Converting Image to Text and It’s Benefits in Education

Converting Image to Text and It's Benefits in Education

Using images with text is an excellent way to an engage learners. The text on the images makes the subject matter more appealing for viewers and increases comprehension.  Now, what if you want to copy the text out of an image and save it to notes or make changes to the text?  Or you may want to extract the text and share it with others.

In these situations, retyping the text takes a lot of time and effort. But if you use an online photo to text converter you will have the text within seconds effortlessly. Converters use OCR technology to make the conversion happen.

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

OCR is the main technology that works on advanced algorithms and extracts text from images. The workings of the OCR technology relies upon artificial intelligence. It has the ability to recognize the characters written on images and keeps their position remembered. In education, teachers and students often need to convert images to text for creating documents or when converting the handwritten text into digital text that can be edited on a computer.

Many image converters are available on the internet that can transform any image into text.  You you can look for a free utility that lets you perform an accurate conversion with the help of the OCR.  Simply navigate to The Online Converter to know how the image to text conversion proceeds with an online OCR converter.

Now, let’s review some of the additional options available when working with images or any pictures to convert the words to editable text.

Batch Converting Image to Text:

Most online image to text converters support batch processing. With the help of this feature, teachers and students can extract the text from multiple pictures in a single process.

OCR in Multiple Formats:

Some converters also provide the facility to download the extracted text from PDF’s, scanned documents.  You can also extract text from multiple image formats.

Enhance Visual Clarity of Information:

Often when you download the converted image the text available on it becomes a little blurry and more difficult to read.  In this kind of situation you can get the assistance of an online image converter that will perform the conversion and provide you with clear readable and editable text.

Provides Editable Text:

Suppose you have an image containing text and you need to make the changes in the text. Modifying the text with photo editors may not work for you. OCR technology offers a simple solution to extract text from images and working with it in editable form.

Image to Text Example

Example of Converting an Image to Text

After converting the image, we were able to download a text file to edit or copy and paste the words:

Text on images makes learning more fun!
Here we have written text on an image.
See how these words are changed to typed text
after uploading this image and clicking ‘convert’

What We Have Learned:

  • When wanting to save the text from the image it is tedious and time consuming to type it manually, even more so when there are multiple images within the lesson.  There is also more potential for type oh’s.   OCR (Optical Character Recognition) saves times and prevents typing errors.  You simply need to copy and paste the converted text.
  • The Online Converter is a free tool that quickly extracts the text from an image to give you editable text in multiple format options.  Options include batch converting of multiple images all at once.
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