The History of Doodle for Google

Doogle for Google

In this article we will explore how Google Doodles originated and what it has evolved into.  We’ll also look at how students school aged K – 12 can now Doodle for Google every year.  The Google Doodle is a creative altering of the Google logo to celebrate holidays, special events and achievements by people – past and present.le

Since the Google logo is made up of the spelling of their name “Google”, the artistic rendition incorporates the letters of their company name. It is featured on their main search page on a growing variety of special days.

To effectively explore the beginnings of Google Doodle, it is helpful for us to take quick look back at the very beginning of Google itself.   Back in the 1990’s when the internet was first evolving, there were only a few search engines. Google was not even one of them until 1998.

The home pages of most search engines did not look as simple as Google did when it launched, which is very much how it looks today. Back in those early year, search engines also provided a lot of other resource links and information on their websites.

When Google Search was born, they simply featured their logo above the search bar.  The rest of their website was and is all white space with just a few resource links.  So, with the focus always being on the Google name contained within their logo, redesigning the logo to commemorate momentous moments in history was easily noticed by users.

The very first Google Doodle was featured back in Google’s infancy as a company in the late 90’s. Over the years, it was used for more and more events including great achievements by people in history.

The first Google Doodles were simple additions to their logo letters, then became more creative in their design.  More recently, the Google Doodle as incorporated animation, videos and even fun games related to the special day Google is celebrating. As well, today’s Google Doodles offer a link to reveal search results related to the day being recognized.

Doodle for Google

Google for Doodle is contest put on by Google that kids can enter.  It’s available to for kids in the United States and other select countries. When Google decides to run the contest they pick a theme and ask students from K-12 to enter their Doodles.  It happens annually in the spring.

Artistic creations by kids and teens are judged according to artistic merit and creativity, which includes how well the doodle fits the assigned theme and incorporates the Google logo. The winner of the Doodle for Google contest will get their drawing featured on Google’s home page.

To learn more, search “Doodle for Google” in the search bar at the top of this website.  If you missed this years deadline to take part in the contest, now’s a great time to start thinking about your idea for a doodle.

If you don’t have too much experience with drawing or coloring, get some practice with simple coloring pages using colored pencils of crayons.  The great thing is you can print as many drawings as you like.

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