Encouraging Young Readers to Enjoy Their Favorite Hobby Safely

Encouraging Young Readers to Enjoy Their Favorite Hobby Safely

Parent survey data shows that more than 50% of American families* have less than 50 books in their homes, including children’s books. Moreover, over 8,000 elementary schools don’t have a school library—and the majority of teachers say that cost is the major obstacle to building a well-stocked library.

If you are lucky enough to have a child who is passionate about reading, ensuring they have an array of safe books to enjoy is only the first step. How can you encourage your child to make reading a daily priority, so that their brains and imagination can grow?

Turning Reading into a Family Affair

Best-selling author, Stephen King, often recalls how everyone in his family used to take turns reading, thus upping the fun factor and turning reading into a crucial bonding activity. Choose a book that everyone can get something different out of. Classics like Tolkien’s The Hobbit or E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web are universally enjoyed by readers of all ages. Moreover, by joining in on the activity, parents can ensure that their child is spending time on age-appropriate books.

Using Safe Search Kids to Find New Material

Many children enjoy having the freedom to select their own reading. While parents should always have a look at their children’s chosen material to ensure it is appropriate, children can use Safe Search Kids to delve more deeply into the subjects that fascinate them. They will also find a host of handy tips on how to deal with online challenges like cyberbullying. They will learn how to negotiate their way through a myriad of apps while protecting their privacy and being aware of the permanence of digital footprints.

Having Books in Various Spaces in Your Home

An important way to boost your child’s interest in books is to make safe, entertaining reading material available in various spaces in your home. Your child’s bedroom is a great place to start, but it is also a good idea to have at least a small shelf (or wall shelves) in common areas like the living room, entertainment room, and patio. Some kids even enjoy reading in the bathroom, so make sure there is always a good short story, poem, or article to pick up.

Creating a Magical Reading Space

Children who enjoy reading by themselves or having a little “me time” may enjoy having a private “cave” or tent where they can immerse themselves in classic stories. Cheap and cheerful ideas include creating a blanket tent in your living room and decorating it with fairy lights, soft cushions to sit on, and soft, warm throws. If you have a tent, you can set it up in your backyard during the day and entice children with a garden picnic.

Children who already love reading have a big head start, since reading is a key skill for academic success. To foster this hobby, there are numerous strategies that parents can take. They can make reading a family activity, teach them how to use Safe Search, provide them with books throughout the home, and help to create personal reading spaces for independent readers.

*Source – National Children’s Reading Habits Study.

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