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Search terms entered using Safe Search filters explicit material from your search results. Please note that we are not Google. Safe Search Kids is a third party website that implements Google’s SafeSearch resource with additional filtering benefits added to create a stronger custom search engine.

It is important to keep in mind that our website does not block access to the world wide web. It is simply a search filtering tool that guides users in a safe direction as they surf the internet. For additional safety, we recommend Parental Control Software.

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About Us

Safe Search Kids is owned and operated by Online World Media.  We are parenting website and an educational resource for teachers and parents alike, with a focus on child wellbeing.  Explore our various categories in our right column.  Our offices are in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Our website is hosted on servers in the United States.  Searching our website using the search bar at the bottom of any article is not to be confused with our internet search tools on the top, which searches the entire internet safely, including Google, images, wiki for kids and safe videos.

If you have been testing our website and want to delete the search terms entered from showing up in the search history, visit how to remove search bar history here.

  • We screen all content on our website using AI tools to ensure that article posts are 100% original and not paraphrased from other articles without proper research to simply pass a plagiarism test. This is also related to Google’s quality guidelines to not rehash the same ole content repeatedly without adding real value for our readers throughout our categories listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Images on our website are provided by depositphotos.com.  Educational videos embedded within our articles can be also found at vimeo.com

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Please take the time to review our categories:

  • Social Media Safety – Articles written for kids or parents (or both) about how to use social media platforms safely.
  • Online Safety for Kids – General topics regarding online safety for kids, teens, and parents.
  • Education – Ideas related to educational topics that would be of interest to teachers and parents.
  • Parenting – Topics of any topic directed at parents of school aged kids including teens.  Preschool articles are related to early child development and educational topics only.
  • Bullying – Any articles related to bullying or cyberbullying written for kids, parents, or educators.
  • Interesting Stuff – Articles for kids that are fun, interesting and teach kids how to be a concerned global citizen.
  • Parental Controls – Tools and Resource information to equip parents with parental control software and apps.
  • Internet Filtering & Security – Exploration of technology regarding online safety, as well as safety tips for any tech that is connected to the internet.

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