How To Safeguard Kids During School Holiday Breaks

How To Safeguard Kids During School Holiday Breaks

School holiday breaks can be excellent fun for kids and families. They get enough time to spend together, go to parks, play games, or go for a family vacation. However, this period comes with its set of challenges. For the most part, parents work during this period, and the kids are left alone without an adult taking care them.

Children are playful, curious, and love trying new things. Often these traits lead to injuries, damages, and in the worst scenarios – getting into things they shouldn’t.  Therefore, whether you’re leaving your kids at home, or travelling with them, their safety should always be a priority.

Here are some top tips that can help you safeguard your kids during the holiday breaks:

1. Enrol To Summer Camps

Summer camps and holiday school programs are an excellent way for parents to keep their children safe even when they’re away from home. First, these camps guarantee supervision as the camps are staffed with experienced counsellors who supervise the kids all the time ensuring they’re safe and doing the right thing.

Additionally, when you sign up to a school holiday program and other top programs, your kids can participate in numerous activities such as sports, hiking, art and crafts, and more. This can help keep the kids engaged during the summer break.

Finally, these camps offer educational programs that can help your kids develop their skills. Some programs offer STEM courses, art workshops, and language classes. Additionally, they ensure that students can socialize and build their confidence.

2. Ensure Food Safety

Food safety is another major concern for kids during the holiday break as they may spend more time at home eating snacks. There can be cases of constipation, allergies, or food poisoning which can be serious especially for children. You should teach your kids how to handle food safely such as washing hands to avoid contamination and monitoring what and when they’re eating.

Additionally, if your kids want to prepare food, you should monitor how they use appliances such as cookers and fryers as they may not fully comprehend the risks they carry. This will help prevent cases such as fire hazards and accidents.

You should also be careful with leftovers, raw, and undercooked foods as they may lead to stomach complications. By following these tips, you’ll ensure you safeguard your kids from any cases of food poisoning and stomach complications during the holidays.

3. Teach Kids About Internet Safety

The internet provides a good place for kids to learn new skills and watch fun videos. However, it can also be a platform for cyberbullying, trolls, attacks, inappropriate content, and predators. Therefore, you should teach them about how to keep themselves safe when using the internet.

First, you should teach them about how to be good digital users. They should learn to be respectful to others, such as thinking before posting or commenting and not sharing personal information online.  Secondly, you should monitor their online activities to ensure they don’t access harmful content and know who they’re talking to.

Lastly, it’s important to set rules on internet usage such as what websites they can visit, who they talk to, and what time they spend there. It’s advisable to include parental control to restrict what they can access to protect them.

4. Keep Dangerous Items Out of Reach

Keeping dangerous items such as medication, cleaning supplies, guns, and alcohol away from children can help protect them from self-harm and hurting each other. Kids are naturally curious and will experiment with anything.  However, they’re not aware of the danger and harm.

To ensure their safety, keep any dangerous item out of reach. For example, bottles of alcohol should be stored in locked cabinets or high shelves. Lock guns in a safe and ensure kids don’t know the password or pin. You should also be aware of poisonous plants and herbs around the house and destroy them or keep them far from your kids.

5. Protect Them When Outdoors

Protecting Kids During Summer Holidays

The holiday break is full of activities such as visiting the park, bike riding, skating, swimming, and many more. These activities keep them engaged, allow them to build their physical skills and coordination, and bond with their friends. However, it’s common for them to get injured during their playtime.

While minor injuries aren’t a major concern, there can be major injuries, such as concussion. Therefore, your kid should be protected when playing outside.

They should have protective gear such as helmets and kneepads when skating or riding bikes. If they go out swimming, they should have swimsuits and floaters and there’s should be an adult to watch over them. Such action will ensure they’re safe when having fun.


Your kid’s safety should always be a priority when they’re home for a school holiday break. While it’s their time to have fun and life away from books and school activities, they should do it a safe way.

Focus on what they do online, what games they play, what items they can access, and many others discussed in the article. This will safeguard them from any harm and ensure they enjoy their holiday and give you peace of mind.

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