7 Fun and Simple Online Resources to Help Kids Understand Fractions

Fractions are a fundamental aspect of math that all children should learn early on.  Not only does understanding fractions form the basis for more advanced concepts like ratios, percentages, and algebra, which children should learn as they get older. Learning about these concepts also helps in everyday situations.

For instance, knowing how many pieces a cake can be divided into can be helpful to determine how large a cake should be baked. Fractions are also necessary for working out money and times, such as understanding the value of a quarter of a dollar or knowing what half an hour means.

There are all sorts of things that children need to learn as they grow older, which is why it’s a good idea to introduce kids to the concept of fractions from an early age.

Furthermore, knowing how to work with fractions fosters logical thinking and problem-solving skills. It also encourages kids to think about numbers relationally rather than just in isolation.

It’s far more than math alone. It’s about preparing kids for the realistic application of mathematics in real-life situations.

Thankfully, there are a number of online resources that make understanding fractions fun and simple for kids. However, some are better than others.

Therefore, you should take note of the seven following reputable sites. One of them is sure to be the ideal platform for your kids to understand fractions.

1.   Smartick

Let’s begin with one of the best online resources that help kids to learn math in a fun and simple manner.

Smartick is a world-class online math and coding platform for children between the ages of four and fourteen. On the site, kids can learn things like multiplying fractions with ease.

Furthermore, Smartick’s novel approach to education, in which kids study for only fifteen minutes each day and engage in interactive tutorials and guided exercises without help from parents, strengthens the children’s self-confidence, as well as knowledge, to help them develop a positive attitude toward math.

Also, Smartick uses artificial intelligence to design personalized sessions for each child, allowing them to stay motivated and learn at their own pace.

2.   Math Games

Math Games is an interactive website where kids, from pre-kindergarten age to Grade 8, can learn a variety of math skills.

Children in some grades have the opportunity to learn about fractions through fun games. They can learn things like identifying the fractions of shapes, adding and subtracting two fractions, and identifying them up to tenths.

3.   CoolMath4Kids

A variety of fun fraction-related activities for kids can be found on the online CoolMath4Kids platform. Children, up to Grade 8, can learn the basics about what fractions actually are. They can also learn specifics, such as improper, equivalent, and simplifying fractions.

4.   SplashLearn

Another engaging site for kids’ math activities, which includes fraction exercises, is SplashLearn. The site makes learning fractions effortless, entertaining, and engaging, through a variety of games.

Children will be able to grasp the concept of fractions in various ways, such as understanding them as portions of a whole unit, through number lines, and by partitioning numbers into identical segments.

5.   Math Is Fun

The Math Is Fun website simplifies math for kids and makes the process enjoyable. It includes a lot of basic information on fractions, such as how to add, subtract, and divide fractions.

6.   AdaptedMind Math

AdaptedMind Math offers math lessons that are tailored for kids of different ages, including fun and simple lessons about fractions. Youngsters can learn about things like mixed numbers, decimals, and adding and subtracting fractions.

7.   Sheppard Software

Lastly, Sheppard Software is an interactive learning site that makes learning fun and simple for children. It includes a section dedicated to fractions.

Kids will particularly enjoy playing the fun fractions number line game Animal Rescue!, which helps children to learn about concept through number lines and adorable cartoon animals!

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