How to Help Kids Use Family Photos Safely Online

Online Safety for Family Photos

We live at a time where it is almost instinctive to share photos on social media. You can share your special moments and family photos with the world with the touch of a button. From photos of your little one’s first steps to their first day at school, a child’s life has plenty of precious moments you may want to show the world.

However, sharing family photos online can be dangerous when kids are involved. Once a photo is online, you lose control over it. Anyone can copy and use it. In addition, these photos will stay online forever.

Here are a few ways to help kids use family photos safely online.

1.  Use Common Sense

You’ll probably have a lot of fun sharing funny and cute photos of your family online. However, common sense must apply. While your kids may want to show the whole world details of their day, teach them to refrain from posting anything that would make them a target. For example, sharing the full names and contact information of family members is a huge no-no.

2.  Double Check Every Photo

Confidential information can easily slip through the cracks. No matter how careful you’re being, double check every photo before posting. For example, a casual photo of your child going to school might seem harmless. However, it could contain details like their name and the school location. Your child’s beautiful art project might contain your home address.

3.  Use Safe Mediums

If your goal is to share your kids’ photos with family, social media may not be the safest medium. It is almost impossible to be completely safe on social media even if you have a small, seemingly private account.

You never know what can happen.  Devices can be stolen, accounts get hacked, and passwords might be compromised. One of the best ways to share photos with your family is with digital photo frames. Send them directly to family.

4.  Use Privacy Settings

All social media sites have privacy settings. Use them to ensure that your kids only share family photos with approved profiles. Privacy settings ensure that people with malicious intentions cannot access your kids’ photos.

Note that this doesn’t only apply to the images your kids post. If they are tagged to images with their photos, you can restrict them from appearing on your kids’ profiles as well. Check their privacy settings regularly to make sure they stay safe. Ask friends and family to avoid sharing what is posted on your kids’ social media platforms.

5.  Turn Metadata Off

How to Help Kids Use Family Photos Safely Online

A photo’s metadata contains the date, time, and location of the photo. Anyone can use it to track you. When using family photos online, ensure that your kids’ phones don’t have metadata. You can turn off geotagging in the camera settings. Check kids’ photos regularly to ensure metadata is still turned off. Software updates usually default to sharing metadata.

6.  Create Cards, Calendars, or Photobooks to Print and Share With Relatives

If your kids want to share their photos with family, encourage them to use photo books, calendars, and cards. Photobooks are easy to make, and you can use them to share lots of photos. Photo Books, calendars, and cards make fantastic gifts. They are great for collecting memories and may be passed around the family.

Creating them on is a great idea, as you fully control the design. You get creative freedom, and best of all, it is free!

7.  Use Pseudo Names and Turn Location Settings Off

Don’t allow your kids to use their devices with the location settings on. Usually, their phones’ GPS automatically posts your location when you post an image on social media. This is definitely something your kids need to avoid when sharing family photos. You can easily turn this off on the kids’ mobile devices.

Instead of their real names, encourage your children to use fake names online. This way, it isn’t easy for malicious people to identify them. Initials and nicknames are a great idea as they give your kids anonymity. No one can find them with a quick online search.

8.  Read the Fine Print

Before sharing family photos on different sites, always read the fine print. Some sites hold the right to use the photos you share however they please. This information is clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the site.

While reading the fine print can seem like a lot of work, it is worth the trouble. You don’t want to post on sites that can distribute your family photos without your control.

While the internet has its benefits, it can be scary, especially for youngsters. When they are excited to share photos with family, ensure they do it safely. Use the above tips to stay away from potential dangers.

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