Fun Trampoline Games That Benefits Your Kids

Trampoline Games for Kids

Keeping kids physically active for better growth and development is a continual challenge for parents. Luckily, there are a variety of options to occupy kids with activities that are also beneficial.  Among those options, trampolines are unique. And with fun trampoline games kids can be entertained for hours.

The benefits of trampoline games are great in number. But parents have to assure safety before allowing their kids to jump on a trampoline. In the following section, we will explore the necessities of trampolines along with the top game formats and safety procedures. Let’s get into it.

Benefits of fun trampoline games for kids

Trampoline games are great to entertain kids while ensuring numerous health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits before we list our 9 fun trampoline games.

Benefits Cardiovascular System

Just 10 minutes of jumping on the trampoline increases a child’s heart rate, resulting in muscle strength and cardiovascular improvement. That means your kids are not merely jumping, they are giving their heart a great workout with even thinking about it.

Improves Energy Levels

When kids are bouncing high in the air, they are carrying more oxygen with the bloodstream throughout the body. This extra oxygen powers up their overall energy levels and keeps them healthy.

Cheers the Minds

Generally, kids love bouncing. They get great fun from it. And while they are bouncing on the trampoline, oxygen flow increases. This increased oxygen assures the release of mood-enhancing endorphins.

Boosts Confidence

While jumping on a trampoline, kids try to reach higher and higher with each jump. They practice various tricks and moves on the jumping mat. All these activities enhance their confidence significantly.

Enhances Motor Skill & Co-ordination

With each jump, kids need to land perfectly to acquire the perfect bouncing effect. To assure this, the jumper needs to concentrate on the landing position and other things. And while doing this, some kids can dunk a basketball successfully. All these movements and mind exercises, contributes to improving their motor skills and co-ordinations.

Top Trampoline Games for Kids

Bubble Blow

Bubble blow is an interactive game. In this game, parents can accompany their kids or two players can go for it. Players will get into the trampoline. One of them will start blowing the bubbles while the other will try to touch or pop the bubbles as many as possible before the bubbles fall on the mat. The players can interchange their roles whenever they like.

Since kids will play with those bubbles you should allow only non-toxic elements for them. Once they are done playing, you can hose down the trampoline quickly.

Piggy in the Middle

This game is perfect for three players. One of them will remain in the middle of the trampoline mat while the other two will stay outside. The middle player is called Piggy. The outside players will throw balls to each other over the trampoline and the Piggy will keep bouncing and trying to catch the ball. The throwers will try their best to trick Piggy. Once Piggy catches the ball, the thrower of the losing ball will become the new Piggy.

Color and Shape

Nowadays various indoor trampolines come with a jumping mat that has various shapes. The shape can include many symbols like the fish, the stars, or simply the alphabet. You can instruct your kid to land on a specific symbol while he is jumping inside the trampoline. This activity is great for kids to improve their memory with synchronization skills.

Additionally, some indoor trampolines come with an interactive sound system. Each time your kids bounce on the trampoline the built-in sound system will inform the count of total bounce. This feature always inspires your kids to jump more and more.

Poison Ball

This game requires several players. Each player will remain outside except one and he will remain inside the trampoline. The outside players will throw balls on the trampoline to reach the insider player. And the inside player will try to avoid the balls while jumping on the trampoline. If the rolling balls touch the player, he will be eliminated and the next player will come inside.

The process continues until the winner is found. The player with the longest bounce time wins. Since the rolling ball eliminates the player, it is called a poison ball.

Crack the Egg, aka Popcorn

Crack the egg or Popcorn is one the most famous games. At least two players are to be there for this game. One will become the egg or popcorn and curl on the trampoline mat while holding the knees to the chest. The remaining player will jump on his knees or feet. He will try his best to make the egg let go of the knees and thus he will win. The players then can interchange their positions.

You can allow at most three players for this game at a time with supervision. And always try to get a trampoline with an enclosure for kids.

Bull and Matador

The best part of this game is all the players remain inside the trampoline. One player goes down on hands and knees and becomes the bull to try to tag the rest. The remaining players try to avoid the bull and can do anything except for jumping over the bull. Thus, they are called the matadors. Each time they successfully avoid the bull, they shout Olay! Once the bull tags someone, he or she becomes the next bull.

This format is one of the most competitive games. And it is always better to supervise kids while they are playing on the trampoline. Parents or adults can accompany kids in this game if it is played on a sturdy larger trampoline.

Basket Ball

Kids love to basket a ball while jumping on the trampoline. Nowadays, you can easily find a trampoline that comes with a basketball hoop and basketballs. Once you attach the hoop with the trampolines, kids can go for it. You can improvise the game by using an empty box or plastic bin on the ground to basket a ball instead of the hoop.

To make the whole game more challenging, you can allow multiple players one by one to score baskets. The highest scorer is the winner and you can gift the little winner as you wish.

Snake aka Jump Rope

This game is quite fun and interactive. Two players will hold a jump rope while sitting on the opposite sides of the trampoline. And the other players will jump back and forth over the snake or rope without touching it. With time, the rope holder will wave it harder and faster to challenge the jumpers. Even they can wave the rope up and down to make the game more competitive. The one with the highest score wins the game.

1-2-3 Sit

In this game, one instructor remains outside and others keep bouncing on the trampoline. After some time, the instructor will shout 1-2-3 and each jumper will try their best to land on the mat with a sitting position. If this happens perfectly, one or more players will fly high into the air. This bouncing up fact is very popular among kids and they love this game a lot.

Since multiple players will jump simultaneously, it is better to play this game on rectangular trampolines. For safety, you should never allow kids to play this game on a trampoline without an enclosure net.

Things to consider for kids’ safety

Trampoline injuries are quite common.Therefore, be sure to take safety measures before allowing kids to jump on the trampoline.

  • Get trampolines for kids according to their age. Preschool trampolines will differ from kids’ trampolines.
  • You should notice the overall structural quality of the trampoline. The frame and spring must be of good quality.
  • If are getting tramps for preschoolers, it is better to avoid the springs.
  • You always essential to buy trampolines that come with an enclosure system.
  • Explore the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor trampolines to ensure the best fit for your family.
  • Check the galvanization quality of the frame and spring, if you are getting it for outdoor use.
  • Always try to supervise your kids or be close by when they are playing on the trampoline.

Once you assure those steps, your kids will remain safe. And then you can allow them to play the fun trampoline games they love most. You can improvise any game to any extent you like.

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