Unplugged Services: Helping Parents Establish Healthy Tech Foundations

Helping Parents Establish Healthy Tech Foundations

When you think of all the technological advancements throughout human history, technology used primarily for communication to the masses was relatively new. And compared to the last 15 years, the rate of progression was gradual; from radio in the 1920’s, to television in the 1930’s, to the first personal computer in the 70’s, and the creation of the internet.

For those of us growing up before there was a personal computer in every home or school, you would still hear about kids spending too much time in front of the TV. Who would have predicted there would be personal TV in everyone child’s pocket, much less a TV that communicated both ways.

The Need to Unplug

Besides entertainment in the palm of our hands, the ability to connect with anyone in the world at any time has also brought additional challenges. It’s easy to forget how fast it happened.

At Safe Search Kids, we have extensively covered the topic of screen time and the need to unplug relative to a child’s well-being. Our writers have explored the effects on a child’s social life, cyberbullying, early child development, lack of physical activity, anxiety, addictive behavior for gamers and on social media.

Even for adults, it’s a struggle for us to see how well our friends are doing when we compare ourselves with “the moments best of their lives” on social media posts.  A lack of screentime boundaries for people of all ages has led to an increase in people feeling alienated, lonely, and depressed.

Unplugged Services

Safe Search Kids is proud to support the work of organizations that promote well-being in our quickly advancing technological world. Unplugged Services focuses on Helping Parents Establish Healthy Tech Foundations for Their Children. They seek partnerships to gain traction and promote a shared goal of ensuring children’s safety online.

Company Overview:

Unplugged Services was founded in October of 2023 by David Grajzl and two other partners.

They work to ensure that parents of today’s youth are properly equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to instill screen time maturity, social media safety, and overall awareness of the multiple dangers associated with the use of devices.  Unplugged Services provides education on how decisions they make now can and will affect them later, as well as impacting their own children.

Products and Services:

Unplugged Services currently provides:

  • 5+ online courses that help guide parents to ensure digital safety for their child.
  • A free monthly newsletter. Unlock a wealth of invaluable insights with Unplugged Services complimentary monthly newsletter, designed to keep you well-informed and intrigued about your child’s digital behavior. Explore the details of this exclusive resource here and elevate your understanding of your child’s online experience.
  • Online events and seminars led by subject matter experts. Granting passionate and caring parents like you the opportunity to voice your questions and opinions to experts and professionals.
  • To view their courses, newsletter, and online events please website follow this link, Unplugged Services.

Client Testimonials and Endorsements

Client Testimonials

“Unplugged Services has been a game changer for my teenager. I absolutely love their monthly newsletter. Thank you!” – Anonymous

“I’m grateful for the guidance provided by Unplugged Services. My child now understands the importance of responsible social media usage.” – Anonymous

Unplugged Services as recently been endorsed by Delaney Ruston who has produced numerous films regarding teen screen safety reaching audiences in the millions.

Final Thoughts

It would be foolish to think that the human race has reached the precipice of technological advancement.  We have not even mentioned the future advancement coming in virtual and augmented reality, robotics, quantum and edge computing, and of course artificial intelligence.

All these new and wonderful things can improve efficiency and better our society in numerous ways. There are also benefits in education as we offer effective resource tools to parents and schools. But we must also ask the question.  What is the human cost if we forget where we came from as family units and communities.  What new problems will we face if we forget to set up consistent ways to unplug from the technology?

The future is in the hands of educators and parents alike. We can better connect if we learn to unplug and teach our children to do the same.

Quotes to Live and Unplug By

Unplugging helps you refocus on yourself instead of being pulled in a zillion different directions. Those directions may all be important, but you are just as important. – Arin Murphy-Hiscock (Author)

Especially when you have a lot going on, you must find a way to unplug and focus on yourself. – Mandy Ingber (Author)

I try to make a point in my life to leave the cellphone in the car sometimes, to try to unplug as much as possible. – Tom Green (Comedian)

We do well to unplug regularly. Quiet time restores focus and composure. – Daniel Goleman (Psychologist)

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes … including you. – Anne Lamott (Novelist and Non-Fiction Writer)

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