4 Apps that Help Teach Children Financial Skills

Apps that Help Teach Children Financial Skills

One bright spot about the pandemic is the increased focus on digital learning. This has increased opportunities for many, regardless of age and location.  This is in spite of the fact that many schools not prepared to move to a virtual classroom setting due to lack of proper technology and systems to properly run an online class.

Still, the advantages of online classes for kids have enabled younger generations to surmount physical barriers to accumulating knowledge. Yet another boon is the proliferation of apps that can help anyone understand the psychology of spending money and help boost financial literacy.  For these apps, “what’s learned with pleasure is learned in full measure.” Do you know someone who can benefit from these financial education tools for children? Then check out these four innovative apps.

Top apps for the future finance wiz

Here are some of the best apps to help secure the future for the next generations:

1. Junior Achievement Finance Park

The Junior Achievement Finance Park app is an enjoyable and immersive way for kids to learn about personal finance. It’s a virtual world where they can make real-life monetary decisions and experience the consequences, just like grown-ups do! What’s more, the app features colorful graphics, easy-to-follow tutorials, and engaging activities that make learning about money management a blast. And, with its dynamic market updates, the little ones can see how the economy can impact their budget, just like in the real world.

Additionally, through the unique “teach-test-teach” approach, children will not only have fun playing, but they’ll also remember what they learned. So, if you want to give them a head start on their financial goals, look no further than the Junior Achievement Finance Park app!

2. Counting Coins

Counting Coins is the ultimate solution for the kiddos to get a grip on money matters. The app features captivating graphics and interactive gameplay, making learning about currency a delightful experience. They can count, identify, and break different coins and bills, such as pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, etc., into smaller denominations. In addition, the app creates realistic purchasing scenarios, allowing children to apply their newfound knowledge and skills in a practical setting.

Not only does the app provide a fun way to learn about money, but it also instills good financial habits, preparing kids for a future of wise spending and savings. Whether playing solo or with friends, Counting Coins offers a unique and entertaining approach to money education, setting the stage for successful money management. With its engaging design, the young ones will be begging to play, making learning about money a rewarding experience for parents and youngsters alike.

3. Money Maze

With captivating graphics and a straightforward gameplay, it appeals to children of all ages, Money Maze can help kids learn the value of money. The app presents a delightfully interactive game format where players navigate through a maze, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. The aim is to reach the finish line while maximizing their earnings. As they progress, the users encounter various challenges and decision points to use their finances responsibly, where they must choose the most advantageous path (that is, how to best allocate their money during each challenge). These decisions will affect the outcome of the game. In the process, they can understand the consequences of their decisions and develop critical thinking skills about how they use their money.

Thus, the app can teach good money management using scenarios happening in real life. Examples are saving for a big purchase or investing in a stock. This helps make financial literacy both accessible and engaging. The app also includes a parent dashboard, where guardians can track their child’s learning progress. So, turn the tiresome chore of managing money into an exciting adventure with Money Maze.

4. Money Box

Money Box is a revolutionary app for kids designed to instill smart money habits. The app transforms savings into a fun and engaging experience by allowing children to set financial goals and track their progress. It features a virtual piggy bank where the little ones can deposit their allowance, birthday money, or any other form of income. As they save, they can watch their digital savings grow, giving them a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue.

The Money Box app also includes educational content covering budgeting, saving, investing, and more. Parents can set savings goals and monitor their child’s progress while also receiving tips and insights on how best to go about it. These features make  Money Box a unique and effective way for the little ones to develop a healthy relationship with money, helping lay the foundation for a bright and stable future.

The bottom line

Nurturing money-savvy kiddos has never been easier. The digital age offers an abundance of resources, and these four apps are some of those leading the charge. By imparting financial literacy skills through interactive and entertaining methods, these can make a lasting impact.

So, what are you waiting for? The investment of time now will pay dividends tomorrow, when your children have a firm grasp on managing their finances. Don’t let the opportunity to shape their future slip by—introduce them to these cutting-edge tools today.

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