Parental Controls for Google, iPads & Samsung Tablets

Parental Controls for Tablets

If you are planning to buy a tablet for your child this year you may also be exploring parental control options for Google, as well as available safety apps for iPads and Samsung Tablets. There are plenty of buzz words out there related on internet safety, security and parental controls.  It can be overwhelming especially for new parents who are giving a child their very first tablet.

We’ll do our best to break everything down for you. The last thing you need is to duplicate processes while overlooking safety and security essentials in an effort to make sure your new tablet or iPad kid safe.  Let’s begin!

  1. We’ll explore what you need to make your tablet safe.
  2. We’ll let you know what you don’t necessarily need to make it safe.
  3. We’ll talk about software programs or apps are redundant.

Parental Controls On Google

Firstly, if you are seeking a free parental control while searching Google, we have an app for that.  Download our Google SafeSearch App for any tablet and instruct your kids to only use it to search Google.  It provides the same strict filtering results as featured on the top of our website, but provided within the confines of an app.  You may want to remove/delete all other search apps such as Safari for iPad and Chrome so they are not accessible for use.

Google also offers Family Link.  It provides free tools to guide kids to good content, teach and set digital ground rules, monitor screen time and track location.

Parental Control Software and Parental Control Apps often refer to programs that block access to the entire web.  Our search app and Google’s Family Link do not block or monitor internet access. Google SafeSearch only filters the web while searching.  Our app and Family Link are free tools you can use to provide a certain level of parental control.

Greater restrictions are needed through a parental control app or software for those who want to stop older kids from taking steps to download harmful content. This may include re-downloading other search apps that you removed from the tablet.  Explore the options available within our recommended Parental Control App for complete blocking and monitoring.

Social Media Safety

Even if you have Google search covered, kids will also have access to outside content via their social media platforms.  Every parent should have an open and honest conversation about which social media websites are allowed in your home.  You can implement agreed upon guidelines as well, but this is where complete parental control apps can allow parents to see everything that is happening on any device the software is installed.

Parental control with a paid subscription model will have a parent dashboard to view app downloads on all devices.  The dashboard will also allow you to limit screen time and block specific hours when users are allowed online, such as late in the evening or when you are not home.  And of course, all bad sites can be blocked not matter what method us used to find them, even if accidentally.

KTablets with Parental Controlids Tablets with Parental Control

If you have younger kids and not looking for a fully functional device like iPad or a Samsung tablet, there are fun activity tablets that already come with their own parental controls built in.  These are very basic user-friendly tablets for kids that provide a safe environment for game downloads and internet search.  Explore these tablets here.

Anti-Virus for Tablets

While parental control is all about protecting kids from accessing inappropriate websites, it does not block viruses.   If you are getting a tablet for younger kids that are going to be strictly using Google safe search, then the risk for infection from computer viruses is lower.  Generally, tablets are safer than PC computers but virus infection can still happen.

iPads are more secure because Apple’s operating system is more closed.  Samsung tablets are running on an Android platform, which is more open, and therefore more susceptible.  Just be aware that parental control or any other app designed to deliver safe search does not protect against viruses or malware.

Other than visiting infected website, email is the most common way a computer will get infected from a virus.   If your child is not running email, then the risk of infect is reduced even more.  If they are using a filtering search engine like ours, they are also less likely to end up on an infected website.  To clarify, parental control software does not stop virus infections.

Read more about options related to internet safety related to virus protection.  It’s another article where were break down the various buzz words related to internet safety and security.

Lets Review for Tablet Safety

  • At the very least install our safe Google search app. It’s free.
  • And it won’t hurt to consider Google’s Family Link app.  It provides additional tools to equip families to be safe online.
  • For complete parental control, look for a software program that promises the ability to control different levels is internet access to different member’s of the family.
  • Install anti-virus software for email and consider anti malware software to safety against infected websites.

Online Gaming Security

If you have an avid gamer in the household using a PC or Macintosh computer, McAfee provides gamer anti-virus protection while increasing gaming performance.  This stops users from turning off the Anti-Virus program they may have because it slows down their computer operating system.

Download our Guide to setting up Free Parental Controls Using Factory Settings on your various devices.

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