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Search our article archives. Not to be confused with our safe search tools on the top right of our website, below is where you can search for posted articles on Safe Search Kids. We write about online safety for kids, internet security, education, parenting, early child development, and child well-being.

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Safe Search Kids Article Categories:

One search will show you related articles from all of our categories below.

Social Media Safety:

These are articles written for parents who are seeking resources on how to use social media platforms safely. Educators will also find these posts helpful when having students use social media for school projects. And our younger readers can also learn about how to be safe online when posting pictures and ensuring their privacy settings are strong.

Online Safety for Kids:

This category covers general topics regarding online safety for kids, teens, and parents. The internet is vast wonderland that also comes with plenty of pitfalls. Whether children are seeking out harmful content or simply stumble upon it, safeguards need to be in place for the utmost in protection.


We have a tone of articles related to education that would be of interest to teachers, parents, and administrators alike. These topics can include education about any topic, but mostly this category is catered to the education of students. Articles include early child development, preschool, K-12, homeschooling, and resources for older students ready to head off to college.


One of our most popular article categories, here we focus on any issues that is of interest to parents that is not covered within education or child-wellbeing. Much of our posts or parents touch on many overlapping concepts. Conducting an article search will give you results related to parents that may also be in some of our other categories.


Preschool is a sub-category of our main parenting section and devoted to early child development, helpful resources for parents, and educational topics.


There are two types of bullying. Offline, where the bully and bullying victims always meet fast to face, and computers are not involved. Cyberbullying is often much more invasive and insidious. It can follow the child anywhere they go and incite others to join in. Our bullying articles deal with both types of bullying and how parents and teachers should deal it.


A child’s well-being is an over arching focus of Safe Search Kids. Any article we post touches on the emotional or physical health of children. This category is place for articles that may be especially focused on well0being or of general human interest that can enhance are persons life.

Human Interest:

Without our well-being category are posts that explore our world as humans. These articles may be fun and entertaining, or simply helpful to families, educators, and students who seek to better their lives.

Parental Controls:

Beyond all the things parents can do to protect kids from the dangers of the world wide web, parental controls are software programs that do what humans can. It is not possible for one person to monitor everything at once. Our parental control articles are devoted to helping guardians of children to unitize tools and resources that monitor and control internet access automatically.

Internet Filtering and Security:

Here you will find an exploration of technology behind the safety we all see to protect our families online. It includes software that also protects your phones, tablets, and computers. You’ll find resources, as well as tips, to stay safe through cyber attacks, identity theft, and a lengthy list of online threats.

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