comes to a child’s psyche, as gaming can encourage collaboration and team building, improve social skills through effective communication, and allow children to connect with other people that have the same hobbies.

Social benefits aside, many parents understandably are wary of letting their kids play video games and also engage in the gaming communities that supplement them — and we don’t blame them. Thankfully, there are a few things we can instill in our kids to teach them how to safely engage with fellow gamers online, beginning with these three best practices.

1.  “Never share your personal information”

When it comes to online gaming, there’s no such thing as being too careful. Sharing personal information can put your child at risk of hackers and other dangerous cyber activity.

That being said, be sure to warn your child about sharing personal information online, including your address, phone number, full names, and even account passwords. This way, your child will be able to have fun and connect with other gamers without putting both you and themselves at risk.

2.  “Be aware of pop-up scams”

Pop-up scams are all too common on the internet. However, with a child on a computer, it’s essential to warn them about these malicious pop-ups and inform them on what to do if they encounter one.

Without properly educating your child on cyber scams, they may accidentally download malware that can harm your device. Not to mention, cybercriminals may send harmful attachments on forums that your child can gain access to.

3.  “Don’t purchase cheat codes”

Sometimes, it’s cool to get certain modifications and cheat codes on the internet. However, things get a lot less cool when these cheat codes (potentially) expose your device to harmful viruses.

For this reason, it’s extremely important to educate your child on cheat codes and how they may harm your device. While downloading cheat codes can be tempting, your child should know the impact they may have on your devices so that they can think twice before pressing “download.”

For more perspective on gaming communities and how to engage safely in them, pore over the infographic below, courtesy of Norton.

An infographic, courtesy of Norton, overviews what is internet tracking, four common ways we

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