How to get better aim in Apex Legends

How to get better aim in Apex Legends

Nobody would want to stay stagnant at any activity; the same applies to gamers. In a shooter game like Apex legends, it is important to win. However, a major determinant of your winning chances is the precision and accuracy of your shots.

So in this article, we will be presenting some tips that, if applied, will boost your aiming and shot precision. You will also find some valuable hacks for your Apex Legend games at So do well to get some ready before your next match.

How to get better aiming in Apex Legends

1.    Embrace the firing range

The firing range provides a less threatening environment that allows you to practice with several elements. For example, you can practice with your crosshair to get the best placements for close-range and long-range fights in the range. Also, the range can serve as a good warm-up arena before you go into an actual match.

2.    The 3D aim trainer helps.

The 3D aim trainer is an external platform that you can use to upgrade your aiming. On the website, you get to select any legend, weapons, and scope of your choice. You can then choose to play in either the Zombie survival or the 1v1 mode.

Also, you can sign up if you want to participate in assessments that will help you to track your improvement. This option also teaches you to get better at the game and doesn’t require payment of any sort. Better still, there is a mobile app that can be used on both android and IOS devices.

3.    Practice with your friends

Having some of your friends around makes your practice time more fun. Thankfully, you can practice in the range with your friends. So we recommend friendly matches with some of your friends; make sure you enable the friendly fire option. This allows you guys to engage in friendly 1v1 fights. These fights help you to fine-tune your reaction time and aim better.

4.    Learn different recoil patterns

Different guns in Apex legends have different recoils. Therefore you must have an idea of the recoil pattern of your favorite weapons. Take some time to study the different recoils and practice mouse movements that will keep your crosshair on your enemy for long.

5.    Interchange ADSing and hip firing appropriately.

ADSing and hip firing are two different techniques that have their pros and cons. ADS can be a good boost to your accuracy, but it adversely affects your field of view in a huge way. In addition to that, you have restricted movement, making it a bad move during close-range fights.

So, when you’re caught in close-range fights, use hip-firing instead of ADSing. It makes it easier for you to make controlled movements while tracking your enemies.

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6.    Consistently maintain your crosshair at head level

Many players get into the habit of just shooting generally in the direction of the enemy. This is bad since you may only end up alerting the enemy of your position without hitting him. Be deliberate about delivering headshots for maximum damage.

Shooting at the body delivers less damage, with the least damages done with shots to the legs. However, it will end up wasting your ammo and might keep you there till other enemies come to the scene. So make it a habit always to keep your crosshair at head level. This should also apply when you are strafing to make some unanticipated shots.

7.    Customize your settings

The default settings of many games will not always favor all players. This is why you should take some time to customize some of the game settings before going full swing. Therefore, a critical setting you should adjust is your mouse sensitivity.

Making it high makes you make twitchy movements with the least accuracy. Spend some of your time in the practice range to make adjustments to suit your playstyle.


A lot of players still suck at their aiming for the singular that they don’t practice consistently. Now that we’ve shared these tips put them to heart. What’s more important is that you stay consistent in practicing these tips till you have a firm grasp of them. Remember, settings are important to adjust, and recoil is important to master.

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