Fun & Creative Ways to Teach Kids to Read

Teaching Kids to read

Learning how to read can be a tedious developmental process. Every child learns at a different pace and in a variety of ways. The goal is to not only teach the skills necessary to get through school, but to also instill a desire to keep reading for life. This is why it’s important to discover ways to make reading captivating.

So, how does a parent or teacher install a passion for reading in every child? What are the methods to help them pay attention and remain interested? Below are five fun and creative ways to help teach your kids to read while making every step along the journey engaging.

1. Use Nursery Rhymes and Kids’ Songs

Nursery rhymes and kids’ songs are a lot of fun, and their rhythm and rhyme enable children to hear syllables and sounds in words, which is a good way of learning to read. Phonemic awareness is an important ability required in learning. It entails being in unison when singing and clapping rhythmically together. Such bonding and playful activities are fantastic ways for children to grow their literacy skills that are the building blocks to developing successful reading habits.

2. Displaying Words and Letters in Class and their rooms at Home

Kids are naturally inquisitive. By displaying different letters and words around in class and their bedrooms, they’ll be encouraged to ask you questions about those words. By doing so, they’ll be learning without realizing it. You can also try labeling objects in a classroom and rooms such as doors, windows, tables, and chairs. Or placing words like ‘black,’ ‘red’ and ‘blue’ with the font’s color matching the word. This can especially help the reading skills of boys and help all kids to learn by associating words with what they see.

3. Reading Together Daily and asking Questions

There are many skills children can acquire just by reading the stories out loud. First, they learn the art of sounding out words. Second, you’ll be helping them develop major comprehension skills, expand their vocabulary as well as give them a chance to know what fluent reading is like. But most importantly, regular reading drives your child to enjoy reading. Strengthen your kids’ comprehension skills simply by asking them questions when reading. Use pictures to encourage younger kids to engage and ask older kids questions that are a little bit more complex.

4.  Playing Decoding Games

Decoding is simply sounding out words. Once your kid learns the letter’s sound or the sounds of different groups of letters, they can start to put words together. Learning how to decode is a very crucial stage of learning to read, preparing them for higher subject levels in school. This is because the more a student can decode words, the quicker they can automatically identify different words. You can make the decoding lessons fun by incorporating simple games.

5.  Word Search Bingo

As earlier mentioned, reading to kids out loud helps to develop their listening and language skills while preparing them to figure out written words. Nevertheless, some kids have difficulty sitting still and focusing while listening to the reader; therefore, you need to find a way of keeping them engaged in reading. One such way is by creating bingo games.  Hand out paper sheets to your students containing words from the text you are reading. Ask your students to circle the words on their list that they hear you reading, and in the end, talk about these words.

Developing a Love for Reading

Another way to instill a reading culture in your young children is to simply lead by example. It’s been said that kids ultimately develop their life long habits by doing what you do, not necessarily by what you say. Younger kids imitate their parent’s actions. What better way to teach the importance of reading than to have them to see you reading on a regular basis.

It begins at a younger age by taking the time to read with them everyday. Let them pick out the books they want. Make it fun. As they get old enough to read on their own, carve out time throughout the week for them to read their own books while you read yours. Do it together. You’ll not only be instilling a love for reading early on and guiding them towards reading success, you’ll be creating quality time together.

Other ways to encourage reading would be by registering your kids at centers for early learning. To find a reputable early learning center near you, search the internet for valuable venues and resources.

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