Make Learning Fun: STEM Hobbies for Kids

STEM Hobbies for Kids to Make Learning Fun

While all subjects are important, science, technology, engineering, and math rule the world. If we want to set our children up for future success, we need to help them learn about these subjects. To do this, there are various STEM hobbies for kids that you can introduce. Maybe your child will find one they absolutely love!

Science: Gardening

There are various ways to get your child interested in STEM and science specifically, but one of the best ways is to start a garden with them. Gardening is a grounding, calming activity that benefits everyone’s mental health and involves lots of science.

Gardeners need to learn about the pH of the soil and the nutrients it offers, as well as environmental growing conditions such as local bugs and the water cycle. Your young gardeners can also document the growth stages of their plants, looking at samples from each stage under a microscope to learn more about them at a cellular level.

Technology: Programming

While computer programming is a career, coding is involved with all types of programs. From building websites to crafting computer games to creating an app, there’s something for every kid to discover and enjoy.

You can find tutorials and programming simulators online to help your child embrace this hobby and discover how technology works. Your child will learn more than just technical skills too. Coding helps teach problem-solving, logical thinking, and creative solution ideation.

Engineering: Miniature Modeling

Even though you’re hoping to introduce your child to a new hobby, there’s probably something they already like. Maybe they love to watch trains at your local station or are dedicated Paw Patrol fans. Whatever they love, you can probably find it in miniature form. Some miniatures, such as miniature model trains, come in pieces for your child to assemble. This is the more obvious engineering option, but other miniature toys are great for children who want to hold something and examine how it works.

For example, your kid might enjoy figuring out how a Paw Patrol tower or vehicle works, which will help them understand how parts move together to perform functions.

Math: Quilting

We tend to think of quilting as a creative adult hobby, not something kid-friendly that can make their math lessons come to life. However, quilting requires lots of mathematical skills. Your child will learn about fractals and how to calculate fabric amounts for a quilt.

There are also less obvious math lessons involved in quilting, such as geometric symmetry and graphing. You can start with smaller quilting projects for easier lessons and work your way up to sewing whole quilts together.


Make learning fun with these various STEM hobbies for kids that help them understand STEM topics in the real world. Helping your child engage in one of these activities will set them up for future success in whatever career they choose one day. Plus, they might even discover a passion in the process!

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