A 15 Day Reading Challenge To Make It Enjoyable For Your Kids

A 15 Day Reading Challenge To Make It Enjoyable For Your Kids

“They are not interested in reading anymore.” The ‘anymore’ will be confusing for a non-parent! But, parents know (and try to prevent) the pattern of a reading slump for the five-year-old. It starts with them learning the alphabet. They are curious and love the new books. However, after a few weeks, they are suddenly not interested.

As a new parent, the confusion is inevitable. For teachers, it’s a yearly challenge.

“Is it the book I am choosing?”

“Where did I go wrong in building their reading habits?”

“Are they having difficulty understanding?”

These are some of the few questions we have seen parents ask when their children suddenly hit the reading slump a year into their reading journey. Some even panic when it is right before the children are about to join preschool.

The good news is summer holiday is around the corner. You can bring a new reading challenge to every alternate day of the holiday. Summer calls for a 15-day challenge that could make reading enjoyable for your kids again!

15-Day Reading Challenge For Kids

We crafted this challenge after going through some of the activities children love while reading. This 15-day challenge will dive into those activities until your kid cannot wait for reading hours!

Day 1: 

Create a permanent fort or reading nook. Add some mood lighting to their taste and stack the children’s literature in the nook. Having a relaxing place to read will attract them to the activity. Why not join your kids in the nook?

Day 2: 

Take your kids to the nearby bookstore and let them pick their favorite book.

Day 3: 

Try making reading an adventure! For example, reading in the dark under covers with flashlights on.

Day 4: 

Plan for an immersive storytime where you dress up as the characters and then proceed to storytime.

Day 5: 

Encourage your kid to read aloud in funny accents for each character.

Day 6: 

Take them to a nearby library and teach them the beauty of reading, among others. Yes, as parents, our first concern is “they will get bored.” This is why the library day shouldn’t be more than 30-45 min. Plus, you can try to make it an adventure.

Day 7: 

Introduce them to the wonders of immersive audiobooks with excellent narration. Show them that they have an option when they do not wish to read.

Day 8: 

Download a good illustrated children’s book on your tablet and show it to them. Yes, we know there are better ways to excite them than technology. But it is inevitable! So, better they read an E-book than consume mindless videos.

Day 9: 

Snacks can make any activity 100 times better! Choose the snack carefully since they might develop a habit. Milk and cookies will always be an all-time favorite!

Day 10: 

Today, you will find interesting places to read! Under the table, on the terrace, or at a picnic in the backyard. Let their imaginations run wild!

Day 11: 

Ask them to mimic your storytime with their soft toys! Your child will be super excited with a little sense of autonomy. You can even leave them alone and let them find joy in storytelling all by themselves.

Day 12: 

This may be a little out there, so keep this activity for the weekend! You can allow them to pick their favorite story and build a small Lego city resembling it. They can choose the characters and colors and enjoy the story all over again!

Day 13: 

Kids love to make friends with like-minded people, and as parents, we are always looking for good playmates for them. Why not find another fellow kid who also loves reading and set up a playdate? You can even find online book clubs for children to help them understand they are not alone in their reading expedition. Get them the best free online books for kids to read for these clubs.

Day 14: 

Find real-life inspiration which resembles their favorite stories. Do they love Winnie The Pooh? Plan a visit to the woods! Do they love Harry Potter? Plan a craft day to make wands!

Day 15: 

Ask them about the experience and describe their favorite part.

How To Encourage Them For The Courage!

The challenge is undoubtedly interesting, but a parent’s concern is always the initial excitement. Here is how you can excite them about the challenge.

  • Make it sound like a 15-day adventure!
  • Constantly ask them for recommendations rather than simply hoisting the challenge upon them.
  • If they do not wish to read one day, give them the space to breathe. Afterall, it is not a scheduled task.

Overall, try to keep it interesting!

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