Learn These Tricks On How To Work With Very Large Numbers

How To Work With Very Large Numbers

Most people cringe at the thought of having to work with large numbers. It can be daunting and seemingly impossible to get everything correct. However, there are a few tricks that you can use to make the process a little bit easier. This blog post will discuss some of those tricks so that you can feel confident when working with large numbers.

Have a Calculator With You

This may seem like an obvious solution, but it is often overlooked. A calculator can help you keep track of the digits in a large number and ensure that you are adding or subtracting them correctly. If you do not have a calculator handy, you can also use a pencil and paper to keep track of the digits.

There are a few things to remember when using a calculator to work with large numbers. First, you should line the digits up in columns, so it is easy to see which digits go where. This will help you to avoid making any mistakes. Second, you should take your time and double-check your work before moving on. It is better to take a little bit longer and get the answer right than to hurry and make a mistake.

Learn the Units of Measure

Another trick that can be helpful when working with large numbers is to learn the bytes. This will help you understand the magnitude of the numbers you are working with. It gives you the knowledge of huge units such as yottabytes. This is a unit of measurement that equals one septillion bytes. You may need to also learn more about the units after the yottabyte and the sets of bytes. In data storage, such units come into play. It’s because the volumes of the data sometimes are huge.

In addition to understanding the magnitude of the numbers, you should also be familiar with the abbreviations for each unit of measure. For example, the abbreviation for million is “M,” and the acronym for billion is “B.” It helps you quickly identify the size of the number without having it.

Write Down the Problem

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it is essential to do. When working with large numbers, it can be easy to lose track of what you are doing. Writing down the problem can help you keep track of your work and avoid making any mistakes.

When you write down the problem, write it out in full. It means that you should write out all the numbers involved and the operation you are performing (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division). This will help you keep track of your work and ensure that you are doing the problem correctly.

Draw a Diagram

The third trick is to sketch the data outline. This can be especially helpful when working with multiplication or division problems. Drawing a picture of the problem can help you visualize what you are doing and ensure that you are doing the problem correctly.

When you draw a diagram, be sure to label everything. It includes the numbers involved in the problem and the operation you are performing. This will help you keep track of your work and avoid making mistakes.

Use Place Value

This means you should write out the numbers in groups of three, starting from the right side. For example, if you are working with the number 12345, you would write it as 12,345. It can help you understand what each digit represents and make it easier to do the math.

Round Off the Numbers

This means that you will not be working with the exact number, but you will be close enough that it will not make a difference in the final answer. If you are working with the number 22,345, round it off to 22,000. It will make it easier to do the math and will not change the final answer much.

Depend on Estimation

Learn These Tricks On How To Work With Very Large Numbers

This is where the answer approximation comes first before the actual calculation. For example, if you add two numbers, one of them is 9,876, you can estimate that the answer will be close to 10,000. It helps you check your work and ensure that you are on the right track.

These are just a few tricks that can help you work with large numbers. While they may not seem like much, they can be a big help in making sure that you get the answer right. So, next time you are faced with a large number, remember these tricks and see if they help you get the answer right.

A Positive Impact Of Technology In Empowering Students To Learn Better

Technology Empowering Students to Learn Better

As time passes, people become more and more reliant on technology in their personal and professional lives. Technology has greatly influenced how we learn as well. With the advent of technology, students and learners can now learn in a more entertaining and interesting way.

Since young and old alike are starting to embrace technology, it is now easier for students to learn using the resources found on the Internet.

With the help of technology, the learning method has become much more effective. By helping students to learn better, technology can provide a very positive impact on education today. In this article, you will gain more insight into how technology gets a positive impact on empowering students to learn better.

1. Enhances Learning Experience

Technology has also helped in improving the learning experience. With the help of technology, students can now enjoy learning more because they are now exposed to a more interactive and entertaining way to learn. Technology can engage learners in order to keep them focused on what they are learning. This is shown by the fact that the majority of people use technology nowadays not only for entertainment but also for educational purposes.

It is also a great help for teachers and educators. Teachers can now engage learners in more effective ways to make the learning experience more enjoyable for the students. Therefore, students can now enjoy learning at a much better level.

2. Motivate Students To Learn

The world is changing every day. With technology, students grow up in a more dynamic environment, making them want to learn more. Technology has improved learning, which makes the students want to be more knowledgeable and better educated. Students today are now using technology for education and entertainment (e.g., playing video games) and other personal uses.

This is a significant benefit that technology provides. It has helped improve how students learn and how they will be motivated in the future. This will make them want to continue learning in order to develop personalities that are more interactive and able to deal with the challenges of life today.

3. Makes Learning Accessible Anywhere

Accessibility is what has made the world more advanced. Technology has helped students to widen their knowledge and skills. This is because students can learn using their home and mobile devices in case they are on a trip or traveling. With technology, people may learn at any time and in any location. Therefore, being able to get educational resources online has made education much more accessible and, therefore, very valuable.

Students can easily access informational resources anytime and anywhere. Therefore, they will have the ability to learn as well as do their daily activities. Since parents can now give their children unlimited access to the Internet, it is now easier for parents to monitor what their children are doing online. They can quickly check on their child’s activities without having to compromise their privacy.

4. Provides Opportunities for Learners to Develop Relationships

As a result of technology, people have developed relationships with their friends and family members. This is because they can communicate online, where they can meet up with their loved ones anytime they want. Technology has dramatically enhanced the way children interact with one another. Today’s parents are always available for their children at home or traveling. The phone, social media, and video games have helped provide children an opportunity to grow closer together, which results in stronger relationships.

5. Helps Learners to Improve Their Communication Skills

The world has become digitalized, thus, improving the way of communication. In order to improve their communication skills, students need to use technology since this is the way of learning in the modern world. Students can enhance their writing and speaking skills by using various techniques such as computers and mobile phones to send text messages or emails. This has made it easier for students who want to improve their English language skills.

Education today is more technical and requires more skills when compared to the past. Therefore, students need to use technology in order to be able to communicate with one another. Technology has helped learners develop the necessary skills required in today’s world.

6. Improves Leadership Skills

The world has become even more competitive. Many organizations expect their employees to be equipped with the necessary leadership skills. Leadership is essential in today’s world because it helps people be motivated and encouraged to be more productive in everything they do. In order to develop leadership skills, students need to understand technology better.

Studies have proven that those who use technology can enhance their leadership skills quicker than those who have not yet learned how to use technology. This is because technology has been proven to help people be more productive and consistent in their work.

7. Improves Decision-Making Skills

Today’s life is more challenging and competitive than ever before. In order to succeed in life, people must now be able to make decisions on time when needed. This is only possible if individuals can make quick decisions. Technology has helped improve this skill because it enables students to use laptops, computers, tablets, and other mobile devices to get information faster, thus making the process easier for them.

For the students, this has made it easier to get adequate information to make faster decisions. This will help them make better decisions in their daily tasks and studies. This will make them efficient when making decisions and, therefore, will be able to conduct themselves with greater confidence.

8. Enhances Creativity and Problem-solving Skills

Technology has greatly enhanced the creativity of students. Today, they can access vast amounts of information easily with computers and mobile phones. This makes it easy for them to develop innovative ideas in their daily activities. The modern world demands innovation. Therefore, students must be creative to survive in this competitive world.

This is because they need to develop creative solutions and solutions that will be useful and productive in all aspects of life today.


Technology has enhanced the lives of learners as well as teachers. It has made learning and teaching easier for both students and teachers. This is because technology has enabled us to learn much faster. In order to be successful in life, people must understand how technology works. Therefore, parents should include technology in their children’s learning methods to develop good characteristics that can serve them throughout their lives.

Author Bio

Andrea Gibbs is currently the head of content management at SpringHive Web Design Company, a digital agency that provides creative web design, social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. She is also a blog contributor at Baby Steps Preschool where she writes storytime themes, parenting tips, and seasonal activities to entertain children.

Internet Safety for Kids

Internet Safety for Kids

We understand that internet safety for kids is a top priority for parents and teachers who are providing online access to younger children and teens alike. Safe search resources for the internet should not replace proper parental or teacher supervision, but it can go a long way to protect those most vulnerable.

Here are few tips to encourage online safety for kids when surfing the world wide web whether at home or in school.

Internet Safety for Kids

  • Have an open conversation with your kids about safe browsing and computer use. Explain why online safety is important.  Teach them that with the freedom to explore the internet comes responsibility.
  • Do not replace parental or teacher supervision of computer use at home or at school with our safe search engine or any other. No search filtering tool is perfect, especially outside of a software application.  We’ll explore that option momentarily.
  • A good rule of thumb is to not allow internet use when a child is home alone without proper supervision, even with our safe search kids search engine.
  • Keep your computer in an open area. If your computer is in a home office, make a rule that doors are always left open when online.
  • Educate yourself on how to stay safe when using social media and have open discussions with teens about present dangers and long term effects of inappropriate conduct, including the dangers associated with posting pictures online.
  • It’s not a good idea to allow computers or laptops in your kids bedrooms, even while using our free internet filter, unless they are close to the main area of the house such as the kitchen or living room with doors left open.
  • Do not allow internet use after you’ve gone to bed at night no matter how good your computer security software is or how confident you are in kids search engines.
  • As alluded to above, software can provide better web filtering to strengthen internet safety for kids.  Consider installing parental controls to give you complete control over how your children access the internet.

Internet Safety Tips – What Kids Can Do!

  • With the rise in identity theft it’s important recognize that it’s not only adults that can be a target. Here are some tips that kids should know to protect themselves today, and as they grow older.
  • Do not give out personal information about yourself online without your parent’s permission. This includes your name, where you live or your telephone number.
  • Never to agree to meet someone that you have met online. If you do not know the person in ‘real life’, tell your parents about anyone that is asking to meet you.
  • Talk to your parents first about pictures you want to post online, whether they be of yourself or your friends and family members.
  • Do not respond to messages you receive that are mean or speaking meanly about others. Tell your parents about these messages.  Learn what you can do if you are a victim of online bullying
  • Do not give out any of your passwords to friends or anyone you meet online.
  • Check with your parents first before downloading or installing any software on your computer. Do not allow file sharing programs to be installed on your computer. Only use safe and secure music download programs from trusted sources on the internet.
  • Always be kind of others online. Do not do anything that may hurt others including joining in conversations discussing other people’s problems.
  • Be careful about discussing details about your own personal problems with your friends online. It is better to speak to them in person. Tell your parents or teacher if you are struggling with something.
  • Learn common sense social media safety tips you can put into practice today. 
  • Ensure privacy settings on activated on all of social media websites you use.
  • Remember that the rules for internet safety for kids also apply to texting on your phone.
  • Agree to computer rules set up by your parents, teachers or guardians. With freedom and trust comes the expectation that you will act responsibly.

Parental Controls for Internet Safety

Parents have always tried to protect their children from exposure to inappropriate content. Content filters are the oldest form of parental controls. These tools allow parents to block websites, videos, music, games, apps, and other media. Some content filters even allow parents to monitor what their child watches on TV.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of companies offering similar services. Many of them offer free trials, which allows parents to try out the service before purchasing it. There are many different types of content filters available today. Some are designed to block all content while others are designed to filter certain types of content. For example, a parent might choose to block all adult content while allowing educational sites to pass through. 

Set up parental controls on phones

While there are many apps designed to keep kids safe while they’re using the web, parents should also consider installing parental controls for other devices in the home. These tools allow parents to set restrictions on how long their child can use the device, which websites they can visit, and whether they can access specific features.

If you’ve got an Android device, you can easily set up parental controls by downloading the Google Play Protect app. This free app scans your device for malware and other threats, then gives you recommendations on how to protect your data. You can also download the Family Link app, which allows you to share your account with family members so they can manage their own accounts as well.

Block apps from accessing the internet

With these two tools, you can block apps from accessing the internet, preventing them from accessing any websites. You’ll need to do this manually each time you use the app, though. And example of blocking apps is a social media platform you don’t want your kids to access.  Some social media sites are innocent enough and you’ll want to monitor them.  Others may have content you will need to keep a closer eye on.

Prevent your child from sharing personal information

You can also use parental controls to block apps that contain potentially dangerous features. For example, some games allow players to share personal information with other users. This includes things like your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Restrict access to websites

If you’re worried about your child’s exposure to inappropriate content, you can restrict access to certain websites by using parental controls. These controls allow parents to set up filters that prevent their children from viewing certain sites.  YouTube parental controls are good example of a site that may have educational content, but parents wants to ensure there are restrictions on less appropriate videos.

Monitor your child’s activity.

If you’re worried about your child’s activities online, you can monitor their device using a parental control app. These apps will let you view everything your child does on their phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll be able to see who they’re talking to, where they’ve been, and what they’re doing.

Internet Filtering Solutions

Internet Accountability: The Covenant Eyes Filter provides the following options:  Decide the times of day the Internet may be used, and how much time per day or per week the Internet may be surfed under each username. Choose whether to block or to allow specific websites specific to each username.  This software can be used to help block instant messaging, file sharing, and other protocols. The basic Covenant Eyes Accountability feature teaches safe browsing habits. Just knowing that an extra set of eyes in watching, encourages your family members to be responsible when surfing the internet.

For complete control, especially for younger children or for those times you are not available to monitor computer activity, ensure internet safety for kids using installations that block access to inappropriate content online.  These solutions will come in the form of an app for mobile devices or software for computers and lap tops.

Internet safety for kids should be the first priority of any parent or guardian when seeking protection of children online. It certainly can be a balance to juggle freedom on the internet with a safe level of online restrictions. Implement safe search using a kids search engine along with a filtering software program. Safe Search for Kids is designed to work hand in hand with supervision by parents and educators.

The History of Father’s Day

The History of Father's Day

Father’s Day is a day set aside to celebrate fathers or men who perform the responsibilities of dads to children. It is a special day for men.  Beyond a curiosity of Father’s Day history you may also be wondering what you can do to make dad feel special this year.

First, let’s explore its origin. Originally, the American first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Washington.  Still, it did not become an official holiday in the United States of America until 1971.

It happened when President W. Wilson declared it to be celebrated officially.  However, another very special day for another family member came first.

Father’s Day Had Help from Mother’s Day

Mother’s day was a galvanizing factor in catalyzing father’s day. The Mother’s day celebration was inspired in 1860’s by the activist Anna Maria Jarvis, who was well known for her activism.

The campaign to celebrate the nation’s fathers did not create the same excitement.  On July 5, 1908, a West Virginia church organized the nation’s first event in honor of fathers. It was a Sunday sermon in memory of the 362 men who died in the December’s explosions at the Fairmont Coal Company mines in Monongah, but it was only a one-time affair and not an annual holiday.

The following year, in Spokane, Washington, Sonora Smart Dodd attempted to organize a Father’s Day analogue. She was the only child of a widower who raised her and her five siblings. Sonora made this effort through visits to local churches, shopkeepers, YMCA and government officials in order to gather support for this idea. Fortunately for dads she was successful.

On June 19, 1910, Washington celebrated the nation’s first official Father’s day in a state. Then, President Calvin Coolidge urged all states to celebrate Father’s day as an annual holiday in 1924. Men scoffed at this and tagged it an attempt to sensationalize the roles of fathers. However, the celebration has continued to grow in popularity even among the naysayers.

Today, Father’s day is celebrated every third Sunday of June in most countries.

Special Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day 2022 is a special day for dads. And if you have been wracking your brain trying to decide the particular gift that will show much you appreciate your father’s special and unique parenting, then this is for you;

1. Customized 3D Photo Stand

Fathers like to decorate their desks with photos of their loved ones. This is a perfect gift for him. Every time he sees it, he realizes how much he is loved and valued by his family. This gives him a boost and even if he was having a bad day, it all suddenly changes.

2. A Father’s Day Photo Book

As much as most Fathers like to behave like masculinity and sentimentality have no relations, who wouldn’t be moved by a beautiful father’s day photo book filled with memories that can induce nostalgia? No one. This may just be a perfect gift especially for a father who is a little less showy. He wants something about you but not necessarily something to put on display. A customized photo book may contain childhood pictures of yourself and your father taking him on a trip down memory lane or favorite pictures of you which you caption with the various reasons why you love your dad.

You could create a “first year with dad” photo book or create and share a digital photo book online. It contains pictures of the first year every child had with their dad. This serves two purposes; to celebrate the father and also as a sort of keepsake for kids who won’t remember their first year. You could also record the milestones of a kid’s life with their dads. Things like “first time crawling with dad”, “first time walking” and so on, will be recorded here.

3. A Customized Father’s Day Story Book

Fatherhood is really not easy and not as celebrated as it should be. For too long, mother’s day has taken the grand stage. To correct this,  it is important that father’s day gifts show the right amount of thoughtfulness and appreciation. A Customized father’s day story book may be a great way to celebrate fathers. A customized story book may involve you taking the main character of a story and personalizing it in the form of your father. Who doesn’t want to be the hero in a book?

Fathers in general, have been real life heroes in the life of their kids and therefore, deserve this honor.  Create a book for your dad celebrating his unique strengths and weaknesses making this father’s day one of the best he has ever experienced. Create a story book for dad, make him the hero of the story, just like he is in reality and give him a Father’s day worth remembering in 2022.

Father’s day is a day worth remembering with fond memories and hopefully these gift ideas will help make it special for the dad in your family.

Father’s Day Today

The History of Father's Day

Although Father’s Day began in the United States, the idea grew to become a popular day for dad in other parts of the world.  It is celebrated on different days in different countries. Many Latin countries celebrate is on commemorate it on St. Joseph’s Day, which is March 19 of each each.  This is due to influence of the Catholic faith in those countries. In many Pacific countries like Australia, Father’s Day happens on the first Sunday in September.

Whether you  showing your love to the father or father figure in your life on the third Sunday of June in The United States or Europe, or on a different day entirely, there is one thing we can all agree on.  Dad is special and we want to show how much we appreciate all he does for us.  For those whose father’s have passed on, it is still a day we can think of him with fondness and remember the he person he was and continues to be in our hearts and mind.

Happy Father’s Day!

Safer Search

What does it take to provide a safer web experience for kids? It takes a combination of tools and resources working together in unison: internet filtering, safe and secure browsing, parental control apps, and education. That is our mission at Safe Search Kids as we work to deliver these four cornerstones of online safety to parents, teachers, and students.