Why You Should Repair Your Smartphones

Why Fix Your Broken Smart Phone

This year, Americans are expected to spend $4 billion on smartphone repairs.  Compared to the $59 billion they spend on new phones, this isn’t a lot.  But as the lifespans of phones increase and the cost of new devices rise, Americans are holding onto their phones longer. When we keep the same phone for a longer time, we’re more likely to see breaks happen.

Phone damage happens to the best of us.  In the US, 2 smartphone screens crack every second. 72% of people have a smartphone that’s broken in some way.  Those who have previously broken a phone are twice as likely to do it again.  Breaks usually happen on the go; nearly a third of broken phones got their scars in a car or parking lot.

Chances are you’ve dealt with a broken phone before.  Before you rush to replace it, consider the alternatives.  Right now, the majority of people say they would rather upgrade to a new device than fix an old one.  Yet there are many benefits to repairing a broken device, especially for those who care about the environment.  When fewer new devices are manufactured, factors produce less greenhouse gas emissions.  Tossed electronic devices contain hazardous chemicals, and improper disposal can harm ecosystems.

Repairing devices reduces the number of discarded devices out there.  Additional factors to consider are convenience and cost savings.  Repairing your old phone means you won’t have to adjust to a new device.  Furthermore, consumers typically spend less on repairs than they would on purchasing a replacement. Even better than repairing your phone, you can take precautions to ensure it does not break in the first place.  Here are a few easy ways to protect your device from damage.

To start, use a sturdy phone case.  Cases guard against drops and other damage.  The best cases have shock-absorbent materials like silicone or rubber.  Another thing you can use is a screen protector.  Protectors guard your screen against scratches and most cracking.  Many new phones are made with Gorilla Glass, meaning screen protectors aren’t as necessary as they used to be.  Finally, charge your battery.  Maintain at least 50% charge whenever possible to maximize your phone’s battery life.  If you feel like you’re constantly needing to charge, it’s time for a battery check-up.  These usually happen every 2-3 years.

Make your smartphone last. Use reasonable protection and invest in easily accessible, cost-saving repairs.

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