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The internet offers a wealth of education and opportunity for kids, but many parents worry about the dangerous side of the online world—namely, the opportunity for their kids to stumble across inappropriate content or unsafe websites.

Or a child may unknowingly reveal private information to a stranger. This is where a few all in one parental monitoring apps come in handy. Some of these apps are free, while others employ more parental controls in an app as well as on desktop.

These apps were designed with parents’ concerns in mind to help you keep your kids safe online.

1. Qustodio

Qustodio provides parental controls on all devices, not just phones and tablets. It is the all-in-one parental control app and software with a focus on digital well being, including screen addiction prevention via the setting of time limits and ensuring a better sleep schedule.  Account sign up is free.  In addition to filtering access to online content and monitoring activity on any device, this program allows parents to track calls and SMS for Android devices.   On both iPhones, Androids and tablets, you can locate family members at any time as long as they have their iPhone or Android device. There is also an SOS feature, which enables your kids to instantly notify you of trouble.  

Download for Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, iPhone/iPad, Kindle

2. FamilyTime

This is the app blocker that blocks all those other distracting apps that steal your family time.  It’s parental control at your finger tips that filters the internet, manages content and usage on iPhones, Andriods and tablets. You can set the time limits you want for bedtime usage and during homework time.  Additional features include monitoring your child’s cell phone texts, their contacts, phone logs, all while knowing their location.  In addition to internet browsing restrictions for home use, this app has developed robust controls for schools to ensure kids are protected on all devices in their classrooms.

Download FamilyTime parental controls for Andriod and iOS at home

School administrators, download parental controls for schools

3. Covenant Eyes

This app offers basic monitoring of your kids’ smartphone activity with the added feature of having accountabilities partners to help you stay away from pornographic websites. You can also view your family’s account using the Covenant Eyes parent dashboard and set levels of freedom according to age and times of day.  It idea is that if kids know you are going to get an alert if they visit a bad website, it will give them the freedom to explore online and learn how to make good decisions.  Covenant Eyes has been providing parental controls since before apps where even a thing and today you can download it according to your family needs.

Create your Covenant Eyes account for iOS devices or Android

4. Parentaler

Parentaler is the single download that can handle parental monitoring and filtering of the web for both Apple and Android mobile devices.  You can block websites and specific apps, set usage time limits for each child, and customize age-appropriate settings according to each child’s level of maturity. Of course, all porn is blocked outright, regardless of age.  The geo-fence setting ensures you are notified if one of your kids is not where they should be.  And at any time, you can check their location to see where they are when on route from point A to point B.  Parentaler filters and monitor the web, as well as online social media connections, to give parents peace of mind around the clock.

Download for Android and iPhone

5. KidzSearch Internet Filtering

Sometimes something as simple or harmless as a misspelling can result in a search result gone afoul. Instead of letting your kid use Google.com for searches, KidzSearch automatically filters Google to remove inappropriate content and unsafe websites. It also blocks misspellings of words that could lead a child to a bad website. With this app, your kids can use the internet as they typically would, and the parental filter helps keep them safe. This is the same filtering being used on our website Safe Search Kids, only through an app for mobile devices. Whether on our site or through the app, use of this internet filtering service is free.

Download the KidzSearch App for iOS devices or Android devices

KidzSearch also available on Kindle Fire / Amazon

6. FamiGuard Android Monitoring

This app was designed with a focus on keeping kids safe on Android phones.  It has everything you need to monitor your kids’ Android smartphone activity, viewing phone files, recording and filtering phone calls, to monitoring over 30 apps including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, and more. It’s easy to use and there’s no need to root the target device.  Block bad websites, set time limits and no remotely monitor the current and past location of any family member without detection.  

Download the Parental Control App for Andoird

7. Kaspersky Safe Kids

This app has everything you need to monitor your kids’ smartphone activity, from blocking access to adult content and suspicious search results, to monitoring app usage and setting device screen time limits and GSP location tracking.  Enjoy peace of mind thanks to award-winning parental controls that provide protection for kids both online and offline. The Kaspersky Safe Kids also offers tips from psychologists on how to teach kids about the dangers present online and how to take proper precautions.

Download the Kaspersky Safe Kids app for iOS and Android devices

With a few parental control monitoring apps on your phone, you can always oversee your kids’ online activity. And remember, for these apps to work, you and your kids should have reliable internet access on your phones.

Setting up a hotspot will keep your child connected so you can use these apps and monitor their whereabouts and online searches any time you need.

Consider running a speed test as you’ll want to make sure you get at least 10 Mbps from your internet connection (more if you use a lot of devices in your home).

Once your apps are installed, you can feel more at ease with your kids’ online activity.

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