Google for Kids

Google has been providing SafeSearch resources for years, including the search tool on this website. It’s a way for Google Kids to do research more safely thanks to filtered results on search terms. Search results using Safe Search Kids are the same as when using Google’s main website but with SafeSearch automatically activated for all search terms entered.

Additional Google safe search engines you may be interested in using include Google Safe Images.

How Google Search for Kids Works

You can actually set Google safe search on any browser. However, there are more steps involved than if you simply use this website. Manual implementation of safe filtering means that you will need to also lock the feature using a Google account if you do not want it turned off. There is also a risk of Google search filtering inadvertently being turned off by accident. If you have a classroom of students, or a number of computers in your home, you will need to lock safe search on every computer individually, as well as on every browser that may be accessed by each individual user.

The solution to easy activation of safe search is to use our Google filtering tool on Safe Search Kids. SafeSearch is locked for every search term and there is no way to turn it off. You may be thinking – “Can’t kids just go to and search from their site”?  It’s true, but we are not proposing Google Search for Kids as a replacement for computer security and complete internet filtering on your computer. For that, you will need to consider internet security software solutions.

This site is to be used in conjunction with common sense supervision of kids. The younger the child, the more safe guards you will want to put in place to protect them against harmful material online. The older they get, the more responsibility you will entrust to them within reason

Lock Google Safe Search Instantly at Home or In Your School

Regardless of the age, parents and educators agree there should always be some form of strict safe guards in place. Internet safety is also about building values for safe life long behavior online within a secure learning environment.

Internet Safety to Help Protect Google Kids Online

- Do not allow computers or laptops in the room of kids or teens. Computer should be in an open area of the home.

- Do not allow computer use when supervising adults are not at home. Restrict the use of computers at night after supervising adults have gone to bed.

- Restrict the use of smart phones and tablets to open areas of the home. If an agreement between the child and parent has been made about the use of these devices in their bedrooms, implement strict guidelines about keeping the door open and restrict use after parents have gone to bed.

- Educate yourself on social media safety, including posting pictures online.  Read our articles geared toward both parents and for teens.

- Keep the lines of communication open at all times to discuss the various aspects of internet safety and the use of Google for kids. Be open to learn and work together on agreed upon guidelines.

Explore more detailed common sense values in our Internet Safety Tips for Kids.

Internet Filtering vs Safe Search

Google Safe Search for Kids, as featured on this site, can only go so far in blocking content. It is a great tool when you make this site your homepage when search Google.  For additional safety, consider internet filtering software with parental controls to block specific content and teach accountability.

To recap, this Google for Kids website is an easy to implement tool to deliver safe search results on Google. Make it your kids home page as an alternative to Google’s main site. This is valuable for individual home use as well as in a school classroom. Explore Safe Learning Resources for Kids!

When using this site, Safe Search is always active and locked with the added bonus that we do not display Google Ads. Also, learn about safe online research using Wikipedia for Kids, providing access to safe articles on the Simple Edition of Wikipedia for Kids.

Safe Search Kids: Trusted by teachers, used by schools across the country and around the world.
This website is not endorsed by, nor is it directly affiliated with Google. We provide search results with safe search activated in accordance with Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) polices.