6 Physical Indoor Games Your Kids Can Play at Home

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Keeping children active has become somewhat of a challenge nowadays. Everywhere you look, you may find a child sitting with a device in hand, no longer running and playing like in the old days. Another concern is that living spaces are becoming smaller by the minute as parents struggle to afford large houses with gardens.

People became painfully aware of how small their living quarters were during the pandemic.  Children need physical activity to strengthen their bodies and minds. And being able to play some fun games at home to do just that may be the perfect solution for parents.

Here are some indoor games your kids can play at home that could improve their physical health and more:

1. Do-It-Yourself Obstacle Course

The simplest things in life could turn out to be the best, as in the case of a roll of tape and string. These two uninteresting items could quickly turn a hallway into an obstacle course of note. Just tape some line in place from one wall to the other and watch the kids have hours of fun.

All major muscle groups are involved in navigating through the obstacles, and of all of them, the core muscles could get a great workout. The movement of the head in all directions could assist the body’s sense of balance to develop too.

This helpful site may have similar activities to try at home, and the valuable fitness information should spark even more ideas for the whole family.

 2. Rolling With The Nose

Crawling can be therapeutic and rehabilitative to the body and brain. The core muscles play a crucial role in supporting the body, and it makes sense to include many activities daily that’d promote this muscle group.

Children love to have races of any kind, and including some physical activity while doing it could give their wellness a significant boost. Tape a start and finish line on the floor, give each child a tennis ball that they need to push to the finish line with their nose, and watch the action unfold.

There’ll be belly laughs for sure with this easy and fun physical activity. Everyone will soon see that crawling isn’t an activity reserved for babies only.

 3. Making Chores Fun

Ever wish you could have some help around the house? Why not give the kids some chores to do for the day while blasting some fun tunes to dance through them!

Doing chores usually wouldn’t get children excited, but the health benefits they get from doing them are incredible. Heavy work activities like pushing, pulling, and carrying could build muscle mass and develop their tactical sense. Focus on making it fun and dance the day away together.

4. Indoor Skating

Speaking of chores, a game that could be added to the fun day could be indoor skating. Get the children to skate around the room using old rags or dryer sheets, and you’ll have a perfectly polished floor as quickly as saying snap.

The skating motion is a great way to exercise the leg muscles and get them off the couch for more productive activity.

 5. ‘The Floor Is Lava’

This game is more than a funny trend on social media as it has health benefits. Put some cushions on the floor or tape some paper rocks in place for children to move over. Focus and attention are developed by finding the best route from one side of the room to the other while their bodies get a workout from stretching and reaching for that next safe spot.

 6. Bean Bag Toss

These versatile bags are easy to make at home with around 30 grams of dry rice, corn, or wheat sewn in-between two patches of fabric around 2 inches on all sides. Because they’re relatively harmless to home décor, the bags can easily be tossed around the room for various activities.

Improve upper body coordination and grip of the hand muscles by including this activity at home. Give children a target like a bucket to aim for and see how many bean bags they can successfully toss to the other end of the room.

Fine motor control of the hand muscles is necessary for their development and academic success. Without these tiny muscles and the coordination of their shoulders and arms, children would struggle to hold a pencil, let alone write.

 Bringing It Home

Physical activities don’t have to be a bore, and they can be fun for all ages. Instead of being couch potatoes, kids can get up and get their daily exercise and have fun while being at home. Mix it up by having a different activity each day, and children will never even notice that they’re getting a workout!

We’ve discussed indoor games at home.  Now, explore games kids can play in your backyard on a trampoline.

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