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Welcome to Safe Search for Kids

Safe Search for Kids is the child friendly search engine where safe search is always ‘on’.

The safe browsing feature on this website overrides your computer search settings to help remove potentially explicit material when searching Google. No changes are made to your computer or your browser settings. Safe search happens automatically and is powered by Google.

When you make Safe Search Kids your home page, or at the very least bookmark it for kids to use from within any browser, you can be sure that strict filtering, as determined by Google, is always active. Using our search tool at the top of this page also works for schools to ensure safety on every computer in your school. This is important for those educational institutions who do not have internet filtering software on their school server. It also provides a fun and colorful environment for kids to search the internet using any chosen browser.

By no means does using this site do away with basic common sense about online safety. This isn’t the same world it was even 15 years ago.  You don’t even need a computer to go online! Kids can connect on hand held devices including a tablet, digital reader or video game system.  Technology is consistently evolving. The internet is a regular part of your child’s daily life and routine. So how can you keep children safe online?

Parental Controls

Just about every device includes the ability to block, restrict, limit, or allow access to various features using a pin or password. The weakest parental control features are usually sufficient for younger children, yet most teenagers can easily bypass the best parental control features to access restricted content.  So it’s very important that parents don’t treat Google SafeSearch as a babysitter. It is simply an additional tool to assist those overseeing the supervision of kids, including teachers. For complete filtering you should explore internet filtering software which also provide anti-virus protection.

There may be many threats out there, but the most common problem with children and the internet is actually when kids spend too much time online. Too much screen time, period, is unhealthy. So the best “parental controls” are to restrict the total time spend each day on the computer, video games, or watching TV.  After that, become familiar with the threats and the opportunities where threats may present themselves. From filtering search engines (to filter inappropriate results) to monitoring social interaction online, the best approach to internet safety is to stay positive and proactive.

This website does not replace parental or teacher supervision. No safe search engine is perfect, so you may want to consider additional protection with security software beyond this free internet filter. Much of internet safety is about common sense. Having an open conversation with kids is important to setting up agreed upon guidelines when accessing in the internet. The older kids get, the more responsibility they earn and greater freedoms are given online.

This of course does not mean that parental supervision goes by the way side. No search filtering tool or software security program can replace safe parental controls and practices online, no matter the age of the user.

Unfortunately, many kids are left unattended to browse the internet as they see fit. This often can because parents and guardians have wishful thinking about what kind of troubles awaiting anyone who connects to the internet. There can be the mentality that “it won’t happen to my kids” that offers up a false sense of security.

From viewing harmful material through a search engine’s results, to protecting kids on social media, proactive vigilance and ‘fail safes’ are necessary to make sure
children and teens are not lead down a path to unsafe and unsecured practices online.

Google Safe Browsing for Kids

Part of embracing technology as an important part of this generation is accepting that (a) there may be threats but (b) that’s not all the internet is! Google safe search filtering is only a start to protecting kids online.

Your parents used to worry about you talking to strangers, or walking home from school. The world was different, but there are always things for parents to worry about when it comes to their children. With proper supervision and guidance, the internet can be a safe place full of learning and opportunity for all ages.

In a nutshell, you should be aware. You should be educated. You should not be worried as long as you do your part. Children under 13 should never use the internet without adult supervision. Teens should have strict rules regarding social media and internet usage. Parents should monitor how teens are using social media and revoke access to the privilege of internet use if it is being abused.

Here are are few of our articles that deal with internet safety for everyone concerned, including kids themselves, parents and teachers:

Internet Safety Strategies:

About Google SafeSearch

Normally, to turn on safe search you need to make changes within the preferences of Google’s search setting. From within these preferences, you will find three search filtering levels: Off / Moderate / Strict. The default security settings on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox browsers are moderate (or mid-level) which does not filter out most inappropriate images from search results. However, Safe Search for Kids is designed to over ride default browser settings to provide ‘strict search filtering’ and prevent inappropriate images, as well as text, from displaying in results.

You can also lock Google Safe Search on your computer if you have a Google account, such as Gmail. Once safe search is locked within your browser, no one but yourself can turn it off. It’s a little more involved than just changing the browser preferences. To be clear, searches conducted from this page ensure filtered results.

In regards to kids internet safety, another important factor to consider is the use of multiple browsers. Increasing search filtering within the preferences on Internet Explorer will not implement those changes in Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  This is another benefit to make our site your home page, because regardless of your browser or operating platform, using Safe Search Kids will ensure strict Google filtering is always activated. We also remove images from appearing beside text search results, no matter how innocent, as an added precaution.

About Filtering Search Results: Safe search filters out explicit material and blocks profane words. It does not however filter out neutral words or educational material on certain matters that may not be suitable for young children. The goal is to hinder kids from accidentally stumbling across illicit material. We cannot guarantee that suggestive material will not show up in search results. It simply allows kids to safely surf the web with a much lower risk of accidentally seeing illicit material.

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This website is not endorsed by, nor is it directly affiliated with Google. We provide search results with safe search activated in accordance with Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) polices.