10 Engaging DIY Crafts for Kids to Spark Creativity

10 Engaging DIY Crafts for Kids to Spark Creativity

Crafting is an interesting way to kill time and overcome boredom among adults, children, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. They also create treasured family time and encourages a break from their phone screens.  There are plenty of easy crafts ideas you can do at home with no special materials required.

Here is our list of 10 fun crafts with step-by-step instructions that uses simple and cheap products you may already have in the house. This type of creative crafting also presents the opportunity to reuse things that typically end up as waste and convert them into valuable artifacts.

Creative and Fun DIY Crafts Ideas

From colorful paper projects to unique recycled art, these kid-friendly DIY ideas are sure to inspire hours of creative fun.  So let’s begin!

1. Retro Photo Frame

Collect the following materials:  cardboard or thick paper, scissors, craft glue or glue stick, markers or crayons, decorative materials (stickers, sequins, or buttons), and printed photo that should fit the frame you create.

  • Choose one of the cardboard shapes to be the front of the frame.
  • Measure and mark an opening slightly smaller than your printed photo in the center of this shape.
  • Decorate the front of the frame using markers, crayons or decorative materials.
  • Place the printed photo behind the window on the decorated cardboard shape. Adjust it until it’s positioned correctly.
  • Secure the photo in place using craft glue or a glue stick. Make sure the photo is centered within the window.
  • Apply glue along the edges of the decorated cardboard shape (front of the frame).
  • Carefully place the second cardboard shape (back of the frame) on top, aligning it with the front piece.

Before you begin, decide if your frame will be a rectangle or square. It will depend on what works with your picture. To create the retro appearance for your photo, convert image to black and white.

2.  Origami Frogs

Begin with a square piece of paper, colored or plain.

  • Fold the paper diagonally to create a triangle, then unfold it.
  • Fold the top edge to meet the center crease, forming a smaller triangle.
  • Fold the two upper corners towards the center, shaping the frog’s head.
  • Fold the bottom edge up, ensuring the frog’s legs remain aligned.
  • Fold the legs downward, creating a 90-degree angle.

Flip it over, and your origami frog is complete. Pressing down on its back will make it hop.

3.  Rocket Craft for Kids

For this craft your need materials like empty toilet paper rolls, colored paper, glue, scissors, and markers.

  • Cut the colored paper to wrap around the toilet paper roll.
  • Decorating the roll as desired.
  • Attach a paper cone to the top for the rocket’s nose and fins at the bottom for stability.
  • Add details like windows and flames using markers.
  • Kids can personalize their rockets with paint, stickers, or glitter.

Whether or not they play with the rocket of put it on display in their bedroom, it’s ideas like this that help kids to dream big!

4.  Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Gather two empty toilet paper rolls, colored paper, glue, scissors, and string.

  • Cover the rolls with colored paper.
  • Decorate them as desired.
  • Join the rolls side by side, leaving a small gap in between.
  • Attach a piece of string to both ends for a neck strap.
  • Decorate binoculars with stickers, paint, or markers.

This is a fun craft idea that show kids how easy it is to make things they can also play with. It’s activities like these that enhance child development.

5.  Patriotic Tin Can Windsock

Begin by gathering a clean, empty tin can, paint (choose colors), paintbrushes, a hole punch, ribbons, and string.

  • Paint the tin can in patriotic colors and allow it to dry.
  • Punch holes around the bottom rim of the can.
  • Attach ribbons of varying lengths to these holes.
  • Thread a string through the top for hanging.

This windsock not only showcases your patriotism but also adds a touch of charm to your outdoor decor. It’s a simple, eco-friendly craft for celebrating national holidays and occasions.

6.  Yarn Wall Hang

Gather a wooden dowel or a tree branch, yarn in your chosen colors, scissors, and a ruler.

  • Start by cutting yarn pieces to your desired length; they will form the hang’s fringe.
  • Fold each piece in half and loop it around the dowel, pulling the ends through the loop to secure it.
  • Repeat this process with various yarn colors and lengths until you achieve your desired look.
  • Trim the fringe evenly and add extra yarn for hanging.

Transforming yarn into a vibrant tapestry adds warmth and character to any space, intertwining creativity with décor.

7.  Quilled Art

Creating quilled art is a captivating craft. You’ll need quilling paper strips, a quilling tool, glue, and a quilling board or template.

  • Start by rolling a paper strip tightly around the quilling tool to create a coil.
  • Slide it off and allow it to loosen slightly, forming a circle.
  • Use the quilling tool to shape and manipulate the coils into various designs like flowers, animals, or abstract patterns.
  • Secure the shapes with a dab of glue.
  • Arrange and layer them on a quilling board or template to craft your design.

This delicate and versatile art form lets you explore endless possibilities for unique, handmade creations.

8.  Snow Globe

For this craft you’ll need a clean, empty glass jar with a tight-sealing lid, distilled water, glycerin, a waterproof figurine or decoration, and glitter.

  • Begin by securing the chosen figurine to the inside of the jar lid using waterproof glue.
  • Fill the jar almost to the top with distilled water, leaving a small gap.
  • Add a few drops of glycerin to the water; this helps the glitter fall slowly.
  • Sprinkle in the desired amount of glitter and stir gently.
  • Seal the lid tightly, ensuring there are no leaks.

Turn your jar upside down, and voilà, you have a magical snow globe!

9.  Folding Popsicle Stick Fan

Gather popsicle sticks, paint or markers, glue, and a piece of ribbon or string.

  • First, paint or decorate the popsicle sticks in your preferred colors and let them dry.
  • Once dry, line up the sticks side by side, ensuring they’re close together.
  • Glue a ribbon or string across the bottom of the sticks to hold them in place.
  • Next, flip the sticks over and apply glue to the top of each stick.
  • Place another ribbon or string on top, then fold the fan in half.

When it’s dry, you’ll have a charming, functional fan perfect for hot days.

10.  Treasure Jewel Magnets

It is both fun and simple to make. All you need for this craft are some basic supplies:

  • wooden circles
  • acrylic paint in jewel tones
  • a paint tray
  • sponge or paint brushes
  • craft jewels
  • Jewel-It glue
  • small circle magnets
  • a hot glue gun

Once these items are gathered, it is easy to paint the wooden circles with beautiful jewel colors and affix the craft jewels. Finally, attach the magnets to the back of the processes with the hot glue gun to create your jewel magnets.

We hope you found this list of DIY craft ideas helpful to inspire creative while having fun. They get adults and kids alike off their screens and engage their minds to stretch their imagination.

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