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Search terms entered using Safe Search filters explicit material from your search results. Please note that we are not Google. Safe Search Kids is a third party website that implements Google’s SafeSearch resource with additional filtering benefits added to create a stronger custom search engine.

It is important to keep in mind that our website does not block access to the world wide web. It is simply a search filtering tool that guides users in a safe direction as they surf the internet. For additional safety, we recommend Parental Controls.

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About Safe Search Kids

Safe Search Kids is owned and operated by Online World Media. We are educational resource for teachers and parents alike, with a focus on internet safety, parental controls, and child well-being.

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Our offices are in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Our website is hosted on servers in the United States. Searching our articles archives is not to be confused with our internet search tools on the top of our website, which searches the entire internet safely, including Google, images, wiki for kids and safe videos.

If you have been testing our website and want to delete the search terms entered from showing up in the search history, visit how to remove search bar history here.

  • To the best of our ability, we strive to post only articles that adhere to Google’s Helpful Content Guidelines. We also we strive to meet Google’s expectations to deliver E-E-A-T regarding content, delivering Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness.
  • Google’s guidelines also state that we refrain from “mainly summarizing what others have to say without adding much value“.

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Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at 780-417-6898.

Review Our Article Categories:

Social Media Safety: Articles written for parents and educators on how to use social media platforms safely. We also explore topics that promote the well being of children who are connecting with others online.

Online Safety for Kids: General topics regarding online safety to protect kids and teens by educating parents on present issues. This is a broad subject that includes many avenues of exploration that do not specifically fit without our focused categories.

Education: Ideas related to educational topics that would be of interest to teachers, parents, or older students. From Ed Tech to coding, classroom strategies to teaching resources, online learning to, the sky is the limit when seeking the best educational opportunities for students ages K-12 and beyond.

Parenting: Content on any topic related to parenting of school aged kids from K-12. Preschool are a subcategory with a focus on early child development, preparing for school life, parenting resources, and well-being.

Bullying: Any article related to bullying or cyberbullying. The focus is on bullying awareness and strategies to prevent and stop bullying. Guidance given towards healing and harm reduction, from the school yard to social media to harassment situations.

Well-Being: Articles that focus on a child’s well-being if multiple settings. We also cover a wide array of topics that enhance life for all ages. These include an exploration of fun topics that are interesting or educational.

Parental Controls: Resource information to equip parents to protect children online with the use of parental control software and apps. These include as exploration of the many features that go into the creation of effective monitoring tools, as well as ways to teach kids how to use the internet responsibly.

Internet Security and Safety: A focus on technology that protects devices from cybercriminals, as well as the adults and children who use those devices. We cover security resources, while providing education about how one can protect their personal data. Topics include identity theft, online fraud, and protection from malware and personal hacking attacks.

Educational videos are embedded in our articles are hosted on either Vimeo or YouTube.

A Brief History of Safe Search Kids

Safe Search Kids was created in 2009. We launched our first website design in September of the same year, just in time for the school year. Originally, it was a simple website that only provided Google SafeSearch through their Custom Search Engine Program. Our search filtering was limited and since those early days we have employed the power of a custom API that ensures strict filtering of the web.

The popularity of our website grew and over the years we went through many designs. The goal was to do more than providing only search tools. To be frank, the simplicity of our website did not comply well with Google’s growing standard for high quality content. This propelled us to begin providing resources for parents and educators. Today, this is primarily achieved through our multiple articles in a variety of relevant categories. We continue to offer safe search features and is used by hundreds of schools and households worldwide.

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