Generation Z Career Motives

Generation Z Career Motives

Generational theory is probably one of the handy tools in human resource management. After all, knowing the motivational preferences of each generation, such as Generation Z Career Motives, is very important for managers. Young people are entering the labor market more and more actively.

So, we will have to figure out what characteristics of Generation Z employees need to know. Plus, we must carefully consider the methods of motivation, which are successfully used and help not only to stay in line but also prevent burnout.

Generation Z Features

To find an approach to the person  to understand their motivation, we need to do some analysis. As always, to identify the peculiarities of a certain generation, an empirical study is mostly carried out. Very often we hear or watch people say that Z is the first generation for whom digital technology and availability of information is a completely natural phenomenon. Well, it’s no secret that this is the case. But is the fact that today’s young people are so addicted to gadgets so bad?

Perhaps it is just difficult for the older generations to realize and accept the fact that they just perceive information differently. Moreover, members of Generation Z think, evaluate, and sift through large volumes of information faster. It’s just that in the modern world of digital technology the sources, form of presentation, and properties of perception of any information data have changed.

But let’s also look at other features of this generation, among which will be both pros and cons.

  • Clip mentality

This phenomenon is the main characteristic of the youngest generation. Clip consciousness manifests itself in the perception of information in the form of short, rapidly changing frames. Attitudes toward cliched thinking are ambiguous. Some believe that it leads to an inability to concentrate on long-term tasks. However, most experts admit that people with clip consciousness are characterized by a high reaction rate, the ability to quickly perceive and process information. This quality has another important advantage – it helps to navigate very quickly and make important decisions, which is a big plus in work.

  • Ability to brand management

Most of today’s teenagers spend a couple of hours a day communicating on various social networks, creating vibrant themed accounts, perfect images, and effective personal brands. This can also help to develop and improve company work.

  • Pragmatism

Generation Z representatives from a young age have an entrepreneurial streak and a desire for comfort. Such qualities become a prerequisite for the development of healthy pragmatism, absolute practicality, the ability to make strictly logical conclusions and find their ways out of various situations.

As for the well-known problems of this generation, the following can be noted:

  • Infantilization
  • Sick attitude towards criticism
  • Lack of concentration
  • Burnout
  • Tendency to depression

Now that we’ve gotten to the surface of Generation Z, let’s turn our attention to the main issue – motivation.

Basic Ways of Motivation

As for motivation, it has to be approached very carefully. After all, we are dealing with, one might even say, unusually soft people. So, let’s look at the ways that motivate Generation Z.

Let them learn from their mistakes

The manager needs to remember that these people are used to relying on their knowledge and feelings. Representatives of Generation Z have a hard time accepting ready-made solutions, even if they are correct and time-tested. These people need to be able to express themselves. So, the most effective way for them to learn something new is to discuss, offer their ideas, assess the pros and cons. This way of learning will help them draw the right conclusions on their own and come up with the best solutions.

Diminish the criticism

People like to feel appreciated. It’s part of what makes us human and motivates us to keep doing the good behavior for which we’ve been noted.

It is almost useless to criticize people of this generation. It is most likely that in response to criticism the manager will receive no reaction. In their opinion, the anger of the manager indicates only that he/she, does not understand the real picture. To influence the representatives of generation Z, they must be praised. Otherwise, the person will constantly walk away from the uncomfortable situation. It is worth noting that when communicating with them, regular praise does not have to be expressed in money. Of course, this does not apply to the picture where your employees accidentally burned down your office and you praised them for it.

The best motivation is a salary and a convenient schedule

The perfect job for the Z generation is a remote job with a competitive salary. Generation Z people should always be approached individually, their work should inspire them and be interesting for them. If the employer on top of that can provide a flexible work schedule, the person will run errands with a sense of uniqueness.

Career opportunities

It’s no secret that Generation Z will be motivated by job guarantees, as long as the companies align with their brand values. Stability is also key. But a stable salary alone won’t give much motivation or engagement to employees. Representatives of this generation also count on stability and, of course, career advancement, which will lead them to success.

More often than not, these people are looking for jobs that match their talents as well as their interests. This may be a career that requires college or achieved through trade school.  And, of course, these people need managers who care about them and their career growth.

Respect independence

Generation Z is very independent. While collaboration is very valuable to this generation, and they like being part of a team, they also value their autonomy. Growing up in a technological boom means that this generation is constantly “communicating” online through various social networks, but sometimes they need time to think about and assimilate information on their own. Our challenge is to accommodate these preferences and different messaging styles. You can even use a site survey or an employee survey to determine if your message is resonating or if you need to make some changes. This will show employees that you respect their independence and preferences. It also allows you to best communicate your ideas to employees and overcome confusion.


A modern manager needs to understand the peculiarities of Generation Z: their individualism, their desire to secure their inner world, and at the same time to express it fully through their career. The main thing for a manager is to give these people the opportunity to express themselves and allow them to feel unique. Then they will make very productive employees. Taking into account all the subtleties of this generation is a sure key to the success of your company.

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