How to Track Your Child’s Text Messages

How to Track Text Messages

Many facets of parenting have certainly changed over the years. On one hand, children are increasingly preoccupied with their smartphones and this includes having direct contact with friends at all hours. On the positive side, cellphones allow parents to keep in constant contact with their kids no matter where they are.

With great tools for learning and communication comes added responsibility for the child and parents. This includes at home and as well as cell phone use in school.  It’s important to have regular conversations in order to keep the relationship open. This builds trust on both sides. However, a parent may still feel the need to monitor their child’s computer activity. This has become standard practice for good parenting, but what about phone use?

Now it’s possible to read your child’s text messages without accessing their phone and it’s free of charge. Cocospy has one of the best free text message tracking software on the planet. To be able to track your child’s text messages you should;

Create a free account

It is good to know that before you can be able to enjoy the tracking services of this fantastic tracking app, you need to secure an account. That is because; your account will allow you back-end access to your tracking dashboard where you can view various options and set up you tracking according to your needs. When signing up you are only required to provide necessary personal information, password, and then you are good to go.

Download the app

After signing up for a cocospy, you can now download the app and access it. The reason why you will want to make sure that you download the app is that it is the only way through which you can be able to get the tracking link, and thus read text messages from another phone.

Remember that cocospy does not need you to download the app or install it on the target phone. What happens is that after you have entered the required details about the targeted phone, you are provided with a unique text tracking link to be used on the target phone.

By clicking the link, you shall have initiated the tracking process. It is therefore recommended that after installing the tracker using the link, you get rid of the text message because the user might be able to use it to access the tracker which can result in misleading information.

Get to tracking

After signing up for an account and activating your tracking, you should be able to see all the incoming and outgoing text messages. You need to know that you can regulate how often you need the message updates. However, you should understand that the higher the update rates, the more battery power your phone will consume because it means that the app will be running most of the time.

Other benefits of text message tracking

Other than tracking what your children are chatting about, text message tracking can be used for different things. However, it is imperative to ensure that before you monitor someone’s messages that you are not breaking the law. Text message tracking has been used by couples who are extra protective and would do anything to ensure that their relationship is built on trust.

Also, some employers have been using text message tracking software to monitor their employees. Remember that there is some top secret information that should never be shared with your competitor.  This tool is also valuable in protecting children against cyberbullies.

tracking text messages

However, some employees cannot resist a little bribe; hence, it is better not to take chances or else; you may risk shutting down your business. However, tracking your employees are only allowed in countries where the law agrees.


Children text a lot compared to how much they call each other, that is why you always need to ensure that you know everyone they chat to and what they are talking about. The good thing is that these kids only text their closest friends and people you trust; hence, it is much easier to tell the kind of things that they take much interest in. It is also good to know that text messaging still exposes the young one to more serious risks like predators and cyberbullying.

However, by tracking their chats, you should be able to stop any suspicious activity at the beginning. Remember that cyberbullying, and child predators need enough time before they can become full-blown, and the results start showing.

Learn about ways to also limit your child’s cell phone usage.

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