Online Coding Classes for Kids or Learn at Own Pace with Courses

Online Coding Classes and Courses for Kids

There are two primary ways kids can learn how to code. 1) Enroll in an online coding class created just for kids. 2) Kids of any age can learn at their own pace while playing a coding game. In either case, these coding courses teach kids how to code while having fun. There will continued to be a demand worldwide for students who are educated in IT (Information Technology).

This need is expected to only increase in coming years. That doesn’t mean that kids need to be thinking about a career in tech to truly benefit from an online coding class. You may have a child who is simply interested how computers work. You may have a family member that spends a lot of time playing video games and you want ensure some of that screen time is educational.

Whether or not a child is gifted in science or STEM subjects in school, coding classes and courses for kids are designed for children of any skill level to discover whether this is a path they want to explore. Coding is also a great introduction for children to other educational focuses regarding computational thinking, which explores many aspects of problem solving and how kids can use these skills to understand how everything works in the world, not just computers and math.

All teaching is designed to ensure any age group can grasp basic coding concepts. Any knowledge gained can only help kids succeed in school regardless of their chosen profession when they graduate.

How Kids can Learn Coding Easily while Having Fun

Register now for coding classes that provide live online teaching. There are also a variety of AP computer science books and courses online that guide a child through the basics of coding without a live teacher. Both experiences instruct kids how to code as they move through games they may already be playing normally.

Here are the options for kids to learn coding;

  1. View available times for Online Coding Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions.
  2. Or learn at your own pace with a variety of Online Coding Courses.

A few reasons why parents are encouraging their kids to learn coding.

  • Coding through fun games is a great opportunity to see if your younger child is interested in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
  • Classes and courses provide an educational process that can be enjoyed while kids are playing games online.
  • Parents may want their kids to learn coding skills to supplement what they may not being getting in school.
  • Coding lessons can be an excellent program addition for home schoolers or kids taking virtual classes.

Parents may have kids who enjoy playing a lot of video games. The challenge for any parent is limiting screen time when a child is only asking for more hours of play per day. Giving your son or daughter an extra hour of online play devoted to a coding game is the perfect compromise for many.

  • Children doing very well in school may not be challenged enough with their current studies.
  • Kids may have a keen interest in STEM already and are open to expanding their learning.

Something for Every Age: Self paced coding courses are provided for kids as early as 5 years old. Online coding classes can be taken as early as kindergarten.

Types of Coding Languages for Beginners

Block-based coding is an excellent ways for kids to get started.  It consists of dragging and dropping colorful components. This engaging method is fun for kids and helps them learn the basics without writing text.  After they are comfortable with blocks, instructors can introduce text-based coding.  This includes the basics of writing lines of code.

Together, block-based programming and text-based coding is more easily grasped as kids begin to understand how everything ties together to create something new.  With proper set-by step instruction, it’s possible for kids to learn more complex coding languages, such as;

Python – the programming language that reads like normal speech.

Ruby – the most readable syntax for beginner programmers.

Scratch – when introduced to kids who have a proper foundation of the basics, Scratch is fairly easy for children to learn.  It’s important because it’s they will be more than likely be using it in some capacity for the rest of their lives.

Java – while more difficult, teaching Java to beginners will make learning any language easier for kids.

C++ – this language make turn off some beginners to the world of coding because it’s very similar to math.  While it can expand a new coders world, instruction on this type of coding might turn of some beginners off.  However, once the basic fundamentals of programming are understood, C++ is very beneficial to those who decide to progress in their programming knowledge.

There are many different coding languages. Equipping a young children and teens with multiple options as they expand their expertise and knowledge can only serve to help them find what they enjoy best.  Other languages include Blockly, Alice, Lua, Go,Twine, Swift Playgrounds and Ruby.

The Benefits of Online Classes

You can sign you child up for small online classes or choose one on one training.  Both of these class options involve live teaching. Kids will learn creative coding, game design, Minecraft modelling, Javascript and Python. All classes begin by kids learning the basics of easy block-based coding. See available online coding classes!

The Benefits of Self-Paced Online Courses

Courses are based on a monthly subscription and allow kids to code their way while they play the type of game they like. Self-paced coding courses are recommended according to the following age groups; 5 – 7 | 8 – 13 | 14 and up. They will learn block coding, python, website development and more! The upside of these games is that kids can play and learn on their own time. Explore online coding courses!

Is Coding Right for Your Kids?

No one can argue that any type of computer skill will offer a valuable educational benefit as kids advance through their grades. If your child loves spending time online, whether gaming or on social media, coding for kids education is an easy way to transition from online play time towards online learning time. The latter of which can be equality as fun as kids learn.

If your child is a book warm and doesn’t like computers much, it will be more of a challenge to engage them in the subjects associated with technology. Whether it’s part of a school curriculum or home schooling, live coding classes or monthly subscription based courses offer a way for educators and parents to make a child’s introduction to coding fun.

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