What are the Friendliest Cat Breeds for Kids?

If you are thinking of getting a cat but you have a kid at home, you might be concerned if the new pet will get along with your child. It is true that there are cat breeds that are not dealing well with little humans, but there are quite a few that can become more than great friends with your kids.

Keep reading to discover which breeds you should consider when choosing a pet for a household with children.

Are cats really that unfriendly?

Cats can be very temperamental, and they are not the easiest pet to train. Some breeds have a really short temper and enjoy their alone time, so if you have a baby at home, this might not actually be problematic. However, don’t panic, some breeds are very friendly and affectionate and will become the best friend of your kid.

You indeed have seen a number of clips out there of cats just jumping in a kid’s bed and protecting them during the night. So, if you would love a cat that will cuddle with your baby or toddler just like that, you will have to look for a breed that has the tendency to be calm and affectionate. Such species form a deep connection with their families and quickly become very attached, even to the youngest members.

How to choose the best cats for kids

There are some considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing a cat for a family with little kids that will help you select the right breed. Let’s check them out:

  • Personality — As you might expect, the personality of the cat breed is the first thing to consider. Many breeds are known to not be very easy to train and not tolerant even towards adults. So, those are, of course, out of the question. Later in the article, you can find the best breeds for kids.
  • Size — You should also keep the cat’s size in mind. If you live in a small apartment, a cat like the Maine Coon might not be the perfect fit, even though they are known to be very gentle and love kids. Check how big the cat might get and think if you will have enough space.
  • Cat schedule — Cats are generally more nocturnal, so you should look for one that is cal even during night hours, so you and your kids can get some needed sleep. Also, consider the schedule you will need to keep to take care of them. You better not go for a breed that can easily get sick or is predisposed to some common health conditions. Of course, you can’t always be prepared but check the family tree of your cat, if possible, for known issues.

What are the friendliest cat breeds for kids?

What are the friendliest cat breeds for kids?

And let’s come to the main point for which you are here — what cat breed you should consider taking if you have a little kid. Below you can see some of the best options.


If you want a calm and gentle pet, then a Ragdoll is perfect for you and your family. Those cats become very attached to their owners and are very loving towards even the smallest members. They will be happy to cuddle with your kid and give them gentle kisses. Ragdolls also have their fun side, and they love some play from time to time. So, even for toddlers that love to run around with their fluffy friends, this can be a great partner in crime.

Snow Bengal Cat

The Snow Bengal Cat Breed is not only stunningly beautiful but very friendly. You will fall in love the moment you see their amazing eyes and feel the silky fur. There are three main types — Snow Seal Lynx Bengal, Snow Seal Mink Bengals, and Snow Seal Sepia Bengal but they are all very friendly and a perfect member for a household with kids. They are more active than other breeds, but this won’t cause you issues when it comes to how they will treat your children.

Maine Coon

There is no way we won’t mention the Maine Coon or, as you might know, them, the Gentle Giants. They are very big, and their hearts are just as big and full of love toward each family member. Those cats will welcome your kid with open paws and will always be their carrying companion. You shouldn’t be surprised if you find out that the Main Coon is sharing the bed with your kid and will not give that up for anything.


Another wonderful breed that is also very affectionate and friendly is the Himalayan. This breed is a mixture of Siamese and Persian and has the best quality of both. It is very calm and might spend hours sleeping on the couch and not bother anyone. But also will appreciate some cuddles with their owner on a regular basis. They are great with kids, and you won’t make a mistake if you get a Himalayan for a pet.

No matter what cat you choose, or any other pet for that matter, read how family pets for good for kids.

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