Why Lean Six Sigma Certification is a must-have for career growth

Lean Six Sigma

Six sigma has enabled large corporations like Google, Amazon, and Wipro to grow significantly. Six sigma is no longer simply associated with manufacturing companies. Enrolling in a lean six sigma course can help in various industries like finance, healthcare, hospitality, etc.

Obtaining your lean six sigma certification will ensure you gain the essential skills to begin your six sigma career.  For those new to these terms, Six Sigma focuses on reducing process variation and enhancing process control.  Lean Six Stigma includes a focus on driving out waste and promotes work standardization and flow.

Let’s check out the benefits of lean six sigma to understand why it’s important for accelerate your  career goals.

1.   Gain an advantage over other applicants

Employers get hundreds of applications for different positions, but they only select certified professionals. Since lean six sigma certification is globally recognized, you will gain an edge in the competition. The certification will prove to employers that you have the relevant skills and experience to improve business operations. Your application will stand out from inexperienced professionals and will make you closer to landing your dream job.

2.   High salary opportunities

Before taking up any position, you must negotiate the salary and other perks. A lean six sigma course will ensure you can stay on top of your bargaining game at the negotiation table. You will see a significant gap between your salary and non-certified professionals.

The salary potential will continue to increase as more businesses warm up to the lean six sigma methodology. Moreover, your salary will increase according to the different levels of the certification. For instance, an individual with six sigma black belt certification will have an average annual salary of $1,06,000 in the US.

3.   Obtain real-world experience

One of the major benefits of a six sigma course is that you learn how to apply the acquired skills. The course will allow you to work on a real-world improvement project with mentoring and support. Additionally, you will become an expert at managing lean projects and implementing process improvements across types of businesses.

4.   Help improve organizational efficiency

All companies following the lean six sigma methodology desire to improve their organizational efficiency. The methodology ensures that all employees are on the same page and are focused on identifying bottlenecks in the process as the process enables companies to produce more with minimal effort, efficiency, and profitability increase.

Team members collaborate better by following the six sigma principles, and employers notice higher productivity and morale. Customers begin receiving products faster with proper measurement of quality standards, which can lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Lean six sigma certified professionals are a major win for employees, customers, and the organization.

5.   Transform into a leader and influencer

Similar to all project management tools, leading a team and managing stakeholders is crucial for lean six sigma certified professionals to succeed. Besides the methods and tools, lean six sigma certification is also about managing change, improving project quality, and producing more efficient work.

A lean six sigma online bootcamp ensures that you can easily manage change and handle your team members. You can improve your leadership capability by better understanding team dynamics and change management.

Furthermore, the lean six sigma certification offers you better analytical skills to assess and handle change. You will be able to ensure that your team members have an improved sense of responsibility and ownership for their projects and work. Applying the lean tools and methodology will ensure you have a greater influence on your team members.

6.   Streamline systems and processes

Lean Thinking - The Principles of Lean Six Sigma

Due to the growing complexities in businesses, improving processes and systems has become crucial. By making systems and processes more effective and efficient, the lean six sigma methodology can help businesses. The certification ensures you become familiar with all the tools and techniques required for effective change management.

The lean six sigma course will teach you to spot improvement opportunities, build execution plans, and track progress. You will also learn to maintain effective communication with stakeholders for guaranteed buy-ins from different levels of the organization.

7.   Solve complex problems

The lean six sigma methodology is based on continuous improvement to drive more customer value. The only way to ensure continuous improvement is by easily solving complex problems. The lean technique enables you to improve your thinking skills. The course is a blend of theory and real-world practice to solve problems with a structured learning approach.

8.   Reduce errors and mistakes

Once you get into leadership roles, you must constantly improve your team. The different techniques from a lean six sigma course make it easy for you to handle the errors and mistakes of your team. For instance, you can map out the steps of a process to determine where mistakes are highly likely. Identifying these areas will help prevent errors from taking place again.

9.   Enhance organizational culture

Managers trained in the lean six sigma online bootcamp can create a healthier, happier, and more productive work environment. The skills imparted during the course will ensure you develop a firm grasp of change and quality management. You will become more efficient at identifying and removing roadblocks that prevent the productivity and efficiency of teams.

You can create a work environment conducive to employees by applying lean six sigma principles. A culture of continuous improvement will ensure that managers can motivate employees to work toward fulfilling a shared goal. Organizations adopting the lean six sigma methodology ensure you can enhance employee productivity and satisfaction.

Final Words

A lean six sigma online bootcamp can help you build a robust career in quality management. The live classes delivered by leading experts from Simplilearn will ensure you gain in-depth knowledge of change management. You will also get to work on a capstone project to gain real-world experience.

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