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Covenant Eyes | Parental Controls & Accountability

Covenant Eyes - Parental Controls

All software based internet filters block content to prevents kids from viewing harmful websites or downloading apps their parents don’t approve of.  Covenant Eyes does this as well, but has added features that encourages a culture of accountability through email reports disclosing internet use and sending them to an accountability partner.

This accountability relationship may include kids and their parents, or may strictly be among adult friends who are struggling with porn on the internet.  Therefore, Covenant Eyes is not just marketed to parents who want to protect younger internet users.

How Does Covenant Eyes Work?

Unlike the history in your browser that can be deleted, Covenant Eyes keeps track of all user activity within the subscriber’s account.  It teaches safe browsing habits.  Just knowing that an extra set of eyes will see the search history on a daily or weekly basis help keeps family and friends responsible when surfing the internet, including Google.

It is these two facets that makes Covenant Eyes unique.  While most parental control software programs are set up to give parents all the control, Covenant Eyes can also be for adult users with accountability partners.  These adults have control of their own account and their accountability partners are sent reports of online activity, as well as changes made to restrictions and app downloads.  To further clarify, let’s recap that which may be confusing to those who are new to internet filtering and monitoring software;

Covenant Eyes has Two Distinct Features depending on the End User

  • It is just like your standard parental control software used by parents to monitor and restrict internet access for younger kids.  Age limits can be set according to age to give teens more freedom to make good choices online, but a certain level filtering and blocking is still implemented. This is controlled by the parent.
  • It is monitoring software for adults who want accountability with a friend or spouse*.  The account is opened by the adult user.   An accountability partner is added (or multiple partners) and email reports are sent to this partner or multiple partners of their internet activity.  The frequent of email reports is determined by the account holder.

The creation of the Covenant Eyes software program was based on the word covenant, which is basically an agreement one makes with another person about particular issue. In regards to internet safety, the agreement made with what people see online (covenant eyes).  The commitment is to stay away from harmful content online.  Later, Covenant Eyes was expanded to also provide complete internet blocking for kids.

Accountability for You

Both internet blocking and screen accountability are included in the full software download.  The difference is who owns the account.  For families with kids, the parents have the control.  For adults, they hold the account and have full access to the internet. They simply want to be accountable to others. It may be to fight a porn addiction or they are struggling with control issues over internet use.

*It has been recommended by many counselors of couples who are struggling with porn that your Covenant Eyes accountability partner is someone other than your spouse.  This sets up inequitable parental roles within the relationship.  All couples, married or not, should be focusing on open and honest communication about all aspects of their relationship without condescension.  It can work better for each individual to set up accountability with a friend that both people in the relationship respect and trust.

If you are an adult seeking control over the internet within your own life, you still have freedom online.  For example, a site like YouTube may automatically be blocked.  This is a standard setting for parents who may want to prevent their younger kids from being on YouTube.  Therefore, you can change the settings to allow YouTube.  Your accountability partner(s) will see these changes in their email report but it won’t be something they would question since YouTube is not a pornographic website.

Internet Blocking

If you are a parent with older teens, you may not even decide to block content.  You may want to teach self control.  Your teens actions will be greatly controlled by the strength of their accountability relationship with you as a parent.  When they are aware that the parent will be receiving email reports about online activity, it will teach good decision making and self control.

Accountability can also go both ways.  Friends may want to be accountable to each other, or a support group of friends.  Each member would have their own account and add multiple partners.  Here is what a typical Covenant Eyes account looks like after logging in through the app on your phone.  

Email reports are not cumbersome. Bad websites are highlighted to produce an easy to view history report of where a user has been online. Those keeping an eye on a users internet habits can also log in with limited access to see a recent history.  Of course, this is not ideal for younger kids because you don’t want them stumbling on explicit material even by accident.  This is where you would want to employ complete parental controls.

Beyond the accountability option, Covenant Eyes still allows parents to block websites based on the age. This protects kids from being exposed to explicit material by mistake.  It comes preloaded with at set of obvious sites that should be blocked but may decide you don’t want a person to access a particular social media site and only access safe apps.

Basic Covenant Eyes Account Set Up

  • Covenant Eyes downloaded to a computer or smart phone.
  • Covenant Eyes keeps a complete and accurate record of all web usage.
  • Filtering, blocking  and Monitoring can be set up according to age.
  • Accountability Partners, selected by the user, receive reports by email about internet activity.
  • Unique dynamic scoring system highlights questionable sites, making the report easy to read.
  • When an accountability partner is removed, that partner previously set up to receive activity reports is notified.
  • Create Your Covenant Eyes Account

Covenant Eyes

Screen Accountability

Covenant Eyes has responded to the growing need to their software to work as the internet privacy and security protocols evolve.  Therefore, they have redefined accountability as screen accountability.  Basically, it’s not as easy now to determine the content of a website based only on the url or written content on the page.

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Screen Monitoring:  The software periodically captures screenshots of screen activity and stores them securely.

Screenshot Analysis:  Advanced artificial intelligence analyzes those screenshots, on your device, for explicit imagery.

Screenshot Processing:  The software rates the images, blurs them to protect your privacy, then prioritizes them based on content.
Activity Reporting.   A report of concerning activity, circumvention attempts and other activity is sent to you and your ally.

Safe Search Kids recommends the use of parental control software to implement internet filtering. If you decide not to subscribe to internet filtering and blocking via software, we still encourage families to use Google Safe Search.  Just know that while filtered search engines such as ours do a great job of blocking offensive and dangerous websites, they only work while the child is using the safe search website to conduct searches.  A program such as Covenant Eyes is a tool that combines greater restrictions to internet access.  In either case, parental guidance on safe browsing behavior is always best to teach kids safe browsing habits.

If you have a computer gamer in the house, a parental control program is not the same as anti-virus software.  Many gamers complain of reduced speed while running anti-virus for protection and now there is a new solution to that problem.  It’s Performance + Security in One for gamer security.

Covenant Eyes Accountability Reporting

Covenant Eyes analyzes each website visited and blocks or allows them according to each user’s sensitivity settings. The parental control filter requires an ‘uninstall code’ in order to remove it from the computer. If the program is uninstalled, all users and accountability partners receive an email that the Covenant Eyes is no longer tracking usage.

As mentioned, you can choose to not have a lower level of filtering for older family members. At it’s most basic level, the software program instills positive browsing habits through accountability and reduces the risk of developing addictive behavior. Parents should also consider controls for very young children spending time online.

Simply create an Covenant Eyes account and download.  The software provides an economical solution to internet filtering for the entire family.  For adults, it offers freedom with the ability to set up accountability with trusted friends.   Typical adult users are those who choose to resist temptation on the internet by remaining accountable to a friend or spouse.

Give it a try and if you are not completely satisfied with how the program is working for you, simply request a refund within 30 days for a guaranteed 100% refund.

Parental Controls for Phones and Tablets

Parental Controls for Phones

The use of a parental control app and is our preferred recommendation for parents seeking complete protection for children on their phones and tablets.  It provides monitoring for both IOS Apple and Android devices.  It goes to work immediately to filter and block access to bad websites, as well as monitor social media.

Much more than a phone location tracker, the right parental control app provides a variety of features to monitor and restrict internet usage and control the use of apps being downloaded. Parents can easily customize settings according to each family member’s age.

When parental controls are installed on mobile devices parents don’t have to relentlessly monitor their child’s online activity 24/7:  Download | Also available for school classrooms.

For parental control solutions for desktop computers and laptops (as well as mobile devices) explore parental control software

The Need for Parental Controls

Today, parents have a lot of keep track of online.  Kids are active on gaming platforms, social media, multiple search engines, YouTube and chat rooms many parents don’t know about.   On the other side of a child’s online access are potentially secret friends, cyberbullies, viruses, malware, ransomware and child predators.

Thankfully, the app does the work of parents so that they don’t have to relentlessly monitor their child’s online activity 24/7.  It works right away to filter and block access to bad websites.  Still, within the parental control dashboard parents have complete control to customize settings according to each family member’s age.

The Power of Parental Control Apps

Gone of the days of a single computer in the family room where kids go online under the watchful eyes of mom and dad after dinner.  Couples and single parents still needed to be extra invigilate but control was still achievable. Then came mobiles phones that put the world wide web in everyone’s pocket.

These days, the internet is readily available to young finger tips on bedroom computers, lap tops, tablets and smart phones. Within the last decade social media has only multiplied the challenges of what kids see and hear online, including exposure to toxic friendships and the risk of cyberbullying.

Schools can set up internet controls and blocking on their servers but for homes it’s not possible to implement a blanket approach to online safety without an app installations.  For home use, it is relatively simple to install parental controls on multiple devices for instant protection against explicit web content.

Parental Control Features:

From it’s creation, phone monitoring apps have evolved to handle all of today’s obstacles to safety. It continues to be updated to respond to new technology and trends that kids gravitate to.  Unless automatic monitoring and restrictions are in place, these hot spots expose young children and teens to new and unwanted content before most parents even know about them.

Parental Control App Downloads

Once the mobile app or desktop is installed on all of your household’s various devices, you can change settings for each child without having to continually ask for each device. Parental control apps for phones detects your operating system to give you the right installation for each PC or Mac computer, as well as providing parental controls on iPhones, Android phones and tablets. Simply visit this same article via any browser on any device then click the link below to guide your through the installation process. Or forward this page you are reading to your child’s email address on their device and click the install link below.

Parental controls on phones enable parents to watch all of these online activities in real time for any family member on any device; including apps being used, internet searches, YouTube, social media platforms being accessed, location updates, and screen time history.  

The Bottom Line:  A parental control app gives kids of all ages the freedom to explore the internet fully protected  from harm.  Whether it be research for school, connecting with friends, playing a game or watching a video, kids are kept safe no matter where they are using their device. The automation that parental control apps provide does the heavy lifting for parents, while giving them the tools to monitor and customize the controls they feel are appropriate for each member of the family.

Here are two important facts about the world wide web.

  1. The internet is a dangerous place filled with material that is harmful to younger kids and teens. This often explicit content is easy to access from any device in multiple locations, in many cases far from parental supervision.
  2. The internet is a vast wonderland of knowledge and information that cannot by replaced by books or the world’s largest library. Or at least it can’t be as easily accessible with a few clicks or taps from the palm of any sized hand.

How can something so bad be so good at the same time? Perhaps it is the nature of anything that wields such great power. Inevitably, it can be use for good and for bad.

What is Parental Control?

Parental control has been around since men and women first walked the earth. It’s the power to control your child’s environment in order to protect them. At best, it’s a loving non democratic system to ensure security for family members. With age, more freedom was given. Boundaries were expanded to give each family member control of their own protection as responsible behavior was acquired.

This model of parenting continues to thrive today without adverse effects, rather, positive outcomes where kids became teens and teens became adults with the ability to protecting themselves from harm.

Parental Controls

As mentioned, the standard of parental control has remained the same. But the term Parental Controls has taken on a new meaning in the new technological world. Never before in man’s history has so much good and bad been combined in a single handheld device for the masses.

At the dawn of the internet, there were only stationary computers in the living room or family office that parents needed to monitor. Then came laptops and eventually the smart phone. It was a mini computer you could fit in your pocket, yet with more speed, storage space and accessible information from the outside world than ever thought possible just 10 years earlier.

Cyberbullying, once a new problem for kids online, is now a primary concern. Bullying has progressed from the playground to social media and it becomes a vicious circle when children are bullied at school and online by the same people.  Of course, cyberbullying expands the access of bullies to harass people they don’t even go to school with. Or, they can be from anywhere in the world and simply troll and comment posts where kids are already being mocked online. It very much becomes a mob mentality to an extreme.

Parental Control Software | Parental Control Apps

The fundamentals of parents control over their offspring in order to protect has not been replaced by technology. On the contrary, kids and teens still need to be taught how to manage and use the internet responsibility. Just as they need to know to stay off thin ice in the winter or wear a life jacket while boating, they will need to because taught how to control their own use of the internet. After all, kids will someday be on their own with no boundaries except for the laws they choose to abide as decided by society. And one might add the moral and ethical laws in place to protect themselves and their fellow citizens.

Until such a time, parental control software and apps for computers, lap tops, tablets and smart phones are simply a tool. Just like parenting in a non tech world, kids need to learn how to use the power of the internet for their good. Simultaneously the technological restrictions that parental control technology provides assists parents in setting boundaries they cannot see in the real world. It’s a tool that can greatly control and monitor online activity in the beginning. As children grow, these same controls can be loosened as more responsibility is given.

This is the essence of parental controls in the modern age that compliments real world parenting to bring up our children. It keeps them secure from the worst of the internet, yet empowered them too safety grow in knowledge and education throughout their formidable years.

The Features of Parental Controls, recommended by Safe Search Kids

  • Internet filtering and blocking
  • Online monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Screen time management
  • Monitoring of app usage
  • Social media monitoring
  • Keeping an eye on texts and pics
  • Monitor drive habits
  • Activity alerts
  • Download

7 Apps for Parental Controls

App Use Safety for Kids

The internet offers a wealth of education and opportunity for kids, but many parents worry about the dangerous side of the online world—namely, the opportunity for their kids to stumble across inappropriate content or unsafe websites.

Or a child may unknowingly reveal private information to a stranger. This is where a few apps come in handy. Some of these apps are free, while others employ more parental controls in an app as well as on desktop.

These apps were designed with parents’ concerns in mind to help you keep your kids safe online.

1. FamilyTime

This is the app blocker that blocks all those other distracting apps that steal your family time.  It’s parental control at your finger tips that filters the internet, manages content and usage on iPhones, Andriods and tablets. You can set the time limits you want for bedtime usage and during homework time.  Additional features include monitoring your child’s cell phone texts, their contacts, phone logs, all while knowing their location with GeoFencing.  In addition to internet browsing restrictions for home use, this app has developed robust controls for schools to ensure kids are protected on all devices in their classrooms.

Download FamilyTime parental controls for Andriod and iOS at home

School administrators, download parental controls for schools

2. Qustodio

Qustodio is the solution for families that need to implement parental controls on all devices, not just phones and tablets. It is the all-in-one parental control app and software with a focus on digital well being, including screen addiction prevention via the setting of time limits and ensuring a better sleep schedule.  Account sign is free.  In addition to filtering access to online content and monitoring activity on any device, this program allows parents to track calls and SMS for Android devices.   On both iPhones, Androids and tablets, you can locate family members at any time as long as they have their iPhone or Android device. There is also an SOS feature, which enables your kids to instantly notify you of trouble.  

Download for Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, iPhone/iPad, Kindle

3. Covenant Eyes

This app offers everything you need to monitor your kids’ smartphone activity with the added feature of having accountabilities partners to help you stay away from pornographic websites. You can also view your family’s account using the Covenant Eyes parent dashboard and set levels of freedom according to age and times of day. Covenant Eyes has been providing parental controls since before apps where even a thing and today you can download it according to your family needs.

Create your Covenant Eyes account for iOS devices or Android

4. KidzSearch Internet Filtering

Sometimes something as simple or harmless as a misspelling can result in a search result gone afoul. Instead of letting your kid use for searches, KidzSearch automatically filters Google to remove inappropriate content and unsafe websites. It also blocks misspellings of words that could lead a child to a bad website. With this app, your kids can use the internet as they typically would, and the parental filter helps keep them safe. This is the same filtering being used on our website Safe Search Kids, only through an app for mobile devices. Whether on our site or through the app, use of this internet filtering service is free.

Download the KidzSearch App for iOS devices or Android devices

KidzSearch also available on Kindle Fire / Amazon

5. Kaspersky Safe Kids

This app has everything you need to monitor your kids’ smartphone activity, from blocking access to adult content and suspicious search results, to monitoring app usage and setting device screen time limits and GSP location tracking.  Enjoy peace of mind thanks to award-winning parental controls that provide protection for kids both online and offline. The Kaspersky Safe Kids also offers tips from psychologists on how to teach kids about the dangers present online and how to take proper precautions.

Download the Kaspersky Safe Kids app for iOS and Android devices

6. DinnerTime Plus

Getting kids to disconnect from their devices isn’t an easy task. This app makes it easier to require phone breaks. With a few clicks of a button, you can set time limits, requiring your kid to take scheduled breaks during dinner time, study time, and bedtime. You can also set schedules for how much time they can spend online and receive real-time usage monitoring.

Download the DinnerTime Plus app for iOS devices or Android devices

7. Kidgy

Wish you could know where your kid is at all times? Now you can with the Kidgy app. This location-sharing app makes it easy to keep track of your family and monitor their online activity. Check the real-time location of your kids, receive alerts when they leave from or arrive at home or school, set tasks for them to complete, and monitor text messaging.

Download the Kidgy app for iOS devices or Android devices

With a few parental control monitoring apps on your phone, you can always oversee your kids’ online activity. And remember, for these apps to work, you and your kids should have reliable internet access on your phones.

Setting up a hotspot will keep your child connected so you can use these apps and monitor their whereabouts and online searches any time you need.

Consider running a speed test as you’ll want to make sure you get at least 10 Mbps from your internet connection (more if you use a lot of devices in your home).

Once your apps are installed, you can feel more at ease with your kids’ online activity.

Safe Search Kids Victoria Schmid enjoys writing about technology for the “everyday” person. She is a specialist in online business marketing and consumer technology. She has a background in broadcast journalism.

Best Parental Controls Apps for iPhone that are Easy to Use

Parental Control Apps iPhone

Technology has brought out both the good and bad in society. We can, however, deploy measures to curb the harmful part. As adults, we are afraid of malware attacking our iPhones. For our kids, it’s another story altogether.

We can’t always control what may lurks around the corner with just one simple click on a seemingly safe website. Others may be following the advice of their friends who just told them about a cool website or page. As a parent, you can equip you computers and smart phones with tools that block access to bad parts of the internet.

To prevent our kids from viewing inappropriate content, or talking to strangers, we need parental control applications. Here are some resources you can research and use to control your kid’s iPhone activities.

1: FamilyTime (At Home and for Schools)

Whether your kids use many ways to interact with their friends, or they only access a few favorite apps, FamilyTime is easy to use for parents managing multiple devices in their home.  Text, calls, social media apps, and even a child’s contacts are easily accessible. This helps parents be proactive about potential problems with friends, including cyberbullying.

You can activate SafeSearch on Google and other search engines, in addition to relying on a web filter that blocks harmful content. FamilyTime is also an advanced geo-fencing app alerting parents when their child leaves a particular zone that’s been set up. This can include school, the mall, the playground or a friends house.

The family locator shows a map of where all of your family members are at any given time.  Relatives, babysitters, and spouses who are taking care of your children can be given free access to the app’s monitoring and control features while you are way. 

The FamilyTime app is unique because of it’s ability to also provide parental controls to schools on a mass scale. From single classrooms, to an entire school, teachers and administrators can monitor, control, filter and manage usage of multiple student devices just like parents do at home.   

2. Qustodio

This parental control program works on mobiles devices as an app, as well as on Windows computers and Macs that don’t traditionally install software via an app store.  Basically, it’s complete parental controls for any device you may have in your home. You can also access your parental dashboard easily from any devices you are personally using.  Qustodio builds healthy digital habits to help prevent screen addiction.  This is done by setting usage limits that can be adjusted individually for any family member.

Features include:  Filtering out websites you don’t want your kids to visit.  Grant access to only specific websites. Monitor all online activity on websites and apps on any device. Blocking games and potentially harmful apps.  Ensure kids are at home when they should be or locate any family member when they are at school, on the playground or at a friends house.  You’ll also receive reports and alerts of suspicious activity. To get started you can create a parental control account for free.

A bonus for Android devices is the ability to track phone calls and SMS. For all phones, tablets and computers multi-device features include smart web filters that are always active, as well as advanced social media monitoring.  The SOS feature enables kids to instantly alert parents of trouble where ever they may be. 

Download for Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, iPhone/iPad, Kindle

3: Spyic Parental Control App for iPhones (iPhone Monitoring Application)

Are you still wondering what to do with your smart kids on the phone? Well, Spyic is a monitoring software that has won recognition all over the world with millions of downloads.

The reason behind the popularity is that Spyic shows what you need to see on any iPhone remotely. Another thing, its working mode does not notify the targeted user. That is how your kids will remain in the dark as you remotely see what they are doing.

Spyic works on both iOS and Android phones. It allows you to keep an eye on your kids iPhone activities. When it comes to the Apple devices, it will notify you of everything being done on the phone or tablet. That means you will get to see the calls made, SMSs, contacts, browsing history, live location, social media and more.

You get all these in real-time and without any download, installation, or jailbreak. You only need your child’s iPhone iCloud ID to start monitoring them. The only thing you need to make sure is that the two-step verification is turned off and iCloud syncing on.

Once you have their iCloud details, you can set up Spyic online and go ahead to see what your kids are doing. You will be receiving the results via your established account, which hosts a user-friendly dashboard.

4. Covenant Eyes Parental Controls and Accountability

Covenant Eyes is a parental control app and software for iPhone that is marketed to faith based groups. It focuses on helping families and individuals who have a desire to resist a lifestyle of porn with a focus on faithfulness. The software company also provides resources and training to live a porn-free lifestyle for teens and adults alike. Apart from this, the software application looks and behaves like any other parental control program. It blocks and monitors content for kids and teens, with the added ability for adults to install it and set up one or more accountability partners.

To further clarify, Covenant Eyes allows parents to protect younger kids from harmful material online. As kids grow older, restrictions can be lowered but parents can still receive reports and monitor activity as family members learn online responsibility. For adults struggling with graphic content and online addictions, they can install the app on their iPhone or Android with full control. However, they sign up a friend as an accountability partner to receive reports if explicit websites are visited. This accountability model can be similarly used for teens who would set up their parents as accountability partners.

Alternative Parental Controls for iPhone & other devices:

  1. Learn how to monitor your child’s text messages on iPhone and Android without them knowing.
  2. For Safe Search on any mobile device without tracking, download our the free Google Safe Search App, which provides the same filtering as our website.

5. iSharing Location App

iSharing is a top rated location sharing app for families, friends and anyone in a relationship who wishes to stay with each other.  It also enables users to track a cell phone for free while using the location sharing features.  Knowing where everyone in the family is at any given time is easy with a real-time GPS phone locator.

This location sharing app is also about sharing life with those you love, not just ensuring their safety. The unique Street View feature allows you to see the accurate location of your loved one’s surroundings while chatting via text and even sharing photos, all without having to leave the app. 

Place Alert notifies you when those connected are ‘on the move’. Panic Alert tells you they need help at their location when they shake their phone.  iSharing also allows you to get location history for past movements and keep an eye on the driving habits of your teens.  And the sharing of life and location can happen even when they leave home for college or go on a trip as a young adult.

6. Screen Time Control

The Screen Time Parental Control app is another software that you can use to control your kids’ iPhone activities. It allows you to block the kids by stating the screen times. This app has small rewards to award your kids when they show good phone-use behavior. It offers a free version with limited controls with the option to upgrade to complete monitoring on iPhone and other devices.

Screen Time also helps in controlling other Apple devices such as the Kindle Fire and Alexa smart speakers. The good thing about this parental control monitoring for iPhone is that it will notify you when your kid tries to install anything. You can also see the most used apps and browsing history.

Every good software program or app that offers free parental controls should be judged on the effectiveness of search filtering, app and screen time management, alerts, reports and location tracking.

If you are seeking a phone tracker app, read the mspy review exploring how these types of apps are not only designed for parental use, but also for employers. Works on both iPhone and Android devices.

7. Cocospy Parental Control Application

Another powerful software that can monitor your kids secretly and remotely is the Cocospy solution. This is another app with global recognition. It works on all iPhones with iOS version 7.0 or later without download, installation, or jailbreak.

All you need to start monitoring your kid’s iPhone with Cocospy is their iCloud credentials. Once you have that, you will not need the kid’s phone. All you need is to register an account via the Cocospy website and verify the iCloud ID.

After the setup, you will see everything stored on the phone and more. Cocospy reveals the calls, contacts, photos, videos, social media activities including Snapchat, installed apps, and more. It operates while hidden which means your kid will not know about it.

Cocospy has a dashboard that works on all browsers. That means you can always check on your kids no matter where you are. The only thing that will be restraining you is an internet connection.

8. Parental Control App – OurPact

The last one on the list is OurPact parental control app that can help you control your kid’s iPhone remotely. It will allow you to block apps or unwanted text messages. You can also use it to locate your kid and schedule the screen time throughout the day or even week.

In the location feature, you can also set up Geofencing via the family locator to prevent your kids from going to unwanted places. Is the kid installing something new? This app will notify you about the new application.

You can later allow or block it. The best part about it is the porn blocker feature. It will enable you to prevent all the adult staff you don’t want the kid to access.

Proactive Protection with Parental Controls

Before you give your son or daughter a phone (or yours), make sure it has one of these apps. That way, you will know everything they are doing while protecting them from harm online.

Kids are often more tech savvy than their parents when it comes to phone use. On the other hand, with the right parental control app for your family you can also stay ahead. You will also know when to limit or restrict the unwanted activities.

About The Author:  Aqib Ijaz is a Digital Marketer, Guest Post, and IT Professional. He loves to write on different topics. In free time, he likes to travel and explore the different parts of the world. You can follow him on eyesonsolution.

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What does it take to provide a safer web experience for kids? It takes a combination of tools and resources working together in unison: internet filtering, safe and secure browsing, parental control apps, and education. That is our mission at Safe Search Kids as we work to deliver these four cornerstones of online safety to parents, teachers, and students.