Simple Online Calculators

Online Calculators

After students have learned how to proper math on paper and in their head, online calculators can assist in higher grades when doing complex calculations and equations. Calculators also come in handy to check work done, such as when working our percentages and fractions.

Here you’ll find a variety of simple online calculators to help solve multiple mathematical problems.

Simple Easy to Use Basic Calculator

We first will start with the basic online calculator for adding, subtracting and dividing. Basic calculators also provide MC (Memory Clear), MR (Memory Recall), MS (Memory Store), M+ and M- to add or subtract the displayed number to or from memory.

The Percentage Change Calculator

Calculate the percentage increase or decrease of any number. This also works to find out the percentage of cost savings from an original price to a lower one.

The Cubic Yards Calculator

Building or creating something. This calculator gives you the answer to cubic yards of material needed. It only works with rectangular shapes.

The Cubic Meters Calculator

Determine the cubic meters of materiel needed for your rectangular project.

The Statistics Calculator

Computer stats on any number variables with the click of a mouse.

Remember, calculators should only be used to figure out difficult math after you have learned how to do math using only your brain. It’s also a good idea to keep up on your math skills sharp throughout life. Here are some tools to help you do complex math equations.

The Fraction Calculator

Fraction Calculator

Decimal to Fraction Calculator

Fraction to Decimal Calculator

The Percentage to Fraction Calculator

Percent to Fraction Calculator

Percentage of a Percentage Calculator

The Ratio Calculator

Ratio Calculator

Convert Lengths

The Square Root Calculator

Square Root Calculator

Limit Calculation

Many students find limit calculation difficult. Fortunately, we found this resource which is not only a limit calculator, it also shows you how to solve limited step by step.

Free Fall Calculator

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Learn these tricks on how to work with very large numbers.

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