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YouTube Parental Controls

We are now happy to introduce new YouTube safe video filtering.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  The search box at the top of this page is for regular Google SafeSearch, NOT video search.

Read details below about how to implement parental controls on YouTube, or use the link below for filtered video search.

safe-youtube-search-for-kidsTry ‘Safe Video’ Search!

Search tools that protect kids can only go so far. Read about parental control software.

How to Activate Parental Controls When Searching Directly on

After many requests from parents and educators, YouTube now has parental controls so you can implement YouTube Safe Search in your browser when searching from  In the past, you could only turn on safe search for Google’s regular search results to ensure safe browsing or by using this site to conduct all searches.

To implement the Parental Controls for YouTube, go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page….

You will see a reference to Safety Mode and it will say OFF...

Click the Off button to access Parental Control to turn on YouTube Safe Search.

Likewise, if you want to turn YouTube Safe Search Off, click the bottom what will now say “On”…

Locking YouTube Safe Search

As you will see, it’s very easy to turn safe search on and off. Therefore, you may want to lock it in order to ensure it is always activated for all family members.

To Lock the Parental Control for YouTube, you will need a Google account. To open a free Google account, go to and click “Sign In” in the top right hand corner of their main website. You will then see the option to create a new account.

Now return to YouTube and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the safety mode link as shown above.

After selecting the “On” button, you will see an option to Lock Safe Search…

YouTube Parental Controls

Select “Save and lock Safety Mode on this browser”. You will then be required to sign in to your Google account if you have not already done so.

Once Safe Search for YouTube video search is Locked, you can now log out of your account. Unlocking safety mode on YouTube will require you to log into your account. This guarantees that no one else can deactivate the safety setting.

best tablets for kidsImportant: If you have more than one browser on your computer, you will need to follow these steps for each browser. Below is a video that walks you through the process of implementing YouTube Parental Controls that were just explained.

Consider using internet filtering software with full parental controls to block access to bad areas of the internet. At the very least, use our safe video search tool.

Watch this Video for Step By Step Instructions to Lock YouTube Safe Search

For Safe Search results from our main search engine Click Here.

For instant filtering on YouTube visit Safe YouTube Video Search.

About SafeSearch for Google’s Main Search Results at the top of this page: To use Google SafeSearch, make Safe Search Kids you home page or bookmark it to ensure strict filtering is always set to the highest level of security. Google has long provided a safe search tool for kids. Recently, YouTube has also implemented a safe search tool from their main website. Instructions are noted below. To automatically have us filtering videos for you, Go to Safe Video Search for Kids!

This article is about locking YouTube to filter out inappropriate videos for children. To make sure you properly ensuring safe search for your kids when searching on Google as a free internet filter, use our website at home and in schools.

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This website is not endorsed by, nor is it directly affiliated with Google. We provide search results with safe search activated in accordance with Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) polices.