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Parental Control Software by KidsWatch

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At a minimum, you should make sure your children are using Google SafeSearch when they are online – whether your child is using a laptop, tablet or mobile device. Safe Search filtering can be accessed from the top of our website. This means that the search results are filtered such that no results would appear related to inappropriate content.

That said – Safe Search only filters results. It does not block access to the rest of the internet where potentially harmful content awaits, nor can offer parental controls such as restricting usage.

What Every Parent Should be Using – Parental Control Software

Even with the most strict guidelines in place, it is nearly impossible to monitor your children’s activity online doing it manually. In the past several years, a new niche of software has been developed to help families monitor overall online and computer activity.

Parental Control Software is a must.

While there are several in this field, what they all have in common is that the specific monitoring is automated.

This does not mean that you can rely on the system 100% of the time to monitor what your kids are doing – parental supervision is essential, whether they are using a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

KidsWatch™ Parental Control Software provides an integrated time management and internet blocking & monitoring solution with the following key features:

  • Restrict Internet & Computer Usage based on a customizable schedule or time limits.
  • Restricts chatting/instant messaging based on a time limit or schedule.
  • Award-winning automated filter of porn, illegal, vulgar and other inappropriate websites.
  • Ability of parent to create White “Trusted” list and Black “Restricted” lists.
  • Dynamic Content Blocker – blocks inappropriate banner ads on webpages.
  • Automatic notification via email when a suspect phrase or word is written in a chat.

Recognized 8 years running as the #1 Parental Control, Internet Blocking and Time Management software, KidsWatch is easy to set up, easy to use and affordable with a one-time fee for life.

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Ask yourself these questions about your kids’ activities:

1. What exactly are my children doing online or on their mobile phones?

  • Are they chatting with social network sites like Facebook, Snapchat?
  • Are they visiting pornographic or other inappropriate sites?
  • Are they being bombarded with inappropriate ads on pages for guns, cigarettes, drugs or other illegal activity?

2. How much overall time is really spent on a daily basis on their phone and computer talking to friends or other socializing?

Being a parent is much more difficult than it used to be. We worry about everything – from the food our kids eat, how they are doing academically in school, to the company that they keep.

It is doesn’t make it easier that in most households, both parents work and as a result, there are certain realities that we live with – one of them being the overall monitoring of our children.

Yes, technology in most cases makes things better and more efficient – being able to talk to our kids during the day or evening via cell, sending them text messages or emails. But this same technology communication revolution has also skyrocketed the risks and dangers for children on a daily basis.

Now Here are Some Facts That May Surprise You

  1. One in 5 kids between 11-18 have been solicited online.
  2. 60% of kids are exposed to porn before age 12.
  3. Over 65% of kids have accidentally visited an inappropriate site online.
  4. Over 25% of kids have been cyber bullied, but only 10% of these incidents were told to parents.

We trust our kids to do what is right, but there is so much filth lurking on all corners of the internet and as parents, we should be very concerned – even for the innocent child who is 100% aware of all the dangers involved, it is next to impossible for our children to be 100% protected. In addition to our lack of time, it is an impossible task to manually monitor our children’s online activities. The latest internet and mobile technology supersedes make it impossible.

In short, we are simply hoping for the best.

But it shouldn’t be this way. In fact, it is dangerous to your children.

How to Effectively Monitor Your Children – A 2-Tiered Approach

The Absolute Minimum…

Instruct your children to use Safe Search Kids as their default search engine, at home and in school.

For the Ultimate in Internet Safety…

Use Parental Control Software. We encourage you to take a free, no obligation 15 day free trial of the KidsWatch Pro software. It is a full featured free trial account, so you will be able to see the power of the solution and decide if you would like to upgrade to the paid version.

Just go to KidsWatch™ Free Trial and in less than 10 minutes, your family will be protected.

Parental Control Software is not a defense against computer viruses and malware.  To ensure your computer is not infected, read more about how you can conduct a free malware scan.