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Parental Control Software: The Internet isn’t just a Search Engine Anymore…

Savvy parents have gotten up-to-date about the wealth of Safe Search features provided by popular websites that partner with Google, as well as optional search restrictions for Google Play and the App Store. However, setting-up safe search filtering is simply not enough to keep kids protected from the variety of threats out there.

Sure, harmful websites will be blocked from an Internet search results page, but what about social media concerns, such as cyberbullying, online predators, or inappropriate images? What about disclosing harmful texts, such as sexting and personal photos that are best kept private? What about innocuous threats, such as spending too much time playing video games instead of focusing on homework and other responsibilities?

Yes, safe search filtering is crucial to maintaining the safety and innocence of children: but the Internet isn’t just a search engine anymore. So many other elements are at play when it comes to keeping kids safe online. Not to mention, the more time parents have to spend managing screen time restrictions, social media, texting, photos, who their kid’s friends with online, and more – the less time parents have to actually… parent.

A Comprehensive Internet Monitoring Solution – For Parents, By Parents

As parents themselves, Familoop team developed Parental Control Software that frees up parents’ time so they can focus on actual parenting. The Familoop’s solution makes it easier for parents to monitor their kid’s activities online, maintain their kid’s safety, manage their kid’s screen time, as well as manage their own time more effectively so that they can continue to do what they do best: Parent.

Parental Control Software: Familoop Safeguard’s robust features include:

  • Web filtering (set-up and go Internet search filtering).
  • Blocking apps by category, name or age-rating.
  • Online activity monitoring (sites your child visited and sites blocked).
  • Location tracking and geo-fencing for mobile devices so you know where your kid is.
  • Real-time parental dashboard with actionable insights (receive notifications only when they require your attention and lightning fast red flag alerts).
  • Screen time monitoring.

Familoop Safeguard also has a slew of product enhancements in the works, including:

  • Calls and text monitoring for Android.
  • Social media activity monitoring.
  • Time limits and app restrictions.

familoop safeguard parental control software

Familoop Safeguard has been recognized by dozens of family-friendly websites, such as: FOSI (Family Online Safety Institute), PCMag, BeWebSmart, KidsPrivacy, SavvySassyMoms; not to mention, Familoop Safeguard has received a 100% Clean Award from Softpedia.

With Familoop Safeguard, parents no longer have to play the “guessing game” as to what their kid searches for online, who their friends are, and whether they are actually studying for that history project or just goofing off on World of Warcraft.

Technology is here to stay. This is the reality. Parental Control Software helps parents adjust to the new reality, ensuring not only that their kids stay safe – but they can build a better, stronger relationship.

Do you Know?

Do you know what your kids are looking at online? 41% of U.S. teens say that their parents have no idea…

Do you know how often your kids frequent social networking sites? According to the Norton Online Living report, 76% of U.S. teens ages 13-17 are “constantly” or “frequently” visiting social networking sites.

Do you know if your child has been contacted online by a stranger? 16% of U.S. children have been approached online by a stranger. Is your child one of them?

What is YOUR Strategy?

You can rely on the search engines or app stores for filtering services – which don’t include social media or screen time monitoring – or you can join 7,000,000 other parents who’ve partnered up with parental control software, such as Familoop Safeguard.

Discover how much time you save hunched over your child’s shoulder monitoring their online activity. Find out how quickly your parental focus and peace can be restored in your home after a free 10-day trial of Familoop Safeguard.

Try it free, here.

There is no obligation to the continue after the trial – it’s simply yours, for 10 days FREE.

If you are ready to buy now, select the option that meets your needs:
3 devices/annual subscription
10 devices/annual subscription

elenaAuthor: Elena Haidukova
Elena is a content manager at Familoop, and a passionate advocate for empowering parents onward to smart Digital Parenting and keeping children safe from digital dangers. She also posts and carries on communications on behalf of Familoop in social media.


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