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Safe Search Kids is powered by Google to deliver strict internet filtering.

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Safe Search Kids delivers safe images, powered by Google.

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Safe Search Kids delivers safe wiki articles for kids and teens.

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Search for safe filtered videos from a variety of trusted sources.

Best Parental Control App

best parental control app

You don’t have to be a computer savvy parent to begin making sure your child is searching the internet from a properly filtered safe search engine. We have additional filtering of Google that blocks all bad content in your kids search results.  It’s a good start, but the best parental control apps are also recommended to keep kids protected from the broad variety of threats online.

Apart from Google search, even if using a internet filtering app, kids searching the web without parental control software installed will be able to go directly to any website that one of their friends may have told them about. There are also social media concerns, such as cyberbullying, online predators or inappropriate images.

And what about harmful texts, such as the sending of personal photos that are best kept private? What about the innocuous threats, including spending too much time playing video games? A search engine cannot control all of these issues. It takes a software application for complete safety online.

Parental Control App for iPhone, Android, Fire, Chrome

A comprehensive solution for complete online safety is software that Filters and Monitors all aspects of online activity for kids. It provides an easy to use app or access from and computer dashboard that gives parents peace of mind knowing their children are protected online.

Net Nanny by Contact Watch is the #1 Rated Parental Control Software program since 1998.  Their most recent version for 2020 is out and enables you to Monitor and Control all Online Activity on their App! View Features & Download Options

Software solutions make it easier for parents to take control of their kid’s activities online, maintain their kid’s safety, manage their kid’s screen time, as well as manage their own time more effectively so that they can continue to do what they do best: Parent.

Effective Parental Controls include:

  • Web filtering including keyword and phrase filtering.
  • Application Filtering (Blocking apps by category, name or age-rating).
  • Monitor and manage users real-time activity.
  • Centralized management of multiple computers, lap tops and mobile devices, including iPhones, Android and Amazon (Kindle Fire).
  • Time management and daily scheduling.

Parents and guardians will also enjoy a slew of product enhancements, including:

  • Chat filtering.
  • Security options to block system changes on computer.
  • Alert notifications by email or text, such as when new apps are installed.
  • Invisible / stealth operation.
  • Real-time tracking of users whereabouts and whether they are online or not..
Download the #1 Trusted Parental Control Software

When it comes to maintaining the safety and innocence of children, the Internet isn’t just a search engine anymore. So many other elements are at needed in an effort to keep kids safe online. Not to mention, the more time parents spend managing screen time restrictions, social media friends, texting and photos – the less time parents have to focus on building a stronger relationship with their child. 

Parental Control Software becomes the “bad guy” monitoring activity. While is blocks bad content, it also puts the onus on your child to be responsible for what they do online. You only get a bad report if they try to do something harmful online.

It’s not enough to just turn on safe search. Parental Control Apps help parents adjust to the new reality. It not only ensures that kids stay safe, monitoring software can help build character in kids to make the right decisions on the internet.

As a parent, you no longer have to play the “guessing game” as to what their kid searches for online, who their friends are, and whether they are actually studying for that history project or just killing time playing games.

Do you Know? (Internet Use by Kids)

Do you know what your kids are looking at online? 41% of U.S. teens say that their parents have no idea…

Do you know how often your kids frequent social networking sites? According to the Norton Online Living report, 76% of U.S. teens ages 13-17 are “constantly” or “frequently” visiting social networking sites.

Do you know if your child has been contacted online by a stranger? 16% of U.S. children have been approached online by a stranger. Is your child one of them?

What is YOUR Internet Monitoring Strategy?

You can rely on the search engines or safe search apps for filtering services, but they are not designed to include social media or screen time monitoring. Another option is to join other parents who have partnered up with software combined with ways to help teach kids online responsibility and accountability.

Do More With the Power of Software..

  • Discover how much easier it can be to have a parental control app controlling internet access for every user in your home according to their age.
  • Enjoy reduced stress no longer having to hunch over your child’s shoulder monitoring their online activity or asking for their phone to search for bad apps.
  • Parental focus and peace of mind can be restored knowing that full control is within your fingertips via an app or on any computer.

Learn more about the best Parental Control App!

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