Best Web Design Apps and Websites for Students

Best Web Design Apps and Websites for Students

There are thousands of different career options for students but one of the most popular and fastest-growing in the area of web design. Not only are students encouraged through this field to learn technical coding and design skills but they’re also able to develop their creativity by putting together sites that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Students that are interested in web design can check out several different apps and sites along with other web design articles like this one that will allow them to start to hone these important skills even before they hit a major study area in college. Learning to do the basics is as easy as signing up and getting started!

We’ve featured apps that are educational kids.  Here, we explore some of the best web design apps and sites for students so they can start learning and growing in the web design field!


If you’re looking for something that will engage students of any age, even as young as the second grade, Codemoji is a great place to start. As the teacher, you can guide students through the main coding technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that are prevalent in today’s world.

Students can work collaboratively or independently and experiment to learn the ins and outs of each system. The teacher dashboard can help track lessons and progress so each student is shown to grow and mature as they work through the program.

The design elements that you can tinker with are limited to images, videos, and sounds that are inside the program already. But each lesson is taught sequentially and follows along with the traditional core web technologies that run and design our world.


This is a great place to get started coding and designing websites with students in mind! There are both paid and free versions of Weebly available so however, you want to invest is up to you.

Weebly is designed for students aged 6th-12th grade and is a drop-and-click based platform. Students will be able to design and create websites that can be monitored and receive feedback from the teacher or other instructor.

The sites themselves are easy to direct and manage and help teach students the ins and outs of being part of a bigger community. They can safely design and manage their sites through Weebly.


Get any upper-level students coding with Codecademy! The courses and classes offered on Codecademy allow you to start working on technical computer science information, application development, and many other related topics.

Each of the projects offered by Codecademy is a simulated version of a computer engineer’s work environment that will quickly introduce any students to this fast-growing career path with an eyes wide open approach to the work.

Teachers and students can both jump right in and not need to install or download anything with all of the lessons and feedback happening on the interface. There’s both a free to try and a paid version of the site so you can test the waters before investing in the program for your classroom needs.

Adobe Express

Adobe has consistently turned out programs that have made a mark on society and continue to influence the next generation of designers and collaborators. Adobe Express is a flexible design tool that allows you to create and design images, videos, and websites starting in 6th grade!

This is an in-depth design site and app that teachers and students alike can use to create stunning images, videos and sites. The interface is easy to use and teachers can follow along as students design and create. One of the biggest drawbacks is access as your school will need to have the Adobe Suite subscription to access the interface and content therein.


Each of the video lessons in CodeHS is easy to follow so your students and anyone who chooses to use the program will get guided information from real tutors. The video tutor lessons can be accessed by a premium subscription and the tutors are completely accessible with the subscription as well.

All of the aspects of CodeHS are great to teach kids the ins and outs of coding and programming but to access all of the features, you’ll need to get a subscription which can cost you some cash in the long run. The individual aspect of the program is such that students can effectively teach themselves without as much oversight from the instructor or teacher.


The programming on Treehouse is more applicable to high school students or those that have a basis of coding and programming already. Each lesson is self-directed and self-paced so students will be able to work through the issues themselves without as much oversight from the instructor.

The overall program is one of clear instruction, directed by a clean interface that offers focused and clear goals for students. It does require them to be self-motivated when it comes to finishing lessons. If your students are self-starters and motivated to do projects on their own, this is a great site that is hands-off for teachers but effective for students.


When you’re on the lookout for web design apps and sites that are great for students, you want to choose a site that offers great benefits without breaking the bank. If you’re planning to have lots of students use the program, you’d be better off finding money in your budget to go with the full subscriptions so you can access all of the features on whatever site you choose.

Entering into the world of web design and coding is a gateway to a passionate career that will benefit society at large as well as engage the minds of the most curious students. They can search job sites with vacancies to see the types of companies they may be working for.  Starting small with web design apps and sites like these can help students learn the basics of coding before launching on to bigger projects.

Choosing a web design app or site is a great way to add quality skills to your student’s repertoire at an early age without recreating your entire lesson plan or overwhelming students. Get started and engage their curious minds with a whole new way of thinking, as well as helping them discover what they may to choose as a career after they graduate.

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