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Google Research Infographic

There are better was to refine your Google research for any topic you may be seeking.  Google is a powerful search tool but most web surfers (kids and adults alike) do not know how to properly refine their search results to quickly find exactly what we’re looking for.

For students doing research, not knowing how to search Google effectively can lead kids and teens of any age down a convoluted rabbit hole. Let’s be honest, search engines are designed to do more than find trivial information.  Proper research on Google means digging deep to find the best information, not only the most popular.

Sure, if you want to find information about a celebrity you just “Google It”, but think about all the other information on the web that we don’t even know is there. Important information that can fuel research on many interesting topics.

While the early days of the internet didn’t even have highly developed search engines, it didn’t take long for developers to see the need for much more sophisticated search technology.  As you’ll see in this infographic below, Google research is much more than just entering a few keywords.

Review this Step by Step Guide to streamline your research results on Google!

Get More Out of Google

Although it wasn’t the first search engine in existence, Google spent a lot of time and money creating a better way to access quickly the expanding world wide web. Even with our Google SafeSearch filtering, the more mouse clicks a person has to make in order to find what they are looking for, the higher the risk of landing on a website with inappropriate content… not to mention the time wasted and confusion causes when attempting to compile information.

Google was launched September 4, 1998. That’s over 20 years ago. Since that day there is a lot more information to be found online. Some of this information exists on reputable websites. It has properly researched and verified. On the other hand, much information is down right false.

It has never been more important to learn how to focus search results search engines like Google. These techniques were created to help you dig deep for information in a safe manner by filtering out unrelated websites.

Do you like cool and informative info graphics like this one? Here’s another one to help kids, parents and teachers alike to explore what it means to get STEM education.

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