What is Simple Wikipedia?

What is Simple Wikipedia

Simple Wikipedia is a separate version of the primarily used Wikipedia. It is written in basic English and is ideal for younger kids, tweens or even teens who read at lower grade level. You can find any topic on Simple Wikipedia that is available on the main English version.

The simple version of Wikipedia is also an online encyclopedia.  However, sentences are shorter and grammar is easier to understand.

Simple Wikipedia for Learning English

Simple Wikipedia can also be beneficial for people from cultures that are just learning English or those who have a limited understanding of the language. Readers with learning disabilities will find it helpful as well.

Because Safe Search Kids promotes safe search resources, we provide yet another version of Wikipedia for kids that is not directly affiliated with Wikipedia.org.  It also serves multiple languages. Our version of wiki for kids has been created by our partner KidzSearch and can be searched at the top of our website.

Getting back to the topic of the official Simple Wikipedia, this alternative version will also be beneficial for anyone researching difficult to understand topics. Simply put, concepts of higher education or technical subjects can be easier to grasp when written in a simple way.

When learning about any topic, remember that Wikipedia should only be used as a starting point. Wikipedia’s popularity has grown because of how easy it is to find so much information on a single website, all with without ads or external links within the articles. But you cannot always trust what you read as absolute fact. Your local or school library remains to be your best tool for good information.

Simple Wikipedia for Research

A suggested research method for older students is to first read the regular version of Wikipedia. Work to understand what is being communicated. The history, the characters in the unfolding story, or the detailed explanation of a complicated theory.

Make a few notes and write a brief summary of what you’ve learned. Then, search for the same article in the Simple Wikipedia version. You may find further insight thanks to the use of less complex words and sentences.

When doing any research on Wikipedia, whether the simple version or not, it is essential to understand that Wikipedia is an “open source” online Encyclopedia. This means anyone can change it, so make sure you explore all aspects of the article, including all cited references and external links to reputable sources. Many articles will make a note if a fact is not fully verified.

As mentioned, Simple Wikipedia should not be your sole resource on any topic. Don’t forget to visit your school library to confirm facts and details. These findings from published books should be your sources when writing an article or paper. Even Wikipedia states that it is not a reliable source.

If you are a student, check with your teacher’s views regarding the use of a Wikipedia as a research tool.

Boy and Girls Using Simple Wikipedia with Teacher

An Open Source Network

Being that Wikipedia and Simple Wikipedia are “open source” and able to be updated by anyone, if you find information in an article this is incorrect you are welcome to correct the article and cite your reliable sources. The most popular Wiki articles have a moderator that will review your entry. This is how Wikipedia grows to be more reliable.  However, education from multiple sources it key to gaining true expertise on any subject.

What We Have Learned about Wikipedia’s

  • Wikipedia is a free online Encyclopedia written in English, as well as many other languages.
  • Simple Wikipedia is an additional English version of Wikipedia, written at a lower reading level.
  • Wiki for Kids is our own form of Wikipedia created for younger kids. It employs safe search and is kept separate from the main unfiltered Internet.

The Idea Behind Wikis (Explained in Simple Terms)

A wiki allows collaboration on a subject with input from people anywhere in the world. All they need is a computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection. In the case of Simple Wikipedia, a wiki page is edited to make it more simple for readers. From there any one can edit it and correct a mistake make about a fact or update it with new information.

This video explains the concept of wikis in a fun way…

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