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Parental Controls Designed to Work for the Entire Family

Parental Control Software

As a parent or guardian of kids you more than likely have multiple computers and devices in your home with Internet access. Even a single child may have a phone as well as a computer or tablet. They may also use your personal computer from time to time for school projects or to simply to print something.

If that isn’t enough to manage, your family members also are connecting to the Internet at school or at a friend’s house. Ensuring the safety and security of your kids online can be overwhelming. Where does any parent even start? It’s hard enough for a person who has some technical savvy. But what if you are technically challenged?

Let’s face it, a lack of technical knowledge is the case for most of us. We live in a changing world where the optimal “kid safety zone” is a moving target. This is where parental control software becomes an essential tool in managing the various needs of any family, according a range of ages and responsibility.

The good news is, effective parental controls can happen in one software download. At Safe Search Kids, we recommend Net Nanny to meet the needs of any family large or small. Let’s explore what this means on every device in your home that connects online.

Parental Control is Internet Filtering

Internet filtering is certainly the first priority when thinking about protecting kids from harmful aspects of the Internet. This is the primary focus of our search tools on Safe Search Kids, but we are only a single access search engine. Parent control software takes it one step further by filtering the entire Internet, regardless of what search engines your kids may be using.

Quit simply, Net Nanny’s parental controls block access to the Internet. The level of restriction can be customized by age. After all, the places your 16 years old can go online is much different than your 7 year old. This includes allowing or limiting access on social media, some platforms of which are only appropriate for older kids.

Parental Control is Screen Time Management

Once you have the peace of mind of knowing all the bad areas of the Internet are blocked on every device in your home, you can think about controlling the time your kids spend online. Imagine having peace of mind going to sleep at night knowing your teenager is not able to access the internet past 10 or 11 pm.

These controls can easily be set within the dashboard of your account. Likewise, you can restrict access from your 7 year old so that they can not get online after 8 pm, for exmaple. This control is at your fingertips for any day of the week.

Parental Control Monitors Apps

The dangers of the Internet are not just through a website browser. With Net Nanny you can monitor what apps your kids are downloading. You can choose to also block apps you don’t want your family to access at all. As with managing screen time, you can individually customize accessibility for every one in the house and on every one of their devices.

Parental Control is a Location Tracker

Within the parent dashboard, you can also track the location of each family member in real-time from your computer or smartphone. There’s no need to login to an iCloud account and no additional tracking software is needed. The tracking feature also allows you to check the past history of where your kids have been.

You can coincide their location with whether or not they’ve been online during that time. Let’s say you agree that it’s OK for your child to go to a friend’s house but you just want them to play. You don’t want them spending time surfing the web or going on social media. This is a way to check up on their activity while out of the house.

Alerts and Reports

With all of Net Nanny’s features working in the background to filter, block, and monitor online activity you might wonder how one might manage everything. Firstly, only need to initially set up controls and restrictions for each family member one time. From there it’s easy to fine tune controls as needed. With built in alerts and reports you will then receive emails or texts that keep you up to date with each users online activity.

You decide how often you want to be informed. This may include being emailed when specific search terms are entered or when an app is downloaded. What your kids are searching for online is also an insight into struggles they may be having, including bullying or feelings of alienation with friends or at school.

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Net Nanny is provided by Content Watch, an innovative company focused on delivering Internet protection solutions for the consumer, library, education, government, and business markets. They provide top-rated, Internet Protection tools specifically designed for the non-technical user.