Safe Video Search (Safe YouTube Videos)

Safe Video Search

Here you can search for safe videos from a variety of kid friendly websites. Our safe video search engine delivers filtered and screened videos from a variety of sources including YouTube. You can search for these videos using the safe search tool above.

KidzTube Video Search is designed for kids in grades K-8, however, teens and even adults still enjoy using it. Each safe video included is carefully reviewed by educators for both learning quality, safety, engagement factors, production quality, and other items.

Safe YouTube

Only the “best of the best” videos make it – the most safe videos from YouTube and other video platforms.  This means that anything a child watches will have value to it.

We even take our “fun” videos section seriously in terms of delivering quality wholesome entertainment. This is very different from a typical experience on YouTube or other video sites where just about anything, including very inappropriate “r-rated” or worse videos often surface.

Furthermore, most videos on YouTube are not screened for educational quality, so kids might be learning incorrect facts.

On a near daily basis, videos on KidzTube get submitted by people in the education field that work with us. You can access these videos by using the video search tool at the top of our website. We also have strategic partnerships with some of the best teaching resources, like Khan Academy, to get early access to their content.

Safer Videos

Once a video is approved for inclusion and passes all our tests, we carefully categorize it in the appropriate subjects and subcategories. This helps to ensure better search results and improved related video content during browsing.

Created by KidzSearch, it as has over 30,000 safe video titles and the video library keeps growing each week. After all, kids need to have some fun too as a way of encouraging them to come back and keep learning things in our educational library.

One way we achieve this is by providing reviewed safe videos in areas such as music videos (designed for kids), movies/tv shows for kids, magic tricks, arts/crafts, cute animal videos, quality non-violent cartoons, toy reviews, and sports.

Safe Video subject areas include:

  • English
  • Fine Arts
  • Health
  • Math
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Social Science
  • History and more.

KidzTube is more than a safe YouTube alternative.  Our related videos software carefully mixes relevant educational videos with our fun content to help guide kids towards learning new concepts that they might otherwise never explore. For example, a cartoon that features lasers might have an educational video that talks about how lasers work next to it for viewing.

In addition, you’ll find content dealing with emotional health issues that are very important to kids in our Psychology and Motivational videos section. These videos all teach very important concepts that all children should learn to be better students and to get along better with other kids.

Each and every video on KidzTube has our quality of approval seal on it, so you can be certain that it will be safe, educational, and enjoyable for kids to watch.

Best of all, our content is 100% free to watch and works on desktop, mobile tablets/phones, and in our KidzSearch App available for Android, Apple iOS, and Amazon Kindle devices.

Safe Video Search

Video Search Alternatives

YouTube continues to be the dominate platform and search engine for videos.  We encourage the use of our video search tool to ensure all videos are educational, as well as filtered through a robust screening system to ensure safety. This is idea for schools.

As kids get older, they are going to want to be on YouTube.  Parental monitoring and supervisions by teachers in the classroom will be a key factor in maintaining safety online.  At the very least, set up parental controls for Youtube should your children or students leave our website and search for videos on other video platforms.

One step up in safety when searching for videos is YouTube Kids, which a different app dedicated for kids which has more suitable safer video content for children.

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