Understanding Emotions Through Games: Helping Kids Cope With Anxiety

Understanding Emotions Through Games: Help Your Children Cope With Anxiety

Video games are often considered to be a bad “parasite” for children. People myth video games as a source of distractions that take children away from their studies and real life. While playing video games for an extreme amount of time could result in the said consequences, managed gaming sessions help kids be mentally stable.

Various pieces of research have concluded that video games let the human brain divert away from stressful circumstances and reduce anxiety. During a tough time, a person has to feel the sense of mastery, confidence and being in charge, while also breaking the thoughtful contact with the cause of the stress. Video games, strangely, have a mixture of exactly the right ingredients to deal with stress.

There are different types of anxiety disorders that your kids can suffer from. Panic disorder, Separation Anxiety or Social Anxiety, and others might make your children go through a hard time. But games can help them escape the unnecessary stress and the burden on their little brains. Developing an ideal schedule incorporating gaming sessions can help your kid deal with that stress.

Finding the right games to relieve stress

While gaming can relieve stress, it can also cause stress if the wrong games are played. Many games today are too competitive to play and the children might get frustrated if they keep losing a level of the game repeatedly.

As mentioned above, gaming relieves stress by putting the player at a stage where he feels in control. If he keeps losing a stage, again and again, the sense of being in control starts to wear off.

To ensure your kid doesn’t suffer from such type of stress, make sure he doesn’t play games that are unnecessarily hard and competitive. Casual games which relax the brain cells are the ideal fit for children.

Exposure to brain stimulation

Children’s minds are designed to absorb new information rapidly. That’s why the early years of a child’s life are the best to teach him life ethics and morals. If their brain doesn’t get enough stimulation and activity regularly, they might start to lose out on their creativity and brain capability.

Games are a great way to ensure your kid gets the necessary level of regular brain simulation. While physical activity is crucial for a healthy body, games are important for a sound mind.

Video games also let the children explore and express their emotions. When they’re trying to get through a level of a game, they’re developing problem-solving techniques. When they fail, they develop the notion of trying, again and again, until they succeed. When they do succeed, the children get the sense of joy and happiness that the brain releases after it’s accomplished a goal.

Keeping gaming sessions in check

Too much of a good thing often turns out to be bad; the same rule applies to video games. Where controlled gaming sessions have many positive impacts on children’s brains, playing games for an extended period might result in mental, as well as physical health concerns.

To begin with, longer-than-usual gaming sessions can produce strain on the eyes. The children might find it difficult to relax their eyes, stay calm, and sleep peacefully. Regular exposure to this strain can weaken the eyesight — which is a terrible, long-term problem.

A creative way to spend time

Children have plenty of time at home. While playing games 24/7 isn’t what I suggest, maintained gaming sessions can help children pass their time and avoid boredom.

Boredom often leads to unnecessary thoughts and worries about difficult circumstances that could result in anxiety and stress. During hard times, we want to stay away from boredom, and giving away an hour of our daily routine to gaming helps well.

Unlocking desired games with residential proxies

Not all games are created equal. You want to make sure your child only plays games that are relaxing and relieve stress. When you find such a game locked due to geographical barriers, you can unlock and access it by using residential proxies.  These proxies also offer a way of protecting your privacy preventing your data from getting stolen while playing games online.  They can also improve browsing speed.


Games are a great way for children to relieve stress and fight anxiety in tough times. They provide the necessary mental stimulation to children’s brains and boost their creativity. However, gaming sessions must be kept in check and shouldn’t exceed a set period.

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