How To Properly Maintain School Grounds Year Round

How To Properly Maintain School Grounds Year Round

Children are the future, and the institutions we provide them are crucial to their development. Helping to shape, develop, and educate their minds happens inside a school. Making sure that the building where educators help them grow is well taken care of is detrimental to their development. Read on to learn how to properly maintain school grounds year-round.

Electrical System

Let there be light. Of course, all schools need light, but the electrical system of a school controls more than the lights. The system controls the PA system, electrical boards, equipment in the kitchen, and a lot more.

Professional engineers and electricians should provide you with preventative maintenance tasks and schedules for electrical components. Make sure they work with thermographic scanning devices to identify overheating in connections, motors, bearings, and other electrical switchgear. These inspections need to happen every six months for everyone’s safety.

Fire Drills

The students may not know why they go through so many fire drills, but the administration does. The administration conducts these monthly drills for two reasons. The first is for the students. Showing them how to properly exit the building in case of a fire is vital.

The second reason is the school. The drills will help you see how well the system is working. You need to ensure every classroom hears the alarm and sees the lights. Teachers will report back if something is off inside their classroom. Furthermore, you need to check that every fire alarm works when you pull on them.

Exterior Upkeep

There is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to the exterior of all schools, and every area needs to be well maintained. Focus on the classroom because this is an area people forget about too often.

Conduct a roof inspection every six months. The roofer will tell you the condition of the roof and if they see any potential dangers. Aside from the roofing, pay close attention to the parking lot. Don’t fall victim to the common parking lot maintenance mistakes. Make sure you keep the lot in order for faculty and staff.

Energy Management

Energy management means a lot of ground to cover. Energy management is a computer-controlled system for the HVAC units. The system can turn off the air conditioning, lights, and boilers. Here are specific guidelines to follow for these systems:

  • Establish an energy policy with specific goals.
  • Find the proper authority for the district’s energy management program.
  • Monitor each building’s energy use.
  • Conduct an energy audit.
  • Adjust your usage based on the audit findings.

Try and conduct these audits before the school year starts and once it ends. Doing so before the school year will show what condition the school is in and whether you need to make adjustments.

Properly maintaining the school grounds is a year-round job. Make sure to do your diligence to maintain school grounds all year.

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