3 Benefits to Adding Rooftop Gardens to Elementary Schools

Benefits to Adding Rooftop Gardens to Elementary Schools

Ensuring the children we watch over have the best education in grade school is essential for their future, and adding a rooftop garden will help our efforts. Read on to learn more about the benefits of adding rooftop gardens to elementary schools and how they will sprout opportunities for growth among our children.

Convenient Outdoor Activities

Children need outdoor activities to help them stay active and burn energy to prevent them from feeling antsy in the classroom. However, recess may be a ways away, and having a place to visit outside but close to the building’s interior will make it a convenient place for outdoor activities.

Consider adding a rooftop garden to the school for kids to have an outdoor space that’s interactive and interesting. The garden will become a favorite spot for children to visit since it’s outside anhttps://www.safesearchkids.com/benefits-to-adding-rooftop-gardens-to-elementary-schools/d has greenery that adds life to the space. The children will also have an activity that allows them to use their energy constructively if they tend to the garden.

Use as much of the roof’s space as possible for a wider area where students may walk around and see numerous plants. Make sure protective barriers are in place around the perimeter to keep children away from the roof’s edges. You could activate the fifth façade by designing the rooftop with high-performance materials, providing a more visually appealing yet sturdy barrier that surrounds the garden and keeps the kids safe.

Natural Learning Opportunities

The life science behind growing plants is valuable for children to learn. Biology, botany, ecology, environmental sciences, and Earth studies are some possible subjects kids could learn from interacting with the garden.

Planting a garden together is a fun way to teach kids about nature; tending to it teaches them how plants and vegetation grow and inspire them to develop an interest in our environment. Consider learning opportunities focused on rooftop plants to teach children about certain science chapters.

Visual examples that kids may learn from, such as growing violets, will help them learn new lessons easier. You could add the lessons to your teaching plan for an interesting portion of your Spring curriculum.

A Positive Impact on Children

Exposing young students to positive influences will help them develop a positive mindset. A benefit of adding a rooftop garden to elementary schools is its positive effect on children. Kids will have a better time focusing on feeling calm among the plants.

Children who feel stressed in the classroom will enjoy a break in the garden—they’ll see the stillness of the plants and hear the quiet sounds outside and mirror them. Once they return inside, they’ll feel more attentive and willing to listen and learn, especially in lessons related to the garden.

Gardens are wonderful installations and make an excellent addition to elementary schools. Advocate for a rooftop garden for your kids and help them benefit from some extra greenery on their school grounds if you’re an educator, parent, or someone involved in children’s education. Their time in the garden will last for years to come.

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