Kids Search Engines

We started Safe Search for Kids in order to bring awareness to Google’s Safe Search tool. Most people do not know that the default setting on your computer is set to “moderate safe filtering” when using Google’s regular home page. Moderate Safe Search only filters out images, not text.

To set search filtering on your computer to the most strict filtering for young children and teens, you need to change the setting on every computer you own or purchase internet security software. In the case of a school, this is very difficult.

However, when you have your kids at home or students in school conduct their searches on Google SafeSearch for Kids, you can be sure that Google safe search is always set to the highest level of security for safe browsing.

Please be advised that no safe search engine should replace the supervision of a parent or teacher when it comes to children browsing the internet. Bookmarking Safe Search Kids is only the beginning to creating a safety and security online for kids of all ages. Explore internet safety tips or kids and consider the use of internet security software for additional filtering and safety online.

Kids search engines are not flawless. Therefore, always be mindful of parental or teacher supervision using this free internet filter. It is simply a tool to make search for for kid safer than when the setting is on ‘moderate’ (the default setting for most computers is ‘moderate’ which is for image filtering only).

About Kids Search Engines: The search tool above delivers safe search results by Google. No search engine is perfect and those who desire complete security and filtering often install security sofware with blocking features. These sofware programs include parental controls that can be set according to the age of the child.

When it comes to kids search engines, Google is one of the only search engines that provides a safe search filtering over top of their main results. Learn more about safe browsing. Online safety for kids does not stop at filtering web results. A search engine can only go so far. You may also wish to consider other resources including filtering software.

Internet Safety with Search Filtering

Parents and teachers must be vigilant in order to protect their families online.  We recommend various resources and tools to assist you in making sure family internet safety is not an overwhelming task.

The first step is to make sure that if your kids are conducting searches online, use Safe Search Kids and rest assured that SafeSearch is always activated. The search boxes on any page of our site overrides your own computers and delivers filtered results – even if safe search is set to OFF in your personal preferences.  This includes filtering on any browser and on any operating system.

We also encourage you to take part in our mission to improve upon Google SafeSearch and build the world’s safest search engine.  This is done by submitting to us further websites that should be removed from search results through our contact page.

It’s important to note that no search engine filtering is perfect. This is why we also recommend that you consider researching internet security software and follow basic internet safety tips for kids.  Safe Eyes is a trusted name in the online safety market.  It works to filter web search and monitor social media sites with full parental controls.

And for instant access to our website, including Google Safe Search, Wikipedia for Kids with Safe Search activated. Safe Search can also be active in schools to ensure that all search terms are filtered on every computer simply through the use of our website. Learn more about how to keep your family safe on the internet – read about Kids Internet Safety.

Using this website guarantees search filtering by Google is always on.  It is a free internet filter that ensures strict filtering regardless of your computer’s filtering settings.

Apart from installing software, ensure internet safety at home and in your school, use Safe Search Kids to lock safe search on your computer for multiple searches and multiple computers at once.  This is automatic even if your computer’s personal preferences are set to Google’s default moderate filtering.

Safe Search Kids: Trusted by teachers, used by schools across the country and around the world.
This website is not endorsed by, nor is it directly affiliated with Google. We provide search results with safe search activated in accordance with Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) polices.