Is Cyberschool a Safe Choice for Your Child?

Cyberschool for Kids

Are you thinking about placing your child in cyberschool? Determining which model of education works best for your child is crucial. Some students perform well in a traditional classroom, while others excel in a learning environment at home.

Cyberschool offers numerous benefits, especially for children where outside forces often disrupt them in a brick-and-mortar class. However, you must consider many factors before enrolling your child in school.

Here’s an exploration to help you decide whether cyberschool is a safe choice for your child.

Factors to Consider When Making Your Decision

Understandably, many families looking into cyberschools may have concerns about the effectiveness of their education. Parents consider the cyber model for various reasons.

Screen Time

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, younger children should limit their screen time to an hour, while older children benefit from limiting screen time to a healthy habit.

However, a cyber environment provides children with quality screen time. It gives students a chance to reflect on their learning. They also enjoy engaging with teachers and find it incredibly interactive since students can participate using a chatbox, a whiteboard and other online tools.

Additionally, students get scheduled breaks throughout the day. Therefore, they have a chance to break away from the screen and stretch their legs when needed.


Many parents consider whether their children receive enough socialization in an online setting. They can rest assured that socialization does still occur between students while remote.

In a virtual classroom environment, peers from various backgrounds — possibly living in different regions — get the opportunity to break the social barriers, connecting with classmates from other communities.

Additionally, students get to make friends with other peers by attending field trips, learning opportunities and outings.

Testing Results

Another major factor that parents consider is the student’s performance in testing. Would they be able to succeed on state-mandated assessments?

The teachers’ experience, support staff, parent dedication and diagnostic tools contribute to a student’s overall success. Diagnostic tools help determine students’ academic needs and support throughout their education.

These points allow cyber students to receive enough support for academic success throughout their schooling career.

Why Should Your Child Attend Online Schooling?

As you consider enrolling your child into cyberschool, you should know how this alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar education offers plenty of advantages.

Firstly, not all pupils have the ability to succeed in a traditional classroom. A cyber class is within a smaller setting. Therefore, teachers can individualize curriculum and instructions for students, making it flexible overall.

Flexible scheduling is one of the many appealing aspects of cyberschool. Students learn at their own pace, which is especially beneficial for families with busy schedules. For instance, parents find remote schooling an excellent fit for their children because they tend to other obligations like sports or family.

Another benefit that cyberschool adds is safety. Students who’ve suffered from bullying are a major reason online schooling is the better option. In fact, some research shows that students experience less bullying when attending a virtual school.

Meanwhile, 19% of students in the U.S. experienced bullying on school property in a 2019 survey reported by the CDC. With all the roughness occurring in schools, cyberschool makes a more desirable choice for parents and children.

Plus, parents don’t have to be concerned about having their children wait for their bus to appear in freezing temperatures. They can gain some peace of mind when their child learns from the safety of their home.

What Makes Your Family a Great Fit for Cyberschool?

If you think cyberschool would make a good choice for your child, here are some essential things to consider when deciding whether it would suit your family.

Parent Commitment

A parent’s commitment is crucial if they want to see their child succeed in this model of academics. In cyberschool, parents or another responsible adult must dedicate their time at home while the student attends school.

Doing so will allow parents to provide academic support while at home. While parent involvement will vary with each grade level, meeting their learning needs is vital. For instance, if you’re a parent of a younger child, they’ll need more direction from parents throughout the school day.

Comfort Level With Technology

Cyberschool requires some familiarity with technology since most learning occurs online. Therefore, parents should ensure they’re computer literate and can set up their devices properly to succeed.

Additionally, parents use email to communicate with teachers, making them responsible for regularly checking it. If you’re uncomfortable using technology, you don’t have to let this deter you.

Virtual schools provide parents with various resources to help their students get started. Students also have orientation, which will help them and their families familiarize themselves with the educational system and technology.

Student Motivation

Before enrolling your child in cyberschool, one last thing to consider is the student’s motivation to learn. It’s critical that your child attends classes regularly and is consistent with scheduling and work.

Students spend most of their time online and attending live classes. Therefore, your child must be able to take on the responsibility of their education, especially as they become more independent. Additionally, teachers will expect your child to participate in class and be proactive in reaching out for guidance.

Some students can shine when using certain techniques to help keep them focused throughout the day. For instance, taking advantage of breaks and setting a daily schedule can benefit your child tremendously.

Cyber Education Can Be a Great Option

While there are several factors to acknowledge when looking at the cyberschool model, online schooling can make a great choice for your child’s education. The main thing is knowing you will benefit from safety and a controlled learning atmosphere.  It will also help them to prepare for future online learning opportunities when deciding where to go to college or university.

However, it’s important to remember that this education model is most suitable for families with motivated, independent children. Therefore, making a list of pros and cons should help you make an informed decision about cyber-education enrollment.

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