How to Protect Children from the Dark Web

How to Protect Children from the Dark Web

The dark web is often mystified by internet users. While it mainly contains various non-indexed sites, there is a possibility to stumble across illegal services, shady shops, and explicit content. There are no dark web regulations, so the place is crawling with various cyber threats.

You need special software and tools to access this part of the internet, but curious children might find a way there. And it’s 100% not the right place for kids.

Safety Beyond the Surface: safeguarding children from the dark web

If you’re a parent, sleeping easy at night means nothing should be left to chance when it comes to our kids.  In this article, we’ll go beyond the surface and understand the risks children face, explaining what the dark web is and the dangers that lurk in the shadows. Moreover, we’ll provide some measures to protect your children from the dark web and make their online experience safer.

What is the dark web?

The dark web is a place on the internet that you can’t reach through regular search engines. It contains non-indexed pages that you can only access with anonymity-friendly Tor or similar software. As it is pretty confidential and unrestricted, it became a breeding ground for various illegal activities, including selling drugs, weapons, stolen data, counterfeit goods, and hacking tools. For that reason, it’s totally not a safe place for children.

What is the main risk on the dark web for children?

The Dark Web is notorious for its association with illegal activities. In addition, there are other things that may harm your children and their devices:

Exposure to explicit and illicit content

  • Due to its nature, the dark web is filled with age-inappropriate and often illegal content. Unintentionally, teens and kids may stumble across violent or pornographic videos and images.

Child exploitation and trafficking

  • As it is quite anonymous, malicious actors are more likely to roam freely and take advantage of unsuspecting kids. Children can become targets for grooming, exploitation, and abuse by predators operating on the Dark Web.

Cyberbullying and harassment

  • No one monitors activities on the dark web, so kids may be targeted and harassed. That can lead to emotional distress and psychological harm.

Access to illegal substances and dangerous materials

  • There are plenty of marketplaces that sell drugs, medication, guns, and illegal services. That can lead to the temptation of accessing such substances, posing risks to their physical and mental well-being.

Hacking and identity theft

  • Malicious actors, viruses, and other harmful things constantly lurk on the dark web. Kids can share sensitive data unknowingly. That could lead to financial losses, identity theft, and terrible safety breaches.

Measures for safeguarding children from the dark web

Below, you’ll find the way and online safety measures to help you safeguard your children in the digital world.

Safeguarding children from the dark web.

Teach kids about the dangers of the dark web.

The best way to circumvent dark web threats is to educate your children about it. Explain the importance of responsible online behavior and the significance of avoiding suspicious websites or engaging in illicit activities.

Additionally, teaching critical thinking skills is essential. Help them figure out how to identify and verify the credibility of online sources. Plus, point out the main characteristics of potential scams or phishing attempts. Not to mention foster a sense of skepticism and empower them to make informed decisions online.

Lastly, highlight the importance of the correct privacy settings. Let them know how to limit the visibility of personal information. Tell them about the potential dangers of sharing information on the dark web. 

Monitor online activities

Even if you do educate your children about the dangers of the dark web, their curiosity might get the best of them. Thus, they can wander off into the danger zone. For that reason, there are a few things that you can do.

For starters, you can keep an eye on your kids’ digital activities. However, it’s important to do so without invading their privacy excessively. You can check their browsing history, social media activities, and any changes in their behavior or attitude.

Furthermore, you can utilize parental controls. They will help you filter, monitor, and restrict children’s online activities in the worst-case scenario. These tools can prohibit access to potentially harmful websites and limit exposure to explicit content. Not to mention, some parental control applications can restrict malicious downloads and transactions.

Implement the right security tools

One more thing you can do to protect your children from the dangers of the dark web is to set up the right security software. In case they end up on the dark web, these applications will prevent various digital calamities.

Firstly, you should check out password managers. They will keep your children’s passwords organized and secure. Moreover, these tools can create hard-to-crack passwords so that malicious actors can’t have easy access to personal accounts. And don’t forget to teach your kids not to share their passwords with anyone!

In addition, a reliable VPN can help your children circumvent digital dangers on the dark web. A virtual private network will encrypt data, hide the IP address, and spoof location. That way, even if something bad happens, hackers won’t be able to crack sensitive information easily. Not to mention, top-tier VPN providers offer apps for all major operating systems. For example, you can get a reliable free VPN for iPhone to safeguard your kids’ phones.

As the dark web is full of malware, antivirus software is a must-have. It will monitor, detect, and obliterate any threats. Moreover, it can block access to known malicious websites, including those on the Dark Web. This helps prevent accidental exposure to harmful content.


The dark web is certainly not a place for children to explore. There are plenty of sites that contain malware, age-inappropriate content, and even predators. As responsible adults, we must take precautions and safeguard children against the dark web and its dangers. Therefore, we must educate kids on cybersecurity matters. On top of that, we should provide them with the right tools to ensure their digital safety.

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