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Tips For Parents Assisting Kids With Online Learning

Tips For Parents Assisting Kids With Online Learning

The sudden transition into remote work can be stressful on the student. 76% of students feel in lower spirits than before the pandemic, having caused nearly 9 in 10 parents to be concerned that their child may fall academically. However, teachers and parents can work together to help students minimize their distractions and improve their remote learning.

Worldwide, at least 90% of students are stuck at home due to COVID-19, and most need tech access to participate in online learning. However, technology can also divert the student’s attention away from curriculum during eLearning hours. Disabling phone notifications and turning on “do not disturb” mode can help. A step further, Apple’s “screen time” and Android’s “focus mode” can help limit distractions. Screen time allows users to set time limits on specific apps and features, and focus mode allows users to block access to specific apps on a set schedule. 

Setting a new life schedule can be helpful, too. It’s easy to let normal schedules slip when everyone is home, but you don’t have to keep your old schedule to have a consistent routine. Students with schedules built around a type of activity rather than specific plan may have greater success in improving their focus. Furthermore, a schedule with announced transitions to keep your child engaged when switching tasks. Give time warnings before a transition, and stick to them. Get your child’s attention, give directions, then say “go.” Using a visual timer can help your child understand how much time is left before switching gears. Try the “Time Timer app” for this.

When learning is fun, it’s easy to get kids engaged. Schedule virtual playdates for your child to catch up with friends, let students collaborate and help each other with school work through digital, and keep in touch with other parents to share ideas on what works. Find more tips to enhance home learning in the infographic below.

Tips for Online Learning at Home